Maharashtra protest

What Next for the Indian Agriculture Minister ?

Agriculture minister Shri Narendra Singh Tomar must be feeling the heat of the wrong steps adopted in the adoption of the 3 farm bills in to act. He and BJP must have appreciated the divisive value of some of the opposition parties like Congress, Akali Dal, CPI (M) and the SP. All the Kisan leaders present at the Delhi border belong to one or more groups of the above political parties. If Mr Tomar had heeded to their suggestions of including a clause on the MSP to continue, Capt Amrinder Singh of Punjab Congress party might not have started the agitation. Of course, all middlemen are adversely affected by the new farm acts, they might not have received the support of the farmers’ groups. But that was not to be. Agriculture minister provided them by enough ammunitions to agitate on enough reasons.

The agitation started by the middlemen and rich farmers, by now has been invaded by numerous others…the politicians, the separatists, the anarchists, the Modi baiters and several others. Funds are flowing to the agitation from various sources and there is no dearth of money at the site. Media glare is already there. Irrelevant characters like Tikait are being portrayed as heros…opining freely on the functioning of the ministries…telecast live on many national TV network. Wives and other relatives of these middlemen on protests chant freely beating their chest…’Hai Modi tu mar jaye’. Some even opining on the Farm acts of which they have no clue whatsoever. They have been told by their dalaal men folks that Adani & Ambani will take their lands and that is what they opine freely to the TV media. The reporters don’t take the pains of asking how. Some children of the Dalaals of the farmers have found their winter vacation to spend on the gala show at the Delhi…getting international media exposure too. It is a festive time indeed.

Various Kisan Unions participating in the protests that apparenty is Apolitical

1. Krantikari Kisan Union
2. Bharatiya Kisan Sabha Dakaunda
3. Kisan Sangharsh Committee
4. Azad Kisan Sangharsh Committee
5. Jai Kisan Andolan
6. Kisan Mazdoor Sangharsh Committee
7. Kisan Sangharsh Committee
8. Bharatiya Kisan Union Ekta Ugraha
9. Bharatiya Kisan Union Krantikari
10. Bharatiya Kisan Union Sidhupur,
11. Bharatiya Kisan Union Kadian
12. Bharatiya Kisan Union Rajewal
13. Bharatiya Kisan Union Doaba
14. Bharatiya Kisan Union Mansa
15. Majha Kisan Committee
16. Indian Farmers' Association
17. Lok Bhalai Insaaf Welfare Society
18. Doaba Kisan Samiti
19. Doaba Kisan Sangharsh Committee
20. Ganna Sangharsh Committee
21. Azad Kisan Committee
22. Kisan Bachao Morcha
23. Bharat Kisan Union

It is interesting to know of who these so-called Kisan Unions represent. Hardly anyone of then have been elected by a due process of election. Most of them are self-declared Unions and have forced the weaker middle and marginal farmers under their influence to support them. All rich Punjabis are involved. A village head has been quoted compelling each farmer family to send at least one person to attend the protest otherwise they will be penalised.


Out of the 35 Kisan unions, 31 are from Punjab…directly or indirectly controlled by the Dalaals of various Mandis and the rich folks having allegiance to several political parties although they deny it in public views. About 23 odd Unions, mostly from Punjab claim to be apolitical, but are somehow aligned to either Akali Dal or Congress. However, those openly agreeing to be aligned to the political parties are only few…Akali Dal (2), Congress (4) and the Communists (6). Some even have allegiance to the AAP. The remaining four are from Haryana, UP and MP.

The so-called apolitical, are the rogue unions of the rich farmers and the dalaals operating the various mandis of Punjab. They run almost a parallel govt in Punjab. Such are the clout of these protesters. He rogues union leaders among them thrive mostly on the small farmers. They are stinking rich and already a nuisance to the State law and order agencies. In this protest, they have 100s of tractor trolleys loaded with provisions & supplies parked all along the Delhi-Rohtak highway. They will fight the Farm act only for one reason…that the act frees the small & middle farmers from their clout, to sell online… that will reduce their monopoly on the mandis…held for decades. The monetary benefits from the mandis to these dalaals amount approx. Rs 4000s of Cr or so.

Till now, Maharashtra Kisan Unions had shown happiness with the Farm Laws. This has displeased the Communist hierarchy severely and they have marched thousands of their cadres in the guise of farmers marching up to Mumbai to express solidarity with the largely Dalaals & rich farmers at Singhu border. What is the relation between the Communists and the Dalaals. Communists have mobilised their cadre from Punjab to Singhu border too and now in Maharashtra. Communists were supposed to be commoners, without much funds and capitals, then who are funding the Communist Kisan movements. The Punjab Communist Dalaals too must be rich and can support themselves for long on the protest. But what about Maharashtra? In past show of strength too, Communist cadres in Maharashtra had mobilised 10s of thousands of their cadres…all dressed up in the Communist attires, provided the shelters, food and other supports for their nearly 7 days of mass movements. Where are they getting such funds from? Now, on 25 Jan 2021 too, 10s of thousands of the Communist cadres are on move in similar attires. Their movements from villages to the cities, to the nearest assembly point, vehicles, food, water, tentage… must be costing 10s of lakhs of rupees. Who is funding it? Any reasonable guess invariably raises much doubt. Communists and Islam are considered by many as cancers…if they live among you, in all probability, it will become an ever increasing disease process that may necessitate some undesirable and painful means to get rid of. Otherwise, they will get rid of you. We have seen the Communists doing so in West Bengal and now in Kerala. Their increasing presence in Maharashtra and Punjab must be a worrying sign for those state govts. The Communists have had often shown their intent to keep proximity with China. Between the two adversaries or enemies India has in its neighbourhood, only the Chinese can afford to provide such slush funds to the Indian Communists…and one need not be taken by surprised if this angle of connivance is revealed.

Some politically affiliated Kisan Unions at the protest.

1. Kul Hind Kisan Federation (CPIM)
2. Jamhuri Kisan Sabha (CPIM)
3. All India Kisan Sabha (CPI-M)
4. Kirti Kisan Union (CPI-ML)
5. Punjab Kisan Union (CPI-ML)
6. Kul Hind Kisan Sabha (CPI)
7. Bharatiya Kisan Manch (Akali Dal)
8. Bharatiya Kisan Union Lakhowal (Akali) 9. Bharatiya Kisan Union Chaduni (AAP)
10. Bharatiya Kisan Union Mann (Cong)

Situations for the middle and marginal farmers are precarious in the hands of the rich and Dalaals. If the Farm law is repealed, they have to again be on the mercy of the mandis and the dalaals. If the law is not repealed, some other dictate will be passed by the rich, mighty and dalaals (just like the dictat issued above for attending the protest) restricting them to sell their produce only to them thus denying any benefit to the poor harmers. They will be threated with grave consequences if not adhere to the dictat. In any way, the future of the middle and marginalised farmers in Punjab and Haryana are bleak. UP CM could surely come to the rescue of his fermers.

Meanwhile, one more of the Dalaal’s agenda has been accepted by the govt in allowing their tractor march in Delhi on 26 Jan 21. It can be only hoped that the tractors don’t change their routes from the ring road to the Rajpath. If the rowdies among the rally attempt this, the outcome may become tragic…that hardly any of our national may be wishing for it to happen on the auspicious Republic Day.

In a nutshell, it cannot be denied that the handling of the Farm Bills and meneuvring it in to the acts have been a worst example of running a democratic governant that too for a historical upliftment of the farm and the food sectors. It is high time a bit matured and tactful steps are initiated by the ministers. A mature and stable govt takes the opposition parties along with it and insists them to render valuable suggestions that the govt may like to adopt.

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