Wuhan Virus Lab and the Bat women Ms Zheng Li

Alfa, Beta, Delta, Gamma and now Omicron. WuhanVirus inventor merits Nobel Prize

The inventor of the Wuhan Virus must be complimented to have made SARS nCoV2 such an effective biowarfare agent that has been tirelessly mounting attacks on foreign soils with complete precision and automation. Precision because China loves to paralyse other nation’s economy, their healthcare system and their lives. Automation because the delicately invented / modified Corona virus keeps coming automatically in waves of its continuing variants…one after another, every other wave stronger than the previous ones. However, the beauty of this warfare agent is that the host, the inventing country remains largely unaffected. While the world has suffered >5 million deaths and approx 10 times of it seriously affected, the world economy has been devastated badly.

This virus has been designed in such a way that it possibly recognises the inventing soil and its people so as not to harm much. Otherwise, who would have imagined that the Virus that originated in China, the most populous country in the world, caused the least damages. It was unimaginable that the virus caused the fatality of fewer than 4,500 people in China but in the remaining part of the world, more than 5 million people have perished and 10 times of that figure have suffered severe forms of illness. While the maximum losses of lives have taken place in the USA followed by Brazil and India, China is comfortable at 116th position. The inventor, if Ms Zheng Li, the 'batwoman' must be feeling professionally satisfied if it was made in her lab. The PLA chief must be feeling thrilled who had asked Wuhan Lab to develop a lethal effective biowarfare agent in 2015. Looking back, the world realises how proud the foreign minister of China must have felt to have suggested the Nobel Prize for her and the Wuhan Lab for giving a ‘gift of death’ to the world. It is known that Wuhan Virus lab has been researching on the “Gain of Function” of the bat-viruses. There are several reports on it as mentioned under references of this article.

The original Wuhan virus SARS nCoV2 was scary but not so lethal as fraught. Alpha variant was considered 75% more infective. Accordingly, Beta and Gamma variants had its own consequences. Delta was a super virus that doomed many nations and is still rampaging many. Now this Omicron variant has come. It is expected to be very virulent in terms of all implications…infectivity, morbidity and mortality. Only time will tell us its real effects. As for now, this variant is infecting the vaccinated people too although the symptoms are milder with lesser hospitalisations and deaths. No one knows what the future variants be like. While so many of various variants of higher virulence have emerged the world over, the intelligent virus has spared China from its virulent mutants. No one has heard of a ‘ChinChung’ variant emerging and causing havoc in China while many other nations have experienced the phenomena. What could be the reason? The first and foremost suspicion, not really scientific though, goes on the sophistication of the technologies that Wuhan Lab has used in its creation. In a lighter sense, it could be said this virus has been programmed as “Gain of Function” experiments to spare China from its tormenting properties…and this is one reason why Ms Zheng Li deserves a Nobel prize.

China, duly helped by WHO Director General Dr Tedros has effectively blocked any transparent investigation in to the source of the Corona Virus. PLA and their boss, Xi Jinping knew that if the source of Virus and the identity of its creator is revealed, China will be asked to pay compensations. With nearly 7 million deaths that are expected, near 70 million people having suffered the crippling devastations, most of the nations all over the world running negative in their GDPs due to Covid19, the compensations may extend to the tunes of nearly 10s of trillions of dollars…and dictatorial China is just not ready to risk it. As such, Wuhan Virus Lab is expected to have been white-washed many times to erase any trace of their indulgence. All data are suspected to have been replaced with the grey elements removed. It cannot be said for sure that China deliberately spread the virus on its own people although, Communist rulers of capable of doing so. Yet, it is a truth that the virus was let to spread the world over. It is a fact that China is smiling with the world in grief.

Ex-US President Trump did a great disservice to humanity to have pulled out of the WHO. If there was anyone nation who could have compelled the WHO to send a transparent team of the fact finders, it was the USA. So them pulling out and going into anonymity, China became the dictator of WHO. Any person who went for the state hospitality of China, was handpicked by the Chinese administration. So nothing was expected to come out of those delegations. By now, all evidence must have been erased and nothing is likely to come out. China has evaded all its obligations to cooperate in the investigation. All nations which prompted to investigate the source of virus, fell victims to the Chinese punitive threats and actions including the European nations and Australia. As such, China has gagged the free opinion of over 150 nations by its so-called soft loans and debt-trap.

As far as the recent most variant Omicron is concerned, preliminary reports suggest it could be 8-10 times more infective. The virulence is extremely high, higher than all previous variants. Scientists are struggling to study the morbidity and mortality patterns of this new variant. However, the worst nightmare is its defiance of the acquired immunity through many of the vaccines. Since there are as many as 32 mutant structures in the Spike protein antigen itself. How about the other three protein antigens. It is feared by a wide section of the immunologists that the conventional spike antigen made available to prepare the various vaccines, may not be effective against Omicron. Many also feel that vaccines prepared from the whole virion such as Covaxin may offer better immunity. Scientists may have to prepare, test and then inoculate the world community with another set of vaccines effective for newer variants. China has apparently doomed the world in grief for years to come.

It is a fact that the world has suffered the pandemic at an unprecedented scale and continues suffering from the newer variants of this virus. It is a just demand of all those having suffered from Covid19 to demand compensations. The compensations have to come from the one who has given the virus to the world. WHO, UN and UNSC are defunct and unable to tame the dragon. Hence, all sovereign States seeking compensations must come on one platform to take some composite action against the Chinese. China has become an untamed bull and it must be tamed for world safety. It can be done only if the world unites in its actions.

How to Compensate?

Unitedly, more attempts should be made to trace the source of nCoV2. It is very possible that still some links could be found for its origin in the Wuhan Lab. If so, an international committee must be set-up to establish two facts…(a) the motive for the virus modification for enhancement of its action whether a Biowarfare agent and (b) as to how it came into the public, whether accidentally or deliberately. Hereafter, the accountability may be fixed if those dead and affected need to be compensated and how much.

Alternatively, all nations importing Chinese goods & services should jointly decide to levy Covid tax. This tax may be to the tune of about 20-25% or so. China’s export potential of goods in 2019 was $2.57 trillion that dropped in 2020-21 to nearly half. They claim that their exports have picked-up again. Hence, levying the tax will make the Chinese products uncompetitive and they will have to lower their prices. This could render the world to earn a Covid19 levy from the Chinese goods approximately to the tune of $500 billion per year. The same way Chinese services should also be taxed. This levy could continue for many years to compensate.


Ms Zheng Li, 'batwoman' director of Wuhan Virus Lab deserves the highest prize in biowarfare R&D if the nCoV2 was really modified in their "Gain of Function" experiments. While this virus has tormented the world with deaths, sufferings and devastations of the world economy, it has largely spared its inventing soil. While the world is in grief with the several variants originating automatically, China is smiling. The dragon has effectively resisted all international attempts to a credible transparent investigation in to the source of the virus. It is time that all sovereign nations should unite together to take joint action to compel China to compensate.


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