Bengal SSC Scam

Bengal at the Heap of Corruption

In the mid-two weeks of July, the nation, nationals, judiciary and media…all are abuzz with only two names…Enforcement Directorate and West Bengal Scam and the stash of currencies, gold, diamonds exceeding Rs 60 Cr. Mamata Banerjee is well known for her infamous tongue, often earning the nickname of Bandit Queen of Bengal. A clean and spotless person throwing occasional tantrums is still acceptable but what about Mamata Banerjee? She has been throwing tantrums sitting on the heap of corruption, scams, nepotism and worst, boot-licking of radical Muslims.

The recent school job scam of her govt under the no.2 leader of her party, Partha Chatterjee has been doing rounds 24x7 on all TV channels except the few which is sympathetic to the alleged VIP thieves of the state. We are slowly getting the details of how the Department of education created a heap of corruption money in the selection and appointments of the lowly placed primary teachers as well as Gp C & D employees. Partha, when he was the Education Minister, committed several irregularities in the selection of 567 teachers and Gp C & D staff that included appointing TET failed as well as giving preferences to lowly placed candidates above high rankers. Many people approached courts, fact finding team was established that saw a tug of war both verbal and physical between the TMC-affiliated judges & lawyers vs law-abiding ones, finally ending up in CBI investigation. Bengal administration is rotten in that TMC cadre has infiltrated in all departments like the earlier Communists…be it police, education, courts, labour, industries and so on…forming own syndicates…and Mamata is sitting at the top of this volcano. The day it erupts, Mamata will surely be blown-up but worst, Bengal will explode.

In the present ‘gondogol’ of the corruptions, Kolkata High Court has asked for CBI inquiry in only one minister Partha Chatterjee in one department…of School Education, a low priority department. If such high levels of scams are taking place in one department of Mamata Govt, there is no reason to disbelieve why such corruption must not be taking place in other ministries too…and we must remember that the same minister corrupt to the core, is presently heading Commerce and Industry Ministry. He must have started scams there too.

One more aspect of this scam is still eluding investigation…that is who all are the beneficiaries of this booty? Lowly placed Arpita has hinted the money goes right up to the top…meaning Mamata Banerjee too may be complicit. This may also be corroborated by the fact that when Partha was nabbed, he first tried to call Mamata which she knew was a troubling call. There is a saying, free a captured dog, it will try to reach its master.

While all these ills of one minister were going on, another minister, Anubrat Mondal was found involved in the cattle smuggling racket. Anubrat is Birbhum distt TMC president, has significant influence in the Muslim dominant belts of Murshidabad, helping the cattle smuggling syndicate in their nefarious activities. Mamata Banerjee is aware of it and it is widely believed that substantial funds of smuggling reach her party. Modus operandi of Anubrat Mondal is under investigation but preliminary findings show he was assisting the Muslim cow mafia named Abdul Aziz, Abdul Hannan and Salim Hossain managing their money trails through shell companies. They had even lured the son of a BSF commander of the border area. while Anubrat had a cash catch along with huge unexplained sum of Fixed Deposite in Bank, it is believed that money so collected was reaching TMC higher ups too. Here too, the advocates arguing the case in the court were coming to blows and the judge being threatened for life.

It is noteworthy that earlier, Rujira Banerjee wife of Abhisek Banerjee of TMC along with officials of Eastern Coalfield Ltd (ECL) and some police & Custom officials were being investigated for Coal smuggling right under the hose of Mamata Banerjee in her own home. It seems Bengal politics is rotten with most if not all govt departments marred in corruption. Even fringe element like mobile game app developer loots his clientele of over Rs 13 Cr with a possible Hawala connection too.

These are only the tip of the iceberg, there is believed to be rot within Bengal government and administration. The Home Ministry, Industry, Finance, Higher Education, Transport, Realstate syndicates have long been in limelight and there is no reason to disbelieve that if the piddly primary education minister could raise over hundred crores of corruption money, why the other juicy ministries must not be indulging in thousands of crores of booty through corruptions. Besides, Bomb factories in the backyards of mosques, a rampant illegal Muslim migrant being regularized and the party syndicate dictating almost all departments of the ‘corrupt to the core’ government are known facts and must be generating enough revenues.

Mamata has repeatedly stalled CBI investigations in Narada, Sarada, Chit-fund, Coal-mining and Cyclone relief scams and now comes this SSC Recruitment scam. She has been fighting tooth & nail to prevent CBI from investigating those cases. She had been trying to stall SSC scam investigation too and her TMC-lawyer goons are believed to have prevented the other party lawyers from arguing the case in Mr Gangopadhyay’s court. Similar rowdy behaviours of her lawyers are seen in Cow smuggling case too where life threats are being issued to the judge himself. There is yet another saying…the character of workers in a group reflects the character of its leader. Hence Mamata is believed to be like a bandit queen (read “Is Mamata a female goon?”

It appears all departments and ministries of Bengal Govt is marred in corruption with Mamata Banerjee heading and sheltering it. She has long been trying to avoid investigations by the central agencies in all earlier scams. Perhaps time is come when the Union Govt may send a fact finding team to all ministries and departments of the West Bengal government to unearth the raging corruption and scams in all their ministries and departments.

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