Islamists attack Hindus in Leicester, Britain

Britain Diseased with Islamic Cancer

(Note- Majority of Muslims the world-over are as peace-loving and religious as any other religious community. However, the radical groups among them are hateful and intolerant towards the believers of other faiths and religions, committing Jihadi terror. The silence of the moderates to their crimes makes the entire community a suspect, with some exceptions though. This article must be read under these contexts.)

On 17 Sep 2022 night, violence erupted in Leicester, United Kingdom when Muslim hooligans were seen attacking Hindus and their temple, pulling down the sacred flag. A handful of police was a mute spectator, resembling the enigma of the British Administration. Islamist arsonists vandalised a temple, even targeted Hindus travelling in cars. Identical social media posts from different accounts show that the violence was pre-planned by the Birmingham Muslim body to meet at Salford Stadium at 3 pm and then proceed to attack.

Social media post asking mob gathering

Although the social media post included Sikhs, these are a few Sikh members of Pak-sponsored Khalistani SFJ in the UK who continue their campaign against the Indian administration. Among the mob however, there was no Sikh. It was purely Islamist mob. The incident revealed a deep malaise of religious hate of the Islamists who are in majority in Birmingham.

British Administration has been increasingly becoming vulnerable to several social and human erosions in the recent decades, some even detrimental to its peaceful existence. These erosions include their increasing irrelevance in the political world, increasing poverty, increasing lawlessness in its territory and the worst, of a rapidly proliferating Muslims and the Islamic community in the form of many Ghettos where they start dominating the others by sheer numbers. Later they become a significant law and order problem, even prevent access of the police in their ghettos. In Britain, the numbers of Muslims and the sizes of such ghettos are increasing at rapid pace. Love Jihad in Britain is on. Some Muslim girls are able to entice others to convert them. It is not their numbers alone. Along with the numbers, comes an attached Islamic hate, intolerance, bigotry and Fascism against the local non-Muslim communities. The radical and Islamic terror elements are grown here…and these are no less than cancer in any society. The figure below, shows the increase in the size of Islamic Cancer in Britain in the last 10 yrs alone. It should be a matter of worry for the British, if already not.

Rapidly Proliferating Muslims in Britain

The 57 nations in the world today stand testimony to a simple fact that where ever Islam has spread beyond a certain percentage, it has turned the nation to Islam with Sharia law. There are several habitual facts of Islam and the radical Muslims as mentioned below:-

  • Islam is at conflict with most, if not all other religions, proliferate as part of world Jihad.
  • Islam preaches discrimination, hate & intolerance against other faiths & religions.
  • There are certain unwritten facts of Muslim behaviour:-
    • Localities with Muslim population <5% are good, hard working, well behaved.
    • 5-9% - start occasional arguments on religious issues.
    • 10-15% - create law & order issues, indulgent on religious issues, lure other women.
    • 16-21% - Intolerant against others; start extremism, radicalism, terrorism; abduct women
    • >22% - will indulge in separatism, seek Sharia law, threaten others, make them flee.
    • >30% - Turn the nation in Islamic republic with Jihad against other faiths.
  • They have less affinity for nation they live, more dedicated to the cause of Islam.

As shown in the figure above, Muslim ghettos in Birmingham, Bradford, East Ham, Blackburn, Bethnal, Ilford and Poplar & Limehouse have acquired worrisome proportion where the Muslim population has grown beyond manageable proportions on the scales mentioned above.

Muslims posing threats in some districts

These cancer cells disregard the rules of the body (Britain) and establish Jungle Raj. They will then extend the outreach of ISIS/Al-Quida ideologies on Christians too, whom their Quran preaches to hate (read ’60 hateful and intolerant verses of Quran, parts 1 & 2’,; Their Afghan brethren has already told them that British Army was also part of the culprits who have committed atrocities against Islam in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. They will be very pleased to start Jihad against them in their own homeland. Muslims are used to in-fighting / sectarian violence for centuries. Those ghettos, mosques and Madrassas are perfect terror breeding grounds. Since most of these Muslims are from Pak, Afghan and Bangladesh, they are prone to being used by the home-grown 43-odd terror modules of Pakistan or over 175-odd terror organisations in the world. In the name of Jihad, they could always be exploited by their clerics. They are perfect cancer cells. Many of us may recall some of the posters surfaced in UK in the ‘BLM protests’ indicating ‘Rape Jihad’ of white women by the Muslims.

Rape Jihad of British women by Muslims

The British Asian Muslims feel proud to claim they use the foolish white British women like ‘Tissue Papers’ with ‘use & throw’ concept. With the type of numerical majorities or dominance, it may not be surprising if they start their parallel Sharia Courts at least in Birmingham and Bradford. It is believed that British police are already showing hesitance in entering these localities.

In the backdrop of all these, the Muslims threatening and even desecrating Hindu temples in Birmingham in the 2nd week of Sep 2022 were very much on cards and they only needed some excuse. The British police not taking proactive measures, to protect their own Hindu population is highly condemnable. We may expect vandelisation of even churches in these localities as the community becomes more and more fascist (read “Islamo-Fascism in world” The 57 Islamic nations of the world bear testimony that anytime they become >30%, they are real threat to compel the administration to become Islamic, that even Cameroon had to become (see below). It is no secret that all Islamic nations have indulged in the genocides of their non-Muslim citizens for them to have disappeared. There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that other faiths/religions could ever be safe in an Islamic nation (read ‘Are Muslim Countries really unreceptive to religious freedom”;

Higher Muslim % a threat to any nation

The proliferation of Muslims like cancer cells on British soil is something that the local govt must worry about. Of the overall ~4-5% Muslims in UK, their crime rate is >18% which is >400% more than the other communities. Muslim localities with >33% in the areas shown in the figure above, confirm their habitual facts that they will disregard the national law and impose own Sharia. They will compel the believers of other religions in those localities to flee unless the British decide enough is enough and treat cancer with some bitter pills that they deserve. 

The hooliganism and little regard for law & order by the British Muslims confirms that the other communities may have to fend for themselves against these radicals. Police may not come to their help and assistance in-time, in dire needs. Hence, they must pick-up arms/swords and use if the local police fail to protect them. Radical Islam has come from the Arabian Tribes of 7th century and hence, understands only one language to be brought under control…by flogging. The cancer on the British soil is there to stay. Who will know better than India that had to cut its own parts of the medieval Gandhar (Afghanistan), Sind (Pakistan) and Bengal due to Islamic Cancer. It is up to the British administration to choose whether they want to be corroded/eaten-up by the ever ever-proliferating Islamic cancer or get rid of them to have a peaceful existence.

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