China refuses to attend G20 meeting in J&K

Chinese Refuse Attending G20 Meeting in J&K

China, a nation of contradictions on forced occupations of other’s territories, is claiming the Indian State of Jammu Kashmir is disputed and hence, it will not attend the G20 conference. It is strongly believed that they have taken their stand at the behest of their terror sponsoring friend Pakistan trying hard to show their relevance in Jammu Kashmir. It is true that China has always taken side of Pakistan in countering India on one and all fronts whether they were positioning PLA aircraft & forces in parts of Skardu of PoK during Galwan stand-off or strengthening their fortifications across LoC. Pakistani affinity to the Chinese too was obvious when beard-sporting Jihadi-cum-Pakistani forces were seen at many places alongside of the PLA Army. Chinese taking sides of Pakistani terrorists at the UN is all too well known. Hence, India is not surprised at the Chinese talking Paki language. They very well know that the day India takes stand against the CPEC encroaching Indian sovereignty, they will be in problem. However, Chinese utterances against India hoisting G20 meeting in Srinagar raises a few questions that have complexities.

China possibly thinks that owing to their special status as P5, they can hoodwink the international system of G20 by forcing India to change its stand on J&K. If this is what they think, they have not known Modi govt. Once decided, they will standby with it. Will China gain anything by abstaining from the meeting? Unlikely, except that Pakistan will be further obliged to them. Another few close radical allies of Pakistan such as Turkey, Qatar and Malaysia may also stand with them to show solidarity that hardly has any meaning. J&K has progressed much in the last 4 yrs and the scenic beauty of the valley will be surely a treat to the eyes of visitors from 80-odd nations.

It must be realised that G20 forum is largely economic and the Chinese/Turkey by virtue of abstaining, will surely lose their clientele even if that loss be more of symbolic than anything substantial. It is for the Modi govt to gain ground here in showing the Chinese as a hypocritical govt having unjust claims. The world knows that the Chinese have illegally occupied Tibet, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and Hong Kong. Under such facts, it will be logical for Mr Jaishankar to stand legitimate grounds to render a strong rebuttal to the Chinese that in the future, all nations around the world will be within their rights to refuse any Chinese invitations within the disputed territories of Tibet, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Hong Kong and parts of the South China Sea where they have drawn unilaterally 9-dotted lines claiming maritime zones of the others in the region. Today, major parts of the world believe India more than China. Then why is the reluctance on the part of India?

It is well known that China has always tried to humiliate India whenever Union leadership has made visit to Arunachal, claiming it their own territory. Recently, they have renamed many of the parts of Arunachal giving Chinese name. They have tried to issue stippled visas to the residents of Arunachal and J&K. Hence, Ministry of External Affairs, Govt of India may also be within their rights to announce their reconsideration of ‘One-China’ policy either in isolation or along with US or Quad-member States. It will surely show them a mirror. However, all these raise more questions on Modi govt. Why is Min of External Affairs reluctant to speak the language Chinese understand (read “Could India speak in language Chinese understand?” It will although be wrong to conclude that Modi govt is gulping all nonsense lying down. The present govt has given many rebuttals but in softly. It is often the way a responsible govt diplomat resorts too. BUT…does China deserves such respect when their own External Affairs Ministry minces no words in embarrassing India on all available opportunities? Surely not. Indian rebuttal merits to be louder and unequivocal. Presently it is not. New India cannot bear the burdens of Nehru’s folly of tolerating PLA back-stabbing of 1959 on Tibet and succumbing to 'One-China' policy. China also must be made to realise that the present Armed forces is not of 1962 and Modi Govt surely has facilitated it to sharpen teeth in the last 9 yrs.

Many patriots of India often wonder why Indian govt is manifesting its weakness on diplomatic fronts. After Galwan, many feel that Foreign Ministry could have been well audible to the world. After Balakot, many feel that Pakis must be made to realise that there will be a cost to its peddling terrorism against India. Many patriots also wonder why there has been no action by the MoD against the many active ‘Launch Pads’ across the LoC. Why should India wait for the Jihadists to infiltrate and cause pain to our Kashmiri Pandits and Security forces before being neutralised? Why those rats cannot be killed in their holes itself? There are surely many questions as to why our Armed Forces cannot do on both LoC and LAC what it can (read “Why Indian Armed Forces cannot?”

Time has come for India to shun its prostrating image of the past esp against the Chinese. New India is capable of speaking a language that both Chinese or Pakistan understands. Today, the world is with Modi’s India. On matters where the Chinese sound unreasonable, India should have no hesitation to show them their position. In the present context of G20 meeting boycott call by the Chinese, Min of External affairs, GOI should mince no words to show the Chinese their rightful place. They must be made to bear the cost of it.

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