Serbian Churches burnt by Albanian Islamists

Kosovo Being Engulfed by Islamic Cancer

History is repeating itself where Islamic cancer had engulfed nation after nation in past. India knows it hard way when the Islamic Cancer engulfed Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh and in recent decades, its suffering in Jammu & Kashmir, Kerala, Assam, Bengal, Bihar and parts of Rajasthan and Jharkhand is appalling. It is a gift of Nehru and his Muslim-appeasing Congress to India that has been fostering pseudo-secularism and quietly changing religious demography that no one before Modi Govt was permitted to talk about. The silent Jihad (Jihad-ud-Dawa) against Hindus has been going on under Nehru-Indira-Rajiv-Sonia’s Congress changing the Indian religious demography at sub-district and district levels to the extent that besides J&K, Hindus in 12 districts of India have become minorities. The conversion game of Islam under foreign money is booming and the political leadership is reluctant to talk about…something what Kosovo has been experiencing in the last 50 yrs or so.

The Islamic game in the Kosovo region of Serbia is not new. Islamic cancer spilling over from Albania has been actively eating away this body part of erstwhile Serbia. There have been numerous Orthodox Churches of high importance that Albanian Islamists started burning and vandalising esp after the 1998-99 unrest. The intolerant face of Albanian Islam has become unmasked but the Christian Serbs are tolerant. There is no retaliatory burning of mosques in Serb-dominated Kosovo.

It was unimaginable as to how the so-called ‘advanced Europe” permitted ethnic cleansing of the Kosovo Serbs in the hands of radical Islamists bearing allegiance to Albania. It was highly condemnable of Europe that the fewer leftover Serbs were made to pay a “survival tax of Jajya” by the gradually depleting Orthodox Christians Serbs to Islamic govt. The previous Serb leader Slobodan Milosevic did try to treat the advancing Islamic Cancer with too strong medicine and the result is before us…that Islam continues engulfing more parts of Serb-majority Kosovo while the doctor, Milosevic has been handed over life term by the biased ICJ.

Today, the Serbs of Kosovo are persistently being threatened by the Albanian Islamists and made to flee…something that we are so familiar of seeing in India in the likes of Kashmir, West Bengal, Kerala, UP (Kairana-Moradabad) etc. Their familiar approach of gradual “Convert, Flee or Die” was temporarily halted by Milosevic in 1998-99 but after NATO attacked and intervened in Serbia, the Islamist’s game is on. Most of the minority Serbian Christians have fled from Kosovo but the fewer Serb-dominated pockets in Kosovo are facing the heat of Kosovo Islamist govt apathy.

The Islamists of Kosovo carried out a referendum on the lines of Donbas to become an independent state that 98-odd nations in the UN have already recognised BUT Russian & Chinese Vetoes have prevented it from secession. EU states that do not recognise Kosovo's independence are Spain, Slovakia, Cyprus, Romania and Greece; fully aware of the potentials of Islamic cancer in the region. USA and EU are championing the cause of the Albanian Islamists who want complete dominance of the region, including the few remaining Serb-dominated pockets in Kosovo.

The Organisation of Islamic States (OIC) has been long meddling in the internal affairs of Serbia & Kosovo. Actually, Kosovo is the result of the dirty politics of OIC vis-à-vis USA trying to leverage Israel-Palestine politics. The sufferings inflicted by Israel on Palestine Islamists are being leveraged by USA (and NATO) against the erstwhile USSR block of Yugoslavia/Serbia. There USA has been supporting the Albanian Islamists against Russia-supporting Yugoslavia/Serbia for several decades. Clearly, USA and their European NATO allies have apparently been playing a double game to please friends in OIC, to continue having a hold on their oil. After USA-led NATO attacked Iraq, Kosovo became a fertile ground for radical Islam, actively funded by OIC-block esp Saudi and Qatar, spreading Wahhabism & Salafism against the Serb minorities (read “The New York Times article by Carlotta Gall dated 21 May 2016. Now that the demonic cancer of Islam is biting the back of Europe and they don’t know how to deal with it.

Islamic cancer engulfing part of a sovereign nation (like Serbia) is nothing new. It is trying to cleanse the smaller pockets of Serb-dominated north Kosovo and now Russia and China coming closer to Radical Islamic nations under OIC, it is only a matter of time before they too will side with them. It is believed that radical Turkey is already considering positioning their troops in Kosovo to fulfil the Islamist agenda. Russia needs the favour of some of the OIC nations in their ongoing war in Ukraine. China too needs to expand their influence in Afghanistan and Turkmenistan to further their economic agenda as well as to curtail radicalism in its own territories of Xinjiang. Serbia standing firm with the handful of Kosovan Serbs may succumb to the green fig of European membership to give the Albanian Islamists a free hand in Kosovo. Islamic cancer is a known method in changing the religious demography…be it Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Lebanon, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sudan, CAR, Nigeria, Eritrea, Uganda, Middle-East nations (read ‘Persecution of Christians coming close to genocide in Middle East’, the Guardian) and elsewhere. They do it in a systematic way that even UNHRC doesn’t frown on their genocides (read “Muted UNHRC response encouraging Islamic genocides”,

Kosovo is an ideal place for Islamic cancer to spread its wings in Europe. There are several vulnerable states in the vicinity struggling with post-pandemic and post ‘Russia-Ukraine war” economic devastations that will soon start feeling the Islamic heat. The USA-led NATO is playing a dirty game there. Islamists are raping British white women and changing their religious demography too. Worse, wearing pseudo-secularism garb, they can’t even complain (read “Britain of Rapist Muslims, Docile White Men; Hesitant Police and Helpless Ministers”, and “Britain Diseased with Islamic Cancer”, 

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