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Congress and India : Unhealthy Collusions

Congress means a lot to India…both in positive and negative senses. Positive in that it did contribute a lot to Indian freedom movements along with some others who had taken a confrontationist courses against the British. Negative acts of Congress have been in plenty right from the days of its foundation. There is no doubt that the good old party has numerous achievements and failures which is beyond the scope of this brief article. Only the factors relevant that have brought the party where it stands now, are being mentioned briefly. Congress is known for its collusions…in past with British and post-independence, with Muslims and anti-Indian forces. The worst, it has become synonymous with corruption & scams and regressed into becoming a family party. We will analyse all these in the subsequent paragraphs.

Collusion with British. Congress as a group was born in 1985 to facilitate and strengthen the British rule in India. Hume mooted a smart but cunning move to increase the acceptability of British rule through some educated Indians to create a platform of sharing civic and political dialogues without influencing the decision making process of the Raj. The educated elites felt honored to share platforms with the rulers. Slowly over many decades, Congress did become a platform for voicing national sentiments that often displeased their British masters before getting involved with nationalist movements. The deplorable approach of Congress was their acceptance of “terms & condition” for partition of India. Congress succumbed to British pressure on several issues.

Congress as Champion of Independence Movement. There is no doubt that Congress under Mahatma Gandhi was involved in the independence movement along with some other groups of freedom-fighters, on different ideological platforms like those of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and Veer Savarkar. However, today, when any of the present Indian National Congress claims that they are the only ones who fought for the Independence Movement, it becomes a laughing stock. Even more theatrical it becomes when they claim that no individual other than the congressmen rendered sacrifices in the movement thus trying to garner some sympathy votes. This was the apprehensions of Mahatma Gandhi for which he had recommended to dissolve the party after independence. Yes, it could be claimed that Congress party at independence had several freedom fighters but the same is the case with Hindu Mahasabha, RSS or Jan Sangh/BJP for that reason. Veer Savarkar, Hedgewar, Shyama Prasad Mukherjee and the leaders of Hindu Mahasabha were all freedom fighters. Many of them were part of Congress but had serious differences with the approach Congress adopted against Hindus hence, exited the party. In the name of secular approach, Congress has been pro-Muslim and Hindu-neutral right from those days. Had Hindu Mahasabha or RSS not formed, possibly Hindu interests would have been seriously dented during independence. The same pro-Muslim agenda of Congress is hurting Hindu even today.

Collusion with Muslims. Congress also tried to foster Hindu-Muslim cordiality that was always like a mixture of water with kerosene, never mixing and invariably leaving the foul odour…that was soon evident in the Khilafat movement. In Moplah genocides of 1921-23, tens of thousands of unarmed Hindus incl women and children were killed by Muslims and lakhs forced to convert to Islam…yet Gandhi as party president in 1924 remained mum to the Islamic barbarism. Such ‘anti-Hindu’ or at least ‘Hindu-indifferent’ stance of Congress in order to appease Muslims was possibly Gandhi’s helplessness to feign Indian Unity to the British masters. Why did he (or Congress) have to sacrifice only Hindu interests, none know. The fact is that this anti-Hindu attitude of Gandhi (or Congress) made several prominent Hindu leaders to exit, to form Hindu Mahasabha and later, Rashtriy Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). It’s the same ‘anti-Hindu and Muslim appeasement’ stance of Congress of the 1930s & 40s continuing after partition of India, till even now…now at the behest of ‘Christian Sonia’ and a ‘hybrid Rahul/Priyanka’ Gandhis to garner the ‘Communal votes’ of Muslims because they are known to vote en-masse, based on their clerics’ ‘Fatwas’.

Muslims of British period got what they wanted, a new State of Pakistan but Hindus were denied what they wanted, a ‘Hindu India’. Gandhi continued with his image of ‘Champion of Muslim causes’ in the aftermaths of painful partition, playing with Hindu emotions and paid with his life. Any radical Hindu with a pistol could have killed Gandhi in 1924 itself for betrayal after Moplah genocide. His so-called magnanimity towards Muslims of Pakistan, often sacrificing Indian interests, was difficult to explain. The same ‘Hindu-indifferent attitude’ of Nehru was evident through his various acts and policies that denied the Hindus of their rightful objectives and claims (read “विभाजन विभीषिका और भारतीय धर्म” Skewed policies of Congress have enabled Muslims to proliferate in India (from 9.8% in 1951 to near 18% by now) as a result of which Hindus are becoming minorities in several districts, facing Muslim atrocities, fleeing from own lands.

Lopsided approach of Congress made Hindu a religious persecuted community in Pakistan, fleeing to India with promises of Citizenship that were never accorded in their 60+ years of rule. On the contrary, Muslims of India were ushered sops like protection (thru’ Nehru-Liyaqat accord), constitutional guaranty (thru’ Secular India), formation of AIMPLB and handing over of enemy properties to Muslim Waqf Board. With the properties of those migrating to Pakistan going to the Waqf Board, immigrant Pak-Hindus got nothing, many still living in temporary camps, without citizenship rights or allotment of govt/Waqf land that should have been entitled to them.

Muslims of today’s world are very clear in their objective of promoting Islam thru’ various means including the unfair ones. Over the decades they have formed radical groups in India itself, to pursue their objectives, more than a dozen of which have even been banned by our Home Ministry in the past. There are many like PFI, SDPI and some in J&K that even promote Jihadi intent (read “कश्मीर में जिहाद व हिन्दू प्रताड़ना” The day they will find it opportune, they will mount Jihad elsewhere too…something that we find in PFI vision document of ”Gazvaa-e-Hind”…of making India an Islamic nation by 2047. This will surely not happen for one simple fact…that they consider Hindus as ‘Cowards’ and that is not the case. The day Hindus rise, as is happening in Modi’s India, a hard lesson awaits the radical Islamists. Congress for sure have been with the radical Islamists and Jihadists for long. They have been partners of Muslim league in Kerala and national conference in J&K. Whether in alliance or not, Congress for long have colluded with radical Islamists through various appeasement policies. Congress hobnobbing with radical Islamists continue even today as they formed alliance with ISF in Bengal and AIUDF in Assam during the last Assembly Elections (read “Congress loses conscience, allies with Radical Muslims” The aim of mentioning the above is not to show Muslim in the poor light but to highlight as to how the appeasement policies of Congress thru’ several decades have risked India and alienated Hindus. Although majority of Indian Muslims may be moderate, Islam is not. It is like cancer slowly engulfing the host nation.

It must be realised that Congress has long denied the rights of Hindu in India. They first denied a “Hindu Rashtra” (“भारतएक ‘हिन्दू-राष्ट्र’ क्योंनहो?” Then they adopted a policy in which Muslims are proliferating and actively practicing Jihad in independent India in their 60+ yrs of rule (read “भारतमेंबढ़तीमुस्लिमआवादी: एकखतरा” Muslims are changing the religious demography of India that is unacceptable to all Hindus. Congress has tried time and again to shame the peace-loving Hindu community by calling them terrorists or Hindu Taliban and those attempts have surely not gone well with the majority Hindu populace.

Congress jeopardizing National Interests. Congress handling of the national affairs esp the hawkish neighbors have been far from satisfactory. First the defeat in the hands of the Chinese in 1962, sacrificing Aksai Chin and thereafter, adopting a negative defence preparedness all along LAC was highly condemnable. Except for an authotarian handling of the Pak conflict of 1971 splitting-off Pakistan, Congress has hardly anything to show. Here too, Indira blundered to return 90,000 strong POWs without bargaining to regain the PoK. Thanks to Congress that Kashmir is in doldrums and so are the North-East States. They had shunned off nuclear deterrence policies that Bajpayeeji had the courage to endorse and uplift India. Congress in the UPAs time has severely weakened the defence preparedness of the nation by denying modernization of our Armed Forces. Congress lost wisdom to raise India on international affairs (except a brief NAM). While all other nations gaining independence around that period progressed, India remained constrained of means, progress, relevance and prominence. In short, Congress has been a curse for India.

Congress Collusions with Corruptions. Modi govt came to powers in 2014 with thumping victory, essentially because Congress had become synonymous with A to Z of corruptions and Scams. Under the UPA, Congress had earned a nick name of ‘Corrupt Party’ with many of its leaders scam-ridden. Even the ‘damaad’ of the party, Robert Vadra, is allegedly involved in various land scams. The worst being its party president and general secretaries evading jail on the charges of corruption and cheating. Today, there are whole lot of Congress leader riding “Bail Gaadi” heading towards jail. When Rahul Gandhi or Sonia Gandhi was called for interrogation by the ED on National Herald scam case, the leadership summoned the entire cadre to protest on road in the garb of “Satyagrah which others call as Bhrashtagrah” in order to pressurize and influence the ongoing investigations.

Congress Loss of Credibility. There is a total loss of credibility of the leadership. Modi gave a call for “Congress Mukt Bharat” but that didn’t fructify. However, the Congress has totally lost steam at the national level and became a second fiddle to highly corrupt, castiest, communal and Jihadi regional outfits like RJD, Samajwadi, NCP, DMK and so on. Today Congress is regarded as autocratic. These are mostly due to lack of a credible, dynamic and clean leadership. Rahul Gandhi became known as ‘Pappu’ because of his immaturity on serious issues but it would be unjust to blame him alone. The entire congress leadership is on decline. Lies and disinformation traded by the party and its leadership have cast long shadow often causing public anger. In addition, there are several other narratives of the Congress party that have come under sharp criticism:-

1.Congress leaders colluding with Pak for defeating Modi govt in India.

2.Rahul Gandhi and the Congress siding with “Tukde-Tukde” gang at JNU,

3.Nation-wide agitation against CAA started at the behest of Congress leader Sonia Gandhi.

4.Playing in Pak’s hands on abrogation of article 370, dragging India to the UNGA.

5. Congress leaders called the Hindus as extremists, terrorists, equating with Taliban to appease Muslims; not realising, Muslims are safer in India because of tolerant Hindus.

6.Unnecessarily questioning the Armed Forces on surgical strikes, CDS, Chinese incursions, space based defences system, Indian defence preparedness etc.

7.Siding with crores of illegal migrants from Bangladesh & Rohingya for Muslim Votes.

8. Congress is often seen standing with terrorists like Afzal Guru & Geelani.

Lack of internal democracy. Congress lacks party democracy. After the nation came out of the draconian Emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi, she had been extremely skeptical of party presidency going to anyone else’s hands. In the 45 yrs since emergency ended in 1978, party presidency has remained in the family (hence, called dynasty) except for 5 yrs from 2002 to 2007. In these periods, Congress has seldom elected a party president. The selection (or rather nomination) has been from the so-called dynasty family. Presently, there is no permanent party president. Rahul, Sonia and Priyanka Gandhis feel it is their family venture and treat it accordingly. After the numerous corruption charges in the family, they possibly feel unsecured for the consequences if party presidency slips off. Stature of all other leaders has been made stunted, sub-servient. There has been factionalism within and dissents/exits have become a norm. This could be one of the reasons of recent revolt in the party. When the party needs its apex leader the most, Rahul Gandhi is often missing from the action, having picnic somewhere else. Rahul Gandhi at best can only be termed as a part-time and naïve politician.  

Many political experts believe Congress is a leaking ship with no pilot in control. There are three or four of a family who are apparently in-charge d’affairs but are they really? There are different ragas and tunes on play…some of the His Master’s Voice (HMV) tunes (of Sonia & Rahul) and the G-23 singing on differing & contrasting notes… The grand old party is in disarray to say the least. Today’s Congress party seems to have lost all steam, potentials and worst, the trust of the people (read ‘The Indian National Congress… acquiring a new identity?’ The Counterviews; Issue 2:01; pp-9; .

Congress Colluding with Antinationals and Enemies of India. Of late, several Congress leaders are colluding with enemies of India. Congress leaders pleaded with Pakistan to topple Modi Govt. For them, Imran Khan or Pak Army chiefs conspiring against India is their closest friends. They invariably side with both Pak and China to show down the Indian pride. They lumped Pak terror plot of Pulwama on our own nation. List of Congress treachery is enormous. Very recently, the Congress party is believed to be hand in glove with Khalistani supporters and activists of Punjab during the Farmers Protest. Pakistan is understood to be supplying arms and drugs through drones and sections of Punjab Congress are believed to be complicit in it. Congress party is believed to be receiving funds from Communist Party of China (CCP). Earlier they were allegedly receiving FICN from ISI of Pakistan. CIA of USA allegedly mastered over Cong leadership for long.

Congress outbursts on Modi’s nationalistic foreign policies, modernization of Armed Forces, Atmnirbhar Bharat, Pro-poor & Pro-farmer schemes, huge infrastructure boost, free health insurance of weaker section etc are huge steps applauded internationally but decried by Congress. Modi has surely extended the fruits of national development to the poor through is “Antyoday scheme” which is a huge achievement of the Govt but Congress party spokespersons’ words of criticism against Modi has been hateful, derogatory and often abusive. In the recent years after the various electoral drubbings, Congress has started hating Modi Govt often crossing the thin line of being seen as anti-national. The Congress party has surely fallen from grace.

Congress a shadow of their Past. In the times of Modi-1 & 2, the opposition parties have almost lost their significance at the national level. A political opponent of the govt is important for an effective democracy. It is important that cadre-based political parties gets a foot hold but unfortunately, there are very few such parties like the BJP, Congress and the Communists. Most of the regional political parties are family-based, ruling in own states, having their own self/family-interests. Congress will have to rectify itself and Communists has to shun-away their Maoist/Naxals/Chinese connections…to be seen as national parties.


Congress as a political party is shadows of its own past. Whether its past was glorious, is debatable. In the present congress, there is none who can claim of having taken significant part in the independence movements yet they claim so. Congress leaderships have been marred with numerous scams over several decades hence, some calling them synonymous with Corruption. Todays’ Congress maintains its old image of being Muslim appeaser at the cost of Hindu interests, even colluding with radical Islamists and Jihadists. They feel sympathizing with Islamists (Indiv or nations) will please Indian Muslim voters but they are wrong. Their desperations are driving them to indulge in anti-Indian activities. These are some of the reasons why many Hindus are dissociating themselves from Congress. Today’s Congress can easily be termed as a Communal Party, increasingly becoming irrelevant. It is unfortunate but true.

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