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Congress party of India is in the news of prominence for all wrong reasons…that Navjot Sidhu resigned as Punjab Congress president…that Kanhaiya Kumar has shun his allegiance to Communist and the representative of “Bharat ke Tukde” gang joined the Congress party amidst fanfare…that Jignesh Mewani, the hero of Gujrat sex scandal and strong player of caste card joined the Congress party…and that some senior Congress leaders expressed strong resentment of Kanhaiya and Jignesh being admitted in to the party. It is important to note that Punjab was the only state where Soniya, Rahul or Pinki had not addressed the election rallies and yet ‘Captain Congress’ won the election.

Congress party of India has been on decline ever since it has had a party president unwilling to become the leader of parliamentarians. Whatever might have been the reasons of BJP losing election in 2004, Sonia Gandhi preferred to select a PM who looked at her for everything that he did. This was not something India wanted to see happening. Yet, Manmohan Singh performed reasonably well in his first stint. He had substantial problems but had reasonable success too. It was a 50-50 stake in the 2009 Lok Sabha elections but the last minute gamble of the govt for a popular food security bill along with Farm-loan waver promises saved them. Mr Manmohan Singh remained the PM but the governance continued with remote control from 10, Janpath; residence of Mrs Sonia Gandhi. The government was known for policy paralysis in the entire stretch and marred with neck deep corruptions, unfulfilled promises, raining scams almost on daily basis in the 2nd half. All these made it sure that they will not be re-elected and the same happened. Congress party was not only defeated but virtually decimated. The main credit was to the new leader of the BJP, Mr Narendra Modi but almost equal credit also went to the Congress itself, for their non-performance on almost every accounts.

Since 2013, Congress party lost almost all state elections. Thanks to playing second fiddle to the JDS, they hung on to the powers somehow in Karnataka but they lost all other states…Rajasthan, MP, Chhattisgarh, Haryana, Maharashtra, Assam, J&K and so on. At one time it looked that Modi mantra of ‘Congress-free India’ would become a reality. Congress didn’t know what hit them. Rahul Gandhi was made the party president but the losing trend continued. All states in the North-East too were lost.

Rahul Gandhi became known as Pappu but it would be highly unjust to blame him alone. The entire congress leadership was on decline. The skeletons of corruptions and scams continued tumbling out from Congress cupboards. It was widely exploited by BJP that Congress was synonymous with corruptions. They enumerated ‘A-Z of Congress scams’. Congress party had to adapt some other tactics. Rahul Gandhi gradually became expert on fabricating lies to defame BJP. Entire congress machineries started repeating whatever Rahul Gandhi uttered who quite often, used to put his foot in own mouth. Of the lies fabricated, one gained some hold…that Modi made over payment to the French on buying Rafale to favour Ambani. He fabricated lies after lies…that Ambani was given contact for Rafale making. When proved wrong, he changed his narrative that Modi favoured Ambani to secure Rs 30,000 Cr worth of contract and that was seconded by the ex-President of France Mr Hollande, that he was not given any choice other than Reliance Company of Ambani for the offset partner. Rahul Gandhi gave a slogan…Chowkidar Chor hai…and BJP could not counter it in time by Rajasthan-MP-Chhattisgarh elections. The ruling came from the Supreme Court giving PM Modi a clean chit…but that was too late for the 3 states. BJP had lost to the lies of Rahul Gandhi that many on social media tagged it as #PappuLies (placed below). This prevented Congress from the complete annihilation in 2018 state elections.


However, with Supreme Court verdict giving a clean chit to Modi, Rahul Gandhi had no ammunition left that could deflate the BJP in the forthcoming election. During the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, it became a general belief that Rahul Gandhi will fabricate a new lie every day. He was taunted on social media of being conferred with PhD in ‘fabricating and Spreading political lies’. Some of those lies are given above. However, those lies could not save congress and they met with another crushing defeat to the extent that Rahul Gandhi had to resign and went in to self-imposed ‘sanyas’. The Congress presidency was taken over once again by Mrs Sonia Gandhi.

Pappu the PhD

Congress the erstwhile political backbone of India has become subordinate to the second fiddle and highly corrupt, castist, communal and Jihadi regional outfits. When Congress tied up with highly corrupt RJD in Bihar, castist SP & BSP in UP, Jihadi ISP in Bengal and Islamic radical AIUDF in Assam and IUML & SDI in Kerala, it could be said that they have lost their mandate.

As many political experts express, Congress is a leaking ship with no pilot in control. There are three or four of a family who are apparently in-charge d’affairs but are they really? When Congress in on boils in Punjab, one is enjoying holidays in Kozikode, another in some districts of UP. The one who is in Delhi, the caretaker party president for the last 2 yrs, is apparently aloof of the happenings. There are different ragas and tunes on play…some the HMV tunes and some others, the G-23 singing on differing & contrasting notes… The grand old party is in disarray to say the least.

Congress leaders loyalist to the dynasty, have lost their backbones. The G-23 trying to straighten their kyphosed spine, are too week, having too feeble voice. The present Congress has none who could claim that he/she has given sacrifices to the Indian independence movement. They’re very few who could be seen working presently in the Indian interest. Most voices coming out from the Congressmen have become so harsh that shouting against the govt, their tones and tenor have become against India…something that the enemies and adversaries of India are so pleased to hear.

The journey of Congress this far is so unfortunate that the majority of the citizen see them as anti-Indian…be it for their alliances with anti-nationals and Jihadists, with the numerous of their leaders having black patches of corruptions/scams on their faces…with many seemingly towing the wrong lines. God bless Congress party.

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