Ukraine in ruins

Failure of the UN in Ensuring World Peace

Dear Mr Antonio Guterres; UN Secretary-General

Subject: Failure of the UN in ensuring world peace

Dear Sir!

1. Let me remind you of the first and the foremost charter of the UN " to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war" in which the UN or its sister affiliations have repeatedly failed in recent decades. The ongoing pounding of Humanity in Ukraine, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen and several other member States bear the testimony.

2. It pains humanity that smaller and weaker nations around the world are being crushed by the mightier military powers and that the UNSC or UNGA is unable to come to their rescue and support. It is so ghastly that the world community watches mutely while the mightier nations inflict immense injuries and wounds on the weak, to their population, homes, infrastructures and means of a basic livelihood.

3. In the current Russia-Ukraine war, in the much weaker Ukraine and its innocent people have fallen prey to somewhat unmatched deaths and devastation by an unwarranted war by the Russians. All attempts to enforce a Cease-Fire through the Security Council have failed repeatedly and Russia has been left untamed to crush Ukraine. Their cities after cities are getting ruined.

4. This is not an isolated failure of the UN or the UNSC. In the past, we have witnessed several such atrocities on the weaker nations by the mightier or a group of mightier nations indulging in similar misadventure on some of the other pretexts as mentioned below: -

  • Azerbaijan inflicted a similar injury on the innocent civilians of Nagorno-Karabakh;
  • Talibani terrorists committing genocide of the civilians in Afghanistan,
  • Israel committed war crimes on the Gaza strip, West Bank and Palestine.
  • Ethiopia committed genocide of the Tigray people.
  • Yemen facing prolonged genocide and famine due to Saudi attacks.
  • Islamists & Jihadists inflicting intense pain on Nigerian women.
  • UK-Germany-France-US-Russia raised Syria to dust causing the worst humanitarian crisis.
  • US-led NATO invaded Iraq under the false pretext of possessing 'Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)'.
  • NATO-led allied forces committed genocides of the Iraqi people.
  • US-led allied forces invaded Afghanistan and committed genocide of the people.
  • China committing serious Human Rights crimes in Xinjiang, Tibet and Hong Kong.
  • Genocide of Tutsis, of religious minorities in Islamic nations

5. The lists of such invasions and war crimes are endless where UNSC failed to protect the weak. When such atrocities start taking place, it is the responsibility of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to first stop any escalation of the war by stopping the stronger nation from indulgence and ensuring an effective Cease-Fire. In effecting a cease-fire between two unequal powers, no ‘veto’ should be permitted. The first aim of the UNSC must be essentially to prevent the outbreak of a war between member nations and especially protect the weaker States and its innocent nationals from the perils of any military campaign.

6. The ongoing Russian offensive on Ukraine for nearly 5 months must be stopped by whatever means. The basic human values of Ukrainians are at peril. Their women and children are facing rights violations in foreign territories. This prosperous member State should not be let to become another Syria. You may explore striping off the ‘Veto’ status of the P-5 if that comes in the way. If this is not possible, please dissolve the Security Council that is unable to perform its 'core' charter of duties. As such, the reform of the UNSC has been long overdue as it does not meet the current aspirations of the world community. This could be the best time to reform it. If you or your entire secretariat/officials cannot do it, please do consider resigning en-masse so that someone else capable enough, may head the UN and its subsidiaries to resurgence.

7. Although accountability for starting war and deaths/atrocities of innocent people can be fixed only after fact-finding and proper investigations, a cease-fire must not wait for it. Saving the lives of civilians incl women and children must take precedence and that should be the first priority of the UNSC. Behaviours of the P5 in the UNSC over the past many decades have been deplorable and unacceptable.

8. With the ongoing war, conflicts and military operations in several member States and regions, there is a strong possibility of an escalation to 3rd World War in which desperate states may resort to nuclear arsenal so as to doom the entire humanity. This must be stopped at all costs.

9. Please do come to the defence of the defenceless now and hereafter. The credibility of the UN and UNSC is at a very high stake now than ever before. The UNSC has failed the world time and again in preventing wars as well as preventing humanity from scourage of war and urgently needs to be dissolved or reformed. Please do listen to the cries of the weak before it becomes a curse.

Yours’ Sincerely

Dr V N Jha

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