Religious discord in India

Growing Religious Discord in India (Part-1)

The author is finding it difficult to have an exact expression as to what is going on in India pertaining to the religious outcries in societies, spilling over onto the roads; whether it is religious disharmony, discord or intolerance. Whatever is happening, it is the outcome of largely the conflicting religious behaviours of the three main groups; the majority Hindu versus the Christian & Muslim minorities. Other religious minorities (whether of Indian religion like Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs; or of foreign origins like Parsis & Jews) are not the affected parties in the ongoing chorus. Hindus are perturbed because of the various reasons enumerated in the text boxes below. It seems that the scars of medieval atrocities, of grave genocides by almost all Muslim rulers are still fresh while some Muslims also claim allegiance to those cruel rulers.

Hindu grudges against Muslims
Islamic genocides in India

Muslims are yelling because they are being restrained from their earlier indulgence of converting Hindus by allurement or threats, of abusing Hindu ethos by slaughtering cows whom Hindus regard motherly from Vedic periods. The other Hindu grudges mentioned in the box above are the ones that are becoming day to day irritants. In addition, they are also infuriating the Hindu families and societies through ‘Love-Jihad’, loud Azans at awkward times and attacking Hindu processions during festivals. Wherever Muslims gain numerical superiority, they threaten Hindu/Christians. This is why Hindu are highly sceptical to their growing percentage…from 9.6% in 1951… to be near 17% now (incl illegal Muslim migrants). By now Hindu have become minority in 12 districts of India facing Islamic atrocities and persecution. Over the decades, Muslims have formed dozens of Jihadi outfits that are clear threats to the peace-loving Hindus.

Hindu necoming minority in India

Of late, Gyanvapi Shivling has been discovered within the converted mosque, abused by Muslims where they washed their feet. While Muslims and some Hindu supporting them openly passed slewed remarks on Shivling, they can’t digest the truth about Mohamed that Nupur Sharma spoke; to which almost the entire Muslim world reacted and the radical Muslims displayed their sordid acts (read “इस्लाम की हैवानियत”, Now Hindus have made up their mind that they will liberate both Gyanvapi and Krishna Janmbhumi from the demonic Islamists. Muslims are only infuriating them by their persistent denial even in the courts of laws. Their adamancy will vitiate the atmosphere even further. It is becoming increasingly apparent that Muslims are inimical to Hindu values, very unlikely of cordial coexistence. While Muslims live fearlessly in Hindu-dominated areas of India, Muslims in their dominant areas instil fears on Hindu minorities. In all these noises, the voice of moderate Muslims believed to be sizable in numbers, is largely silent as if they are with the radicals.

Christians on the other hand have started yelling in the last few decades because one-odd fringe Hindu organisations have started objecting to their conversion game and even attacked their one-odd clerics/churches indulging in such acts. With the Hindu tribes in many states of north-east almost converted to Christianity, Hindu are now very circumspect of their ongoing conversion activities in the tribal belts of Orissa, Chhattisgarh, Andhra, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and elsewhere. It is also deplorable as to why these churches don’t follow the law of land and instead, are administered from Rome.

India has never been a country in religious harmony whether before or after the partition as evident by the numerous conflagrations on religious lines. Before independence, the British India saw numerous Hindu-Muslim conflagrations with highly biased approaches of Indian National Congress, both under Gandhi and Nehru with the instances like Mopilla & Bengal genocides. After independence, Nehru, Indira or Rajiv Govts were overtly indulgent in Muslim appeasement and ‘vote-bank politics’ (read “विभाजन विभीषिका और भारतीय धर्म, Since Muslims do vote en-block, often as part of fatwas, politicians prefer lure Muslim clerics or leadership with appeasement. Assimilation of Muslims with any other religion is like a mixture of few drops (15%) of kerosene and water (80%). These differences are likely to become even more evident in future if India does not adopt a ‘Uniform Civil Code’.

In recent years, the noise of religious disharmony and intolerance are increasingly becoming deafening in India as the majority Hindus are no longer willing to remain indifferent, docile and subservient within own motherland. Hindu ethos of “atithi devo bhav” and several other adjectives like ‘Ganga-Jamuni Tehjeeb’ etc cannot be a one-way road. If Muslims want the Hindu community to sing ‘Allah Ishwar tero naam’, the Muslims too have to adopt a similar response in their behaviour. Hindus today have realised that Islamic invaders were neither ‘atithi’ nor qualified to be equated to ‘devo’. They were demons which engulfed India like cancer that mandated surgery to cut those parts (of Afghanistan, Pakistan & Bangladesh) and again threatening another surgery (of J&K, Assam, Bengal and Kerala) if the proliferation of this cancer continues.

It would have been a fantastic medieval mantra of “atithi devo bhav” if the adjectives were meant for all incl the barbaric Muslim invaders and later the occupier Christians. While the Christians expanded their clouts mainly exploiting the poverty among the under-privileged, the Muslim rulers proudly and gleefully mounted heinous atrocities in the form of Jihad to wound the very soul of Hinduism. In those periods of extreme woes while most of the Hindu converted to Christianity willingly (whether by enticement or hope for better life), the Islamic rulers additionally adopted their threats of “Convert or die”. While the Christian missionaries raised attractive ‘Churches’ with fancy clothed clads attracting the underprivileged Hindus; the barbaric Muslim rulers started destroying the temples, the nerve centres of Hinduism, vandalising the idols with pride and partly converting them into mosques. As long as Hindus of India were tolerant or indifferent to these heinous acts, an apparent false sense of ‘peace and harmony’ prevailed in the society. Now Hindu grudges are becoming more and more audible and the chorus of 100 Cr people is loud enough for the radical Muslims to be wary of and the deaf world to hear.

Had the Rajputs and some other brave Hindu kings of those periods (like King Nagbhat-I, King Rana Kumbha, King Prithu, King Rana Sanga, king Vidyadhara, king Lalitaditya Muktpida, Raja Sangramraj, Chalukya dynasty, king Devpal, king Narsinghdev, king Kapay Nayak, Raja Ganesh, Prataprao and Mor Pant the first Peshwa, Baba Banda Singh, Chhatrapati Shivaji, Rani Chenamma to name a few) not mobilised their forces, possibly peace-loving ancient Hindu race would have been extinct owing to the cruel Muslims. King Prithviraj’s victories and defeats are lessons from history never to pardon untrustworthy Islamists. The coward Md Ghori survived on his several pardons and destroyed him and his family at the first opportunity. The aim of these mentions are not to repeat history but merely to mention that Hindus in those time too had to fight the Islamist forces to save their dignity, prides and honour but most of the Islamists behaved like beasts, untrustworthy. Seldom any Islamic ruler showed kindness to the Hindu inhabitant. Religious cordiality is never in their DNA. This is why religious minorities from most of the 47 Islamic nations have vanished. India will be no exception if Islamists are able to change the religious demography. (End of Part-1)

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