Human Rights Reports 2022

Highly Biased Human Rights Report 2022: India vs Pakistan

The title seems to be somewhat a misnomer. The Human Rights report on India and Pakistan appear to be poles apart in its approach. While Report on India appears to be the ire of the Hinduphobes and Modiphobes in verbatim, untouched by govt functionaries; Pakistani report is the voice of the Govt-threatened half-throttled amnesty group. In the Indian report, while we find many of the unsubstantiated allegations against its minorities, Paki report fails to mention many of the established facts of persecution of its religious minorities. While many of the reporters of Amnesty International (India) have been found to be recipients of secret funding from abroad for influenced-reporting, Pakistani groups have threats to their lives…both by state and the numerous Jihadi organisations and their terrorists.

It is somewhat true that Modi’s India has caused Hindu awakening from several religious oppressions. Prior to Modi, Hindu-Muslim discords were in plenty…BUT Hindu majority was not permitted to voice their grudges…it was considered against (pseudo)secularism that Congress govt formulated and imposed for decades.

Hindu-Muslim discord in India

The report was prepared by the biased Amnesty reporters, our own Indians, taking all Indian favours but abusing the nation. Criticising govt is no problem if justifiable. An Amnesty report is expected to remain unpartisan but critical of the govt actions. Praise is very rare.

The report on India in its opening sentence states “Critics of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led government in India including activists, journalists, peaceful protesters… and even poets, actors, and businesses increasingly risked politically motivated harassment, prosecutions, and tax raids” ( Paradoxically, in Pak report, Amnesty claims “a climate of fear impedes media coverage of abuses by both government security forces and militant groups. Journalists face threats and attacks have increasingly resorted to self-censorship”. Yet, Human Rights has accepted their reports on its face value ( In Indian report, Amnesty is hiding the fact that there are half a dozen of anti-Modi TV channels and print media, with almost 24x7 debates, criticising govt but there is no govt action against them. Some even indulge in abusing PM Modi but no action is initiated against them. Many of news & magazine editors often feel of them crossing the thin line of anti-nationalism, yet there is no action against them. In today’s India, media is the most vibrant of all times. People openly express their voices pertaining to all walks of life.

The Indian report cited of the govt adopting laws and policies that discriminated against religious minorities, esp Muslims; but fails to mention those anti-Muslim policies. The majority of narratives made in the report suggests that Muslims are persecuted lot in India. Are they? Readers & UN Rights officials may like to read an article…”Muslims of India Parts 1, 2 & 3 published in a magazine “The Conterviews” (, ( (

The detailed UN Human Rights report 2022 on India is a laughing stocks that is based on allegations and perceptions of the writing activists. The author of this article is no Modi or BJP man, with no party affiliations but a professional running a magazine that is free, online, without any advertisement. Knowing that Modi govt is doing lot for its citizen esp the poor, down-trodden and women; without seeing the religion, race; yet allegations by opposition parties are in plenty and welcome too…BUT then, the yardstick for criticism should be the same for Pakistan too if any meaningful comparisons are to be drawn (as usually are the case).

Indian report proudly highlights how one Church (converting Hindu to Christians) been attacked, it failed to make a mention of 128 temples attacked by Christian extremists in Andhra and Tamil Nadu. Strangely, the Paki report fails to mention of 67 temples attacked in one year with 4 completely destroyed. Hence, a very legitimate question arises on the correctness of the two reports.

Chritians, Muslims demolishing Hindu temples in India

Indian report does not miss out to single out hardliner Bajrang dal but Pak report fails to make mentions of 34 terrorist organisations (except a brief mention of ISIS-K) and 143 UN proscribed terrorists on their soil, roaming freely, often under state protection. Pak report has blacked out the structured genocide of religious minorities on its soil. They have comfortably omitted how the women of Hindu, Sikh and Christians are abducted in the presence and full knowledge of the administration, forcibly converted to Islam and married off to the Muslims. Those girls are invariably threatened of their parents/brothers will be killed if they complained. Report omits burning alive of Sri Lankan man by the huge radical Muslim mob in the presence of police. The Indian report enumerates each and every journalist who were obstructed from reporting in Kashmir, Pak report totally omitted the voice of detained/jailed reporters in the PoK.

The UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) has totally closed its eyes from the vanishing religious minorities of Pakistan, persecuted by their state-backed Jihadists for decades. As a result, the religious minorities of Pakistan have dwindled down from ~21% in 1951 to <4% now. There has strangely been no outcry by Amnesty or the Human Rights group either in Pakistan or at the UN. UNHRC seems to be unconcerned.

Pakistan is not alone in the religious persecution of religious minorities in the Islamic nations. A harsher persecution is going on in Afghanistan but it does not hurt the UNHRC. Persecution of Hindu is ongoing in Bangladesh but the UNHRC is unmoved. So many temples were vandelised, people beaten and killed during 2021 Durga Puja in Bangladesh but it did not bother UNHRC. The religious persecution of the Christians is going on in the Middle-East for years, amounting to genocide as reported in Jeremy Hunt report…BUT…the UNHRC is aloof. The 57 Islamic nations have comfortably got a resolution passed by the UNGA recognising Islamophobia, but Islamic Hate, intolerance, Bigotry and Fascism go unrecognised ( An Islamo-Fascism has been gradually increasing in the world but neither OIC nor the UN seem concerned about it ( Similarly, a question is being raised increasingly if Hate & Intolerance is enshrined in Quran but none seem ready to answer and address it (

UNHRC credibility is at high stakes owing to the partisan reporting by the Amnesty groups in the two nations. While India is a vibrant democracy, Paki Amnesty reporters are scared lot, threatened by state-sponsored terrorists & Jihadists, unwilling to report the Rights violations. The worst, UNHRC takes all these reports at its face value. UNHRC biases are also evident when it fails to investigate the religious persecutions and vanishing religious minorities in the Islamic nations. It is felt that OIC is hoodwinking the Rights groups owing to their sheer numbers (57 Islamic nations). It is shameful.

Christian genocide in Missle-East

How long will the world tolerate the partisan approach of the UN Human Rights Council? It is shameful (Highly biased Human Rights Council;, Biased and shameless Amnesty International;

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