Bankrupt Congress

Ideologically Bankrupt Congress Party of Today

There was a time when Congress Party of India, although founded to serve the interests of the British Govt, gradually became more or less a symbol of National Movement except for some anti-Hindu stance for which many renowned leaders had to quit. After independence however, there were suspicions among some of the top leadership incl Mahatma Gandhi that the party name could be misused for political gains and hence he had advised its dissolution but Nehru did not adhere to it. First Nehru misused it for ‘vote-bank’ politics. Not that the erstwhile Congress didn’t work for the betterment of the Indian nation, it has done many…BUT…they have done great damages too. It has adopted pseudo-secularism to their core…of Muslim appeasement, of J&K and N-E states alienation, of awful foreign policies, of lack of technological development, of the poor section of citizen remaining devoid of national growth, of the ailing agriculture sector and worst, the corruption. For over 25 yrs now, Congress party of India is best known for corruption incl its top leaderships…be it Rajiv, Sonia or Rahul Gandhis. It is noteworthy that Sonia Gandhi is the 4th richest women politician in the world…richer than queen Victoria. Today’s Congress party seems to have lost all steam, potentials and worst, the trust of the people (The Indian National Congress… acquiring a new identity? The Counterviews; Issue 2:01; pp-9;

Gndhi asked to Disband Congress

In today’s Congress party, there is none who could claim allegiance with the erstwhile national movements BUT…there are many who could be linked to its new identities of having national and existential shame. National shame because it is indulging in anti-national activities that are tarnishing the image of the nation. Congress leaders have forgotten that there is a very thin line between opposing the ruling govt working in the many interests of the nation building…and becoming anti-national by putting hurdles in the way of nation building. Congress’s existential shame is in its loss of ideologies. UPA saw the rise of anti-Hindu policies of Sonia Gandhi. For the sake of appeasing the radical Muslims of India, she started calling the nationalist Hindus as terrorists. It is alleged that she received funds from Pakistan and China to slacken our national development. Most of her ministers became champions of the raining scams. Rajiv Gandhi downwards, the dynast family of Congress is often addressed as the Thugs of Hindustan. All members of Sonia Gandhi family and the senior minister of UPA are stinking of scams and slowly heading towards jail if law of the land takes its due course.

Thugs of Hindustan
Congress leaders on bail for corruptions

The family became larger than the nation. Of late we have several Congress leaders colluding with our international enemies and adversaries. Congress leaders pleaded with Pakistan to topple the nationalist Modi Govt. For them, Imran Khan or Pak Army chief ever conspiring against India become their closest friends. They side with both Pak and China to show down the Indian pride. It’s become so damning, so unfortunate. Todays’ Congress party calls Army Chief a ‘Sadak chhaap Gunda’, they tried to apportion Pak terror plot of Pulwama on our own nationals. They had no disgrace in telling lies to the world in the aftermath of abrogation of article 370, that Indian soldiers were shooting innocent Kashmiris and for this lie of Rahul Gandhi, India was dragged to the UN Human Rights Council by Pak and China. Congress leaders have no shame in showing our armed forces in poor light when they demanded proof for the Army’s claims of the surgical strike. List of Congress treachery is enormous. Very recently, the Congress party is believed to be hand in glove with Khalistani supporters and activists in Punjab. Pakistan is understood to be supplying arms and drugs through drones and some faction of Punjab Congress is believed to be complicit too. No other than the ex-CM of Punjab has conveyed it to the Home Minister of India. Yet, Congress leadership is unmoved. Rahul Gandhi over a period of time, has become shameless, a black patch for the Indian nation. However, there may be a truth in considering Rahul Gandhi is not Congress. Let us examine this too.

Today Rahul Gandhi has no shame in changing his attires to garner some additional votes of different religions. The nation has witnessed him sporting Janeu in the Shiva temples (even though he is Parsi by birth), skull cap at Muslim Dargahs to garner Muslim votes. He had absolutely no shame in tying up with radicals and Jihadists groups in the last elections for a few votes. We all know Jamat-e-Islamia and Muslim League are radical groups closely linked with ISIS supporting PFI and SDPI. Yet, Congress had a tie-up with these radical, anti-Hindu political parties in Kerala. In yet another ideological bankruptcy, he made an alliance with Furfura Samaj chief in West Bengal who claimed to have spoken of butchering Hindu of India and also a radical Assam Muslim group of Badruddin Ajmal’s AIUDF (read Congress loses conscience, allies with Radical Muslims; The Counterviews; Issue 3:04; Above all, anti-Hindu stances and policies of today’s Congress party are appalling, nauseating.

Many party workers feel ashamed today that they had or have links with Sonia-Rahul-Vadra led Congress party. Those in the party who murmur of these sentiments, are shown the door…be it the obedient Sanjay Jha, the so-called the G-23 or many others. Often the Congress party plays very cheap politics. If Hindu women are raped in Rajasthan by the Muslims, Sonia-Rahul-Priyanka has no shame in closing their eyes but if the rape/atrocities are by Hindu, they make it a point to shame the nation. A very dirty politics is being played by todays Congress party. They seem to have lost their ideological stand. As a result, they stand decimated at the various elections in recent years. Barring three state elections (Rajasthan, MP and Chhattisgarh) that congress won owing to the Lies on PM Modi of irregularities in Rafale Jet purchase (that subsequently was proven lie in the Supreme Court), Congress / Rahul Gandhi has not won any election. Instead, he has totally got decimated in UP, Bihar, Bengal, Andhra, Telangana, Karnataka and Tamilnadu where it ruled for many decades. Many of the political analysts feel today that the Congress party has become an enemy of India.

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