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Has Imran Khan Become liability for Pak Army?

The Opposition Parties of Pakistan are up in the arms for more than a year now. The 2019 Azadi march in Pakistan is an ongoing protest led by Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (F) in Islamabad, from 28 October 2019. The march opposes Prime Minister Imran Khan, demanding his resignation, and new elections. His 2-day ultimatum to the Govt did not work. Rahman accused PM Imran Khan of being a “Jewish agent” and he also argued that his protest was “against those who set free” Asia Bibi, a Christian woman acquitted in a blasphemy case in 2019 and hurriedly sent abroad. He also accused that Imran govt “hired an Ahmadi for the Economic Council,” referring to the appointment of Atif Mian, which was annulled later after protest by the religious parties intolerant to the minorities in Pakistan. He also challenged the Paki Army threatening “we will do to you what we did to Americans in Afghanistan”.

Azadi march of Pakistan is a strong Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) formed by 11 major Opposition leaders, most of them affiliated to radicals & Terrorists. These include Pakistan Muslim League (PML Nawaz), Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUeI Fazlur), Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party and some smaller ones, incl the Baloch National Party and the Pashtuns. They held their first united protest on 16 Oct 20 at Gujranwala followed by Karachi on October 18, Quetta on October 25, Peshawar on November 22, Multan on November 30 and recently at Lahore on December 13. The main grudge of the PDM is that Imran came to power because of the Army rigging the election. They also claim that Imran has doomed the Pak economy, has been serving to the Western interests, has sold paki territories to the Chinese by leasing out 2 islands and so on. They are also angry on the Govt for not investigating Army Chief Bajwa’s corruption.

The PDM also has an indirect but strong support of the radicals and Jihadists among whose ranks and files, the “Terror Factory of Jihad” works in Pakistan. These radical groups have several grudges against Pakistani leadership as mentioned below: -

  • Pakistan Govt is trying to muzzle their voice by not giving a free hand to Jihad.
  • Pakistan Govt has recently somewhat curtailed the activities of UN Proscribed terrorists. Govt was unable to prevent Masood Azhar being banned by the UNSC.
  • Paki govt has given-in to India by recently banning 88 of their terrorists in order to appease the FATF. The terrorist organizations are extremely unhappy on Pakistani Govt and Army in particular, that they are scared of India after the Balakot by not actively helping their agenda of terror in India. They also feel that Paki govt have reduced their funding in view of external pressure from India and FATF. They believe that Pakistan govt did not do enough in fighting the case for Masood Azhar in which he got 10 yrs jail sentence. Although Pakistan govt seems to have conveyed to them that he will be looked after as guest of honour within the jail premise but the Jihadis are not impressed.
  • Many of the terrorists are furious on Pakistani Govt & Army for playing ‘Pimp’ by supplying their women to the Chinese. Pakistanis are being taunted by many that their genetics are gradually becoming Chinese.
  • Pakistani Govt did not do much to punish the French President for his actions against the Muslim terrorists in Paris and Nice attacks. These terrorist organisations forced the govt to close the French Embassy.

Maryam Nawaz, Bilawal Bhutto and Maulana Fazlur Rahman have put all their efforts and resources in compelling the Imran govt to resign. The noise emanating from Pakistan to the international community is rather high, much to the dislike of their ISI and Paki Army. Nawaz Sharief is able to openly raise his voice from London against the evil designs of the Pakistani Army. Pakistan is calling him anti-national. There is open rift between the Army and the civil Police. If the indications are to be believed, Pakistan Army has started curtailing the civilian govt’s powers. Just a couple of months back, the Civil Intelligence wing working under Home Ministry has been taken over by the Army. Corruption ridden multi-billion CPEC Chinese project has been taken over by Army. Many members of the erstwhile Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) are unwilling to support Kashmir agenda against India…something on which Pakistani Army has been thriving for decades.

Imran Khan at the Brink, A Liability for Pak Army?

Imran Govt has let the 11 party opposition PDM to hijack the governance.

They were able to exposed Army Chief Gen Bajwa’s corruptions.

Imran made public statement before Trump of having 40K terrorist in Pak.

Statements in parliament of plotting Pulwama…in international eyes.

Imran conferring martyrdom to Osama bin Laden caught world attention.

Terrorist organisations supported Paris attack, forced Paris embassy close.

Imran govt unable to get Pak out of FATF grey list.

146 UN proscribed terrorists on Pak land, issuing threats for being banned.

Recently renovated the destroyed Balakot terror training camp went public.

Pak economy in shambles, army too affected, terror funding hampered.

Baloch causes are becoming international, discussed at many fora.

Army does not trust Imran Govt. Taken over Civilian Intelligence; CPEC Proj.

Pakistan Army has been furious on Imran Govt as to why their leaders were permitted to openly accept their culpability in the Pulwama attack in India the last year. Their acceptance in their parliament has drawn the world attention fully justifying Indian attack on Balakot…and for that reason, any subsequent attacks on the terrorists anywhere in Pakistan.Pakistan Terrorist organisations are increasingly coming in to the world focus…something ISI of Pakistan is very angry with the civilian govt. Of late, Baloch movement is also getting increasingly international attention to the disliking of the Army. Pakistan Army also feels that the present Imran Govt has not been able to strike a cordial note with erstwhile allies in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

All the above reasons are the pointer to the Imran Govt losing the hold upon the governance. It is felt very possible that Imran has become a ‘Liability’ to the powerful Pakistan Army. He can start counting his days before he is side-lined either by Army or ISI-controlled terrorist organisations in Pakistan itself. By this time, there are very few options for Imran Khan. He will have to yield to the Army’s desire to step down or be eliminated.

Jihadi leaders of Pakistan

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