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India Diseased by Three Cancers...Communalism, Congress and Communism

Historically India has been known in the world as the land of wisdom where Vedic traditions in the form of eternal knowledge, culture and humanity prospered. None know the exact origin of the Sanatan Culture but surely it is one of the oldest. It is also a fact that some evil acts and practices did crop in that divided the society and the internal contradictions made it weak and ailing. That enabled many invaders to ruin it from time to time but Sanatanis struggled to survive. However, it is weakened with wide-ranging diseases including cancerous ideologies corroding it internally.

In recent years, India is the ‘talk of many towns’ around the world for numerous reasons, mostly centered around “Modi Model” of progress and development. The themes of these talks are based on three ideological groups, the Protagonists, the Antagonists and those ‘who can no longer afford to ignore India’. For the majority of the nations in the world, India is the elephant on the move BUT in the darkness. None is able to correctly feel it. The Protagonists want to switch on the lights for the elephant to be seen and recognised by all BUT the antagonists switch off the lights to hide it from any realistic perceptions. However, Modi has enabled it become enormous, both in size and importance that cannot be ignored by the world. When such elephant moves, rumblings in surroundings are natural.

The antagonists become saddened by the news of rising India, Modi’s growing popularity & stature in world politics, India’s socio-political rise in international arena, Indian Armed Forces marching towards credible global power through self-reliance, Indian voices becoming audible world-wide…and so on. Those who treated India as potential buyers in the past, are finding it difficult to dictate terms of selling. The land, the people and their march towards destiny remain largely unaffected but the approach, arithmetic and assumptions are changed in New India. Indian Atmnirbhar might is becoming visible from distant grounds. All these are ruffling many feathers the world over. Indians have seen some indifferent govts, some highly corrupt too. However, the present govt outweighs all previous ones with its policies, efforts, transparencies and best of all, in extending the fruits of development to the last person in the queue (read “Unpartisan Perception of Modi@9”, This is arguably the best phase of Indian development, progress and vibrant democracy. All must enjoy it and must not misuse. The world recognizes and even the strongest critic of India, the US acknowledges it. The architect of modern India, Shri Narendra Modi already honoured by several accolades abroad, will be shortly addressing the US Parliament again. While he will surely speak all good about India and us, the people, even though fully aware of the cancers corroding India quietly from within.

The Cancer Cells are mightily upset that they are both exposed and being talked about too, something unimaginable in the pseudo-secularism period of India right from independence. Earlier, people had almost resigned to their fate…to live with the diseases and cancers elaborated in this article. However, Modi changed that perspective by rapid infrastructure development, growth of GDP, making India a favoured FDI destination, walking extra mile to include the last man in the queue to enjoy the fruits of development, boosting the Health & higher Education sectors, boosting Start-up and Manufacturing sectors, modernization of Armed Forces and the best of all, taking India to self-reliance “Atmnirbhar Bharat”. India enjoys today the best of its reputations abroad in foreign policies, credibility and leadership.

Three Cancers on Indian Soil

All three Cs of the title have their original mindset against India. The disease of Communal cancer first engulfed Kandahar region of India that had to undergo surgery when it was cut and severed, that came to be known as Afghanistan. The same Communal cancer of Islam engulfed other parts of India as well that had to be severed later, to been known as Pakistan and Bangladesh. This cancer has been corroding many other parts of India necessitating urgent treatment. That treatment is required in J&K, Kerala, West Bengal, Assam and Bihar. Actually that cancer has progressed to acquire a medical term called “metastasis” that has been gradually corroding India from within. Thanks to the Congress party and their sustained pro-Islamic policies that the Cancer of Islam has made India a sick place inculcating the thought of “Gazwa-e-Hind”. Today, Congress party survives on the mercy of blood-thirsty Islamists (read “Congress Loses Conscience, Allies with Radical Muslims”, In the mid 2010s, it was becoming apparent that Indians would get rid of the second group of cancer on the soil through a ‘Congress-Mukt Bharat’ BUT that didn’t happen. It seems we are yet to become a matured democracy. The greed among the treacherous politicians and their clouts are immense. The third cancer of Communism, has been sickening India with their pro-China and anti-India stances and it is unfortunate that the voters of India do not recognize their misleading garbs. It is essentially due to them that Naxalite/Maoist violence are continuing, taking heavy toll on our security forces. This cancer is on decline but nonetheless, relevant in the present context, often in collusion with cancerous Congress whether attacking our security forces, the Hindu Ideologies of peace, inciting unrest through farmers’ protests or abusing Indian prestige on foreign soils.

The Cancer of Communalism

Islamic Communalism continued acquiring monstrous proportions from medieval times with their narrative that infidels are inferior and deserve to be converted or killed. On this concept Mohammed (whom Muslims call prophet) carried out genocides of the entire Arabian tribes. That genocide was later extended to Jews, Christians and Parsis too when the Christians finally retaliated through Crusades to show the barbaric Islamists their place. The same Islamists are trying to pursue an ideology of Global Islamic Caliphate given by their terrorist leader Al-Baghdadi (read “Islamic Hate, Intolerance, Bigotry & Fascism and the Global Caliphate”, Such beliefs made a large section of people to believe that Hindu and Muslims cannot live in harmony, finally leading to partition of India. Similar ideology has been committing genocides of non-Muslims in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Middle East, Sahel region, Sudan, Nigeria, Kosovo and several other member states of the UN (read “Muted UNHRC Response Encouraging Islamic Genocides”,

Indian scars and wounds as victim of Islamic Communalism go far back to the medieval periods when the unrecognised, undiagnosed cancer of Islam had taken a hold in its territories. Those barbaric invaders had not come merely to loot India but they were also carrying out their holy war against the Hindus as acknowledged in their numerous letters, books and deeds. Hindus as a community was as divided in their approach as they are now. That division enabled the Islamists to humiliate the community at all levels…physically, morally and spiritually. The indifferences of some of the contemporary Hindu communities and Kingdoms were as blameworthy as the divided community itself. However, the impact on Indians were by and large universal…they all suffered the worst kind of genocide in history.

Islamists struck at the core of Hindu awareness inflicting heavy sufferings…of their centers of knowledge the temples, their preachers the Brahmins and their protectors the Rajputs. Many did put-up disjointed and disunited resistance from time to time and perished in the process. The Islamic persecutions by almost all rulers were extreme for the above two groups that continued for generations causing sustained demoralization.

The worst was that the alien rulers were able to deepen the wedge of division even further over centuries causing immense suffering and they merely strived to survive somehow. There also came a time when Hindus competed with Hindus to become better slaves of the barbaric rulers with their pride, dignity severely bruised. Our women and Children underwent trauma that cannot be described in words. Numerous Kashies were demolished (read “Islam and Many Ayodhyas of the World,, Nalandas burnt and morale so tormented that even the highly patriotic warrior groups of Rajputs volunteered to convert en-masse. Thanks to the stalwarts like Shivaji that the barbaric Muslims rulers were prevented from ruining the entire Hindus as community. Finally, the powers of Muslim rulers declined and the British invaders came to the horizon. They too were equally brutal…BUT unlike the Islamists, they didn’t strike at Hindu honour and dignity…and that gave Hindus a hope…that helped us to reorganize. The author doesn’t intend to repeat history but surely touch upon the deep scars in the Hindu psyche that are frequently bruised by the acts of present generation radical Muslims when they try to identify themselves with the Aurangzebs and Khiljis even if sporadically. The spread of Islamic cancer is a global phenomenon and recently Europe too has fallen victim to it (read “Christian Kosovo Being Engulfed by Islamic Cancer”, Many may feel that deliberations in this article may be representing the growing Islamophobia in the world for which UNHRC had to pass a resolution on the demands by the OIC; but it is for very valid reasons though (read “Factual Islamophobia in the World…”,

Communal cancer has been showing up in India in some other forms too. Christianity deserves special mention. They came to India for expansion of their faith but also brought modern western education, health, science & Technologies. The Churches though demonstrated empathy for the oppressed classes, also became indulgent in conversion of lower caste Hindus which seldom came to the light. Mother Teresa indulged in it and so did many others; but none of them had to wield the sword of Jihad, giving war cries of “Convert, Flee of Die”. Numerous converted, mostly willingly but many on allurement too. Like the Islamists, Churches too started getting red-flags from Hindu activists but they continued ignoring them.

Bajrang Dal retaliated against conversions when Graham Stains was killed. It became a big international news. Right from late British period, massive conversion games by the churches have already converted major parts of the North East states of India into Christian-dominated societies. Surprisingly, these Churches are administered from Rome with a huge inflow of funds for their nefarious activities mostly in NE states and tribal belts of Orissa, Bengal, Jharkhand, Andhra, Tamilnadu and Kerala and any effective actions by the Indian govt is yet to be visible. Christian CMs of Andhra and Tamilnadu are lately seen as indulgent in communal acts. However, in Kerala, these predators and increasingly becoming preys of Islamic monsters as reported by several Churches. Elsewhere, Christians of the Middle East and Kosovo have been undergoing Islamic Genocide (as reported by British Secretary of State Jeremy Hunt) but hardly any eyebrows were raised. Similar Christian genocides are going on in Turkey, Lebanon, CAR, Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria and elsewhere very quietly. Christians in India are not threatening religious demography. They are by and large constant on their percent-population since independence.

Hindu communalism of late is being blamed. Several Congress leaders like Shinde, Shashi Tharoor, Chidambaram, Rahul Gandhi etc have tried to equate some hardliner Hindu acts to radical Islamists like Taliban possibly on the instructions of Sonia Gandhi esp after Modi came to power. All of us know that RSS has a peaceful Sanatan Hindu ideology, involved with numerous welfare activities Pan-India, for all faiths. Them assisting BJP in elections have been troubling Congress hence, trying to defame. RSS has had great leaders both in the past and present. Comparing RSS with Taliban or Muslim Brotherhood is foolish…BUT…hardly ever any of the BJP opponents leave an opportunity to abuse RSS (read “Why are Opposition Politicians, Islamists and Pseudo-Secularists so Averse to RSS?” However, it is a reality that more and more Hindus are pained at the nefarious acts of Islam and conversions by Christians, manifesting in sporadic violence in the recent years. Catching caw-slaughters, moral policing against hoodlums, illegal conversions etc have been the acts of fringe groups like Bajrang Dal, Sri Ram Sene and others in Modi’s India. They also allegedly vandalized some of the churches undertaking conversions which is unlawful condemnable. They hardly see the larger picture. These acts must stop though.

The Cancer of Congress

Congress was formed by the British to rule India better. While India acknowledges the contributions of Congress in its Independence movements, Hindus also carry the pains of their apathy to their fellow Hindus when the Muslims carried out genocides of Bengal and Mopilla…and worst…the successive coward presidents of Congress under Ajmal Khan, Chitranjan Das, Ali Jauhar, Abul Kalam Azad or Gandhi. This was the period when there was visible Congress indifference towards Hindus that led to the resurgence of Hindu Mahasabha and later the Rashtriy Swayam Sevak Sangh to serve and empathise with the Hindu communities that suffered the most. Many believe that Gandhi chose to remain mum paying the smaller price to forge Muslim cooperation for a larger goal of Indian independence. Gandhi was aloof of the reality of Islam that never worked for any good of Hindus leaving isolated exceptions apart. Both Gandhi and Nehru ignored this vital fact of ‘Intolerant Islamic Ideology’ post-independence that we are confronted with today…75 yrs after partition. Unsuspectingly, many thought of the Nehruvian pro-Muslim approach as accommodative and reconciliatory…BUT…that was not the case. Actually Nehru was the architect and first proponent of ‘Muslim Vote Bank Politics’. One of the causes of Ambedkar’s resignation in 1951 was Nehru’s Muslim appeasement policies at the cost of Hindus including Dalits. Congress promoted the cancerous ideologies of radical Islam by enabling unlimited land acquisition by Waqf (read “Waqf Acts of Loot India”,, foundation of AIMPLB propagating radical Islam through madrassas essentially teaching radical Islam (read “Mosques: A Symbol of Interfaith Hate & Intolerance”,, “Is Quran a Source of Hate & Intolerance?”,, and worst, suppressing any dissenting voice emanating from the affected groups (read “विभाजन विभीषिका और भारतीय धर्म”

The results of Nehru and Congress follies are before us today. The ~9% Muslims of 1951 are now nearly 18%. Our constitution permits religious freedom but Islamists are quietly changing religious demography of India. Dozens of radical organisations are pursuing Jihad against fellow Indians. Indian Muslims have restarted affiliations towards an alien Islamic caliphate with nefarious designs of Gazwa-e-Hind (read “PFI Ban: Govt Treating Symptoms Not the Disease”, Many mosques have stockpiles of weapons. They intend to incite hate among the lower caste Hindus to butcher the higher castes. Later give dalits/SC/ST the fate that Afghanistan/Pakistan/Bangladesh is giving to them…employ them to clean their toilets, grab their women with impunity and then the inevitable, en-masse convert them and alienating them from their ancestry thus completing the genocide.

Modi’s India in which there is no danger of fall of government due to pseudo-secularism and ‘vote-bank politics’, has given that voice to the centuries of oppressed Hindu psyche although not all can be justified in a secular and democratic India. Now one can render a free opinion on how Quran is violating the fundamental rights in a secular and democratic nation (read “Gross Violation of Indian Fundamental Rights”, Despite “sar tan se juda’ calls, there are voices rising against the barbaric approaches of Islam, “इस्लाम की हैवानियत”,; “ इस्लाम और राक्षसी प्रवृत्ति”,; “New Islamo-Fascism in the World” All these mentions are not meant to show down or blame Islam/ Indian Muslims…BUT…it is to highlight that Islam is not what the text books of independent India under Congress has tried to teach. It is a known fact that numerous many verses of Quran teach great values of humanity for Muslims in Islam…BUT…the 60 verses of hate and intolerance against non-Muslims tags it with a taboo of radical text, non-permissible in secular states and democracies. These are overtly communal, preaching hatred against Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians as well as the worshipers of Idols, the Hindus/Jains/Buddhists (read “60 Hateful & Intolerant Verses of Quran, parts 1 & 2”, It merits Quran to be amended or else banned in democratic and secular nations (read “Islamic Hate and Intolerance, Treat the Disease not Symptoms”,

Congress has been linked to the radical Islam owing to 3 basic facts. Firstly, they have links to vote-bank politics of Muslims/Islam/AIMPLB and taking the electoral benefits. Secondly, Congress has also removed their thin veil of shame when colluding with radical/Jihadi Islamist groups (read “Congress & India: Unhealthy Collusions”,; “Ideologically Bankrupt Congress Party of Today”, Thirdly, Congress is ready to fall to any low to garner Muslim votes and in that effort, they may praise medieval rulers who dishonoured Hindus/Buddhists/Sikhs, resettle Bangladeshi & Rohingyas illegal Muslims; and counter the govt trying to protect the religious demography of India.

Although Congress’s collusions with radical Islamists have been elaborated in this article, lot many other political parties too have become champions in this electoral game of ‘Muslim appeasement’ and ‘vote-bank politics’. Political parties such as TMC, RJD, SP, NCP, NC, DMK, AIMIM, IUML and the likes of, have been long experimenting with these arts. It is dangerous.

The Cancer of Communism

Communism is another curse on India. It came to India in the British period to work for the downtrodden, the poor and the labour class (all suffering from British persecution) on the lines of Soviet leader Carl Marx. Indian members were mainly some forward-looking Bengalis to fight against the perilous policies of British and Muhajir Muslims to defeat Infidel (the British; although the Hindus too belonged to the same group). The party ideologies were mooted from alien soil (of Russia; and later China), relatively un-connected with the immediate problems of fellow Indians. Although Hindu comrades started alienating from their religious practices and beliefs, Muhajirs firmly remained adhered to their Islamic ideologies. Owing to founding members from Islam, they remained sympathisers of radical Islam. After the radical activities of the Muslim League increased against Hindu Mahasabha, the communists often sided with the league and the British who were experts in ‘divide and rule’, exploited them the most. Yet, contributions of the Communists in the Indian independence, of whatever proportions, cannot be ignored. For their overt acts of violence, they were banned several times. It is also a known feeling that the Communists have repeatedly betrayed the nation during independence movements, partition, the Chinese invasion and in creating internal instabilities as shown in the box below. Communists are known for their treachery hence, they cannot be trusted upon. They first spoiled Bengal and now tormenting Kerala.

In free India, communists have made a trademark of inciting protests against the govt esp by the student wing, the SFI and some others. Condemning govt is ok but abusing nation is not. Their Tukde-Tukde group has abused India time and again. Hatred in their chants were evident when they chanted “Jute maro” against the Hindus in the JNU campus. It is also a fact that Islamists have invaded them right from their inception hence, it is not surprising that the two often sing in chorus. It is also apparent that various rights groups of Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch etc are members of the left wing, receiving foreign funds for raising unsubstantiated charges against the nation, abusing Hindus and spreading disinformation (read “Biased & Shameless Amnesty International (Part-1)”, They are called pseudo-liberals and pseudo-seculars of India for obvious reasons. Several left-wing volunteers are infamous for spitting muds & fire against the nation. They day true nationals say enough is enough, these pseudo-liberals may face problems. It is worth recalling that Gauri Lankesh who had earlier celebrated the killing of many security forces by the left-wing terrorists, was finally murdered in 2017. It is a scientific fact…every action has reaction. It is a firm belief that every Communist leader is involved directly or indirectly in every Naxal/Maoist attacks on our forces. Voices are already being raised for some firm actions (read “Eliminating the Naxalites: Both Foot Soldiers & their Masters”,; “Revisiting Red Terror in India”, Time may not be far when patriotic Indians may decide that govt actions against the traitors of nation is inadequate, so as to take law in own hands and then these anti-nationals could face serious music.

Treatment of the Disease

Treatment of Cancer depends upon its stages. In the initial stages of relatively lesser Communalism, careful handling with empathy, compassion and integration with societies are the ones most recommended. The day Muslims of India surpassed 15% of the population, that stage was surpassed. This is the phase when the Constitution of India may have to be amended to make India a Hindu nation with dues given to the minorities in the same way that an Islamic or a Christian nation gives to the Hindu/Jain/Buddhist/Sikh minorities. The calls by Baba Bageshwar is a pointer in this direction (read “हिन्दू-राष्ट्र, संविधान और बाबा बागेश्वर”, This must also be the best baits for the international communities at the UN…in that, if 32% Christians of the world can have 16 nations, 23% Muslims can have 47 Islamic nations, the near 16-21% Hindus/Indian religion can surely have one nation for them called India. The UN/UNHRC should feel proud in doing long denied justice with the Hindus of the world. This is not going to be easy though. Indian parliament will not heed to limited calls of a Hindu priest. Almost the entire Hindu groups will have to rise and compel Modi Govt/BJP to move the Constitution Amendment Bill. There will be numerous challenges, some within the provisions of the Constitution itself. However, there is a saying, “Where there is a will, there are surely the ways”. Once the Govt of the day decides to implement it, it can be done.

This can be implemented through a Constitution amendment, some >100 amendments already been enacted by now. Congress under Sonia as well as all political parties thriving on ‘Muslim Vote-bank Politics’; all Muslims of India and the World, the Communists of India and China (who doesn’t want to see India as strong nation), the OIC and the Khalistani groups will try to fight tooth & nails. In fact, all antagonists of India and Hindus will leave no stone unturned in ensuring that India doesn’t become a Hindu nation. They will move Supreme Court, the UNHRC, the UN and even approach ICJ. However, if all components of the present “Indian Religion” consisting of the Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists & Jains decide in favour, none can stop it…BUT…that big ‘If’ remains.

India becoming Hindu Rashtra or “State of Indian Religion” is the only answer. The happenings in the 47 Islamic, 16 Christian, 4 Buddhist and 1 Jew nations are pointer to a simple fact that once you turn your nation to a religious state, the minorities will no longer remain threats.

Concluding Thoughts

In a democratic and secular nation, everyone has the rights to enjoy the fruits of equality, freedom of Life & Liberty, non-exploitation, freedom of religion amidst some others. However, Islamic Communalism has been repeatedly violating all norms. They have now openly challenged the safety and security of the Hindu Majority through their call of Gazwa-e-Hind which will not be acceptable to the state or the nationals. The Jihadists are seen as cancer on Indian soil. Congress party of India has been actively colluding with the Islamists/Jihadists for their vote-bank politics and are ready to fall to any level in their Muslim-appeasing politics. Last but not least, the Communists and the pseudo-liberals are becoming another threat for the sovereignty of the nation. The author fears that anti-Hindu and anti-national acts may not be tolerated for long by the nationalists and could result in retaliations if they don’t mend their ways. Criticizing any govt of the day is alright but criticizing the country is unacceptable. Indians esp. Hindus are largely docile and don’t react/retaliate easily. The day water flows above their heads, the same docile people may become different altogether. It is a caution to all anti-nationals to fear for that day. Better behave in the larger interest of the nation. The ultimate treatment of this disease will unarguably be the declaration of Hindu Rashtra with special rights for the followers of Indian Religion, without doing injustice to others. If this doesn’t happen, Islam will soon gain dominance with their inseparable Jihadi elements calling the shots and India too will gradually sink into an Islamic State with no room to maneuver.

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