Corrupt Kejriwal

Inventing Corruptions thru’ IIT Brain

In India, seldom one can find a person who has not indulged-in, or fallen victim to corruption. This narrative could also be slightly modified to say that corruption is inherent in Indian lives (leaving an occasional exception). It will be injustice to say that only Indians are involved and that the other Asians and Africans are out of this prestigious distinction. Not that Europe is free of it, but it is much less in proportion. Hence, from those points of views, we Indians are privileged to live in an environment where daily corruptions are endemic, becoming way of life and livelihood. It has become a common disease with an occasional epidemic that we witnessed in the UPA days. People take pride in researching the etiopathology of various forms of corruptions to find out that police, property registration and politicians are having towering figures to shine at the top.

Mr Kejriwal has had a troubled childhood syndrome that most abnormal people possessing the IQ of around 120 do have. He had an exposure to Tata Steel as an engineer, to Mother Teresa’s foundations, and Ramakrishna Mission etc as a commoner…that his brain kept troubling him. That haunting brain didn’t let him remain stable in his IRS service either and he left it. That brain couldn’t have let him continue as a sheep behind Anna Hazare for ever and that is how he chose politics with having attained an image of a clean person in the movement. Within a short time in politics, he realised that he could no longer excel with clean hands and that is when he started researching with IIT brain on the un-researched subject of corruption…and the result is before all. Soon he became a man of U-turns, a brilliant liar, a near perfect man having double-speak. His lies are unique with full conviction, before the intelligent crowd too, in full daylights. The basis on which he came to politics was to root out corruptions in govt offices, he has forgotten to have the “Lokayukta” in his own state. That is our current CM of Delhi, Mr Arvind Kejriwal.

It is worthy to note that game of corruptions has not changed much in the last many decades. The departments known for corruptions, the process of committing various frauds, the usual means of public loots etc have remained the same except that occasional online transfers are also resorted to, to the innovative-shadow bank account through which the tracing of the culprit is bit difficult. However, the major chunk of payment of bribes has invariably been in cash. However, after Mr Kejriwal started inventing newer methods of corruptions, scams and loots, many newer concepts have emerged in the traditionally age-old game.

The IIT brain of Mr Natwarlal (pointing to Mr Kejriwal) is praiseworthy. In the past, he adopted the digital media tools of PM Narendra Modi in creating a propaganda campaign to boost own image to grand success in Delhi. He spends liberally on promoting own narrative even if fake, spending huge sums of public money. Of late, he has invented a new formula, a new modus operandii in corruption that he claimed (at a public rally in Gujarat) way back on 02 Jan 22 that ‘only he and his party knew’. He was obviously referring to his Liquorgate of Delhi much before it came to light. This corruption is apparently a very new type, with innovative approaches. He made it look like a welfare service with benefit to the citizen, but practice, he apparently looted the state exchequer of hundreds of Crores of rupees. There is a saying “चोरों के शातिर दिमाग होते हैं” but our Mr Natwarlal is not a normal Chor, he is several steps ahead of them. He committed the crime before the public eyes, in broad daylight, yet left no trail of even suspicion.

BJP leaders claimed that Mr Kejriwal planned the ‘Liquorgate’ crime plot in his IIT brain. He didn’t want to be caught on any file or paper with his signature hence, holds no ministry as CM. He asked his DyCM Mr Sisodia to frame a liquor policy right in the thick of the 2nd Covid19 wave when both public and union govt was busy in fighting the pandemic. He made several minor-looking deviations from the contract policies to combine the liquor producer and supplier a single entity (which is prohibited by law). He reduced the State Govt excise tax by nearly 1/10th and increased the ‘producer-supplier’ commission several folds, nearly 20 times with the understanding that larger part of this money will be transferred to his AAP party. He also instructed Sisodia to leave no trail of money, nor keep with himself in his home, bank-account or the lockers. It may be recalled that Kejriwal used to crib in his initial years of ruling Delhi that he had no funds to utilise for party activities. He had been in the eyes of public for misusing public funds for party activities and advertisements. Hence, the liquorgate was a very innovative method of corruption/scam with which he started earning enough funds to campaign in Goa and Punjab. It is another matter that he also squeezed the new liquor vendors of tens and hundreds of Crores rupees for granting permits.BJP leaders and Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) could smell the rat but were unable to locate the smoking guns. It only came to light indirectly when the Excise department started incurring huge losses despite booming liquor sale. It is believed that a similar modus operandii had started in Punjab too but after Delhi scam came to the light, Punjab liquorgate was throttled back.

He is believed to have invented some other corruptions and scams too such as “Bus-Gate”, “School-Gate” and so on. In Bus-gate, he intended a newer method to loot the govt through highly exaggerated cost of the Bus AMCs by the Bus suppliers themselves. Similarly, in “School-gate” he accounted the school toilets as new classrooms to fool the Public Accounts Committee (PAC). He is believed to have added some air-conditions and few classrooms in many of his schools at exorbitant costs. The story of the newer means of corruptions and scams goes on. It will take time for the generation-old ACB or the PAC to realise the innovative and smart corruption methods of our Mr Natwarlal.

The IIT brain of Mr Natwarlal is inventing newer methods of corruptions and scams, entirely different from the old stereotypes. After his Liquorgate, Bus-Gate, Classroom-Gate have been check-mated in Delhi, his active brain must be planning something new. As such he has mastered the art of lying in public, says something and does something else. He is trying to be a new political Robinhood who loots the high end consumers through higher slabs of electricity bills and tries to give relief to some, whom he/his party wants. His 300-unit free electricity though an eyewash, falls in this category. His freebies have dried out the funds for development. In Delhi, there has been hardly any development in the last 5 yrs or so whether pertaining to new schools, new hospitals, new roads, new infrastructures and so on. It is a very wrong trend that he has started to lure the ignorant public for their votes. Now even Congress party appears to be towing his path of freebies. The ACB and the political opponent of Mr Natwarlal have to wait with baited breath as to which newer method of corruption is invented and applies the next. After all, the sharp brain of IIT has to invent, innovate and improvise the newer methods; even if those pertain to the never-taught subjects of ”methods of corruption and scams”. Mr Kejriwal is likely to emerge as the best.

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