Putin being pushed too far with little options

Kiev Destruction a Clear Possibility

Although invasion of Ukraine by the Russians can never be justified, world history will see Zelenskyy as a fool-headed comedian president instrumental to the destruction of the erstwhile beautiful nation. He will appear to have sacrificed the nation, its infra, his citizen for his misplaced ambition of joining NATO for whatever reasons. The price of this war may be felt by the entire world, but Ukraine will be the single most looser although Russia too would have paid substantial cost of this war that was uncalled for.

Europe seems to be heading for a disaster, a self-inflicted injury in which none may remain safe. Self-inflicted injury because Europe/NATO has been using Ukraine ever since the 2013 uprising against Yanukovych, an alleged Russia-sympathiser President, who was made to flee. Russian-speaking people of Crimea and Donbass started feeling insecure that made them to call for a referendum in 2014. Whereas Crimea decided to merge with Russia, Donbass declared itself as an independent State although aligned towards Russia. That made Ukraine to start repression against them. The Social security of the elders and others were stopped. Aids and assistance to schools/colleges were stopped. All residents were getting harassed and several localities leaning towards Russia were bombed/shelled with significant destructions. Ever since, Russia has been sending humanitarian supplies to those areas. Thereafter, various puppet Presidents in chair, be it Mr Turchinov, Porochenko or Zelensky; Europe and NATO has been manoeuvring Ukraine to use it as a chess board against Russia. They started selling weapons to Ukraine way back in 2014. Without even realising, Ukraine fell prey to the EU/NATO conspiracies (read https://articles.thecounterviews.com/articles/zelenskyy-sacrificing-ukraine-in-nato-game-plan/).

NATO and USA found a new market for their weapon sale in Ukraine. Apart from selling armoured eqpt in 2014, US sold sniper rifles in 2017 worth $41 million, anti-tank Javelin missile in 2018 with 39 launchers worth $47 million. A year later, they sold another 150 missiles with 10 launchers worth $39 million. Besides, there were several other non-lethal military equipment incl clothing and operational aids, supplying several fast boats. In 2021 US deliveries of armaments and military equipment to Kyiv reached $650 million. In the winters of 2021 while Russian military exercises were taking place on the Ukraine border, USA had raised an alarm of impending Russian invasion and was able to send many of the NATO weapons on a war footing, by its cargo planes. By now, US/NATO has supplied more than 1,400 antiaircraft Stinger missiles, 8,500 Javelin anti-armor missiles (critical in destroying Russian tanks), 700 Switchblade drones and 142 pieces of howitzer artilleries. In a nutshell, the text box enumerates some of the advanced NATO/WU weapons that found a market in Ukraine, some as aids (having strings though) and others purchased. Very recently, US has provided a new USD 2.98 billion package of military aid for Ukraine, which include several High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) and six additional National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile Systems (NASAMS). Biden Administration alone has approved >$11.8 billion in assistance to Ukraine.

Among the highly sophisticated weapons that need several months of training to operate in a battlefield, it is believed that several hundred EU/NATO military troops (in civies) are presently in Ukraine in various capacities, mostly the trainers. In addition, it is also believed that moderate numbers of NATO war strategists have been dispatched to Ukraine in the recent months to plan and operationalize the counter-offensive to regain the lost ground. They are highly experienced supervisors having worked in Afghanistan and elsewhere. Knowing the limitations of Ukraine, they handle/maneuver the troops that are causing several reversals to the Russian troops.

After Russia sent its troops in so-called “Special Military Ops” into Ukraine, it was a foregone conclusion that Ukraine will not survive…BUT…for NATO advisory to Zelensky to put the Civilians on combat till NATO assistance arrived. Thereafter, NATO has been sending troops & mercenaries disguised as Foreign Combatants in two categories…to assist the combat ground troops and more importantly, to operate the recently supplied highly specialized and sophisticated military equipment. The second category troops are mostly active NATO weapon specialists in civil uniforms operating various drones, missiles, sophisticated howitzer artilleries, anti-missile defence systems, radars, jammers and so on. There are allegedly hundreds of senior NATO military officers in the training/advisory/Supervisory capacities in the battlefield management…of also integrating spy US satellite inputs on Russian military positions & ammunition depots and planning attacks with absolute precision. They are also advising the foot soldiers to have flexibility of hitting and over-running the Russian soft targets of least resistance.

Several major Russian Military reversals in Kherson and Donbas bear testimony to it. They have been undertaking some specific interdiction in the recent weeks. However, a gradual flash point seems to be reaching after Ukrainian agent killed Ms Darya Dugina, Ammo Depo of Kherson, Drone attack on Russian Fuel Refinery inside Belgorod, attacked Saky Russian airfield inside Crimea, and now attacked Kerch Strait bridge the only bridge linking Crimea to Russia. It may not stop here, clearly NATO is working on a bigger plan of harming and decimating Russia, that is fraught with a devastating consequences for Ukraine…that may not remain limited to Kiev. Actually, this war is no longer in Zelensky’s hands. His masters in EU and USA are the actual planning power houses fighting Russia. This will continue as long as they want…and they will continue their conspiracies in Ukraine till this nation is crippled, both in terms of men and might.

Entire Europe and Russia will come under its bleak consequences. Russia knows it will not be able to match the united strength of EU-NATO for a conventional war, thus leading to the ‘Nuclear Flash Point’ a clear possibility, whether ‘Tactical or Strategic. The situation is almost similar to the ones that led USA to drop a Nuclear Bomb on Hiroshima. Hence, cornered Russia may have a valid argument to attack Kiev with its nuclear arsenal.  

Many experts and defence analysts believe that if EU-NATO meddling continues extending into the Russian territories (incl the newly added provinces), it will escalate further. The 3 lakh additional Russian reserve troops on ground and liberal uses of missiles and artilleries will be used first. One may even see some isolated uses of the Father of all bombs (FOAB) having explosive capabilities in excess of 44 tons of TNT. With a new coalition of Russia-Belarus formed, a new frontier of attacks may be launched on the north Ukrainian border that will compel the latter to withdraw troops from its eastern sectors to weaken them.

If all these fail to deter Ukraine-NATO-EU, one may see the use of a low-yield nuclear arsenal too within Ukraine (maybe Kiev and Leviv/Odesa) that will be catastrophic. In all probabilities, NATO will not retaliate with their nuclear arsenals and EU-NATO meddling may stop there…BUT Alas!!! Only after Kiev is destroyed. However, if NATO retaliates, Entire Europe, Russia and the US run the risk of getting engulfed in the ensuing nuclear war. Russia has already deployed its nuclear bombers near Finland, Estonia-Latvia borders. If NATO strikes back, these smaller nations may be the first to be crippled, unable to pose any additional threats. Major NATO nations incl those from where N-retaliation were mounted, will be in the direct firing line of Russia. It could become a major N-conflagration with potential for others too to get involved. That will be the doomsday for planet Earth and its inhabitants.

The heat of multi-lateral nuclear conflict in Europe and America will be felt by the entire world, in whatever forms though. The footsteps of such happenings are already faintly audible to the expert’s ears, distant though. The question arises, is Ukrainian President Zelensky realizing that he is putting his own nation and its citizens to the perils? Are EU-NATO realizing they are not helping but pushing Ukraine to the brinks? Possibly not. For Russian President Vladimir Putin, it is Russian survival at the highest stake lest at the risk of subordination to the EU-NATO hegemony; and that he will never accept. Will the UN/UNSC reform itself to be able to prevail? It is highly unlikely though (read https://articles.thecounterviews.com/articles/failure-of-the-un-ensuring-world-peace/).

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