Lord krishna in Akhilesh Dreams

Lord Krishna in Akhilesh’s Dreams?

Akhilesh Yadav claims Lord Krishna came in his dreams. The Almighty would know the entire ‘Janmpatri’ of Akhilesh, who earlier hated non-Yadav Hindus, Hinduism and the various ongoing movements to rectify the wrongdoings and sins of Islamic India. Hence, Akhilesh has no merit that the Lord should come to his dreams. Despite all these, if He still does come, He may wish to ask a few questions…

  1. What religious acts have you undertaken that I should come in your dreams?
  2. What have you done as CM of this state to salvage & free my ‘Janmbhumi’ partly destroyed by a demonic race?
  3. What did you do as CM of this state to salvage & free the ‘Janmbhumi’ of my previous Avtar as Lord Ram? Why did your dad have to kill the Ram Bhakts at Ayodhya?
  4. If you claim to be Yaduvanshi, how could you lick the boots of a demonic race called Muslims ? Is it just to garner some votes? Don’t you feel ashamed?
  5. Will your M-Y alliance partners permit you to liberate Krishnajanmbhumi and Ramjanmbhumi ?
  6. Why did you have to steal the taps of the water pipes and be famous as “Toti Chor”?
  7. At the end of Mahabharat Yuddh, Gandhari, mother of Dhritrashtra’s 100 sons had pronounced a curse to me that Yaduvansh will be destroyed with root, then how and where did the present day Yadavs come from?
  8. Yadvs of UP, Bihar, Haryana and some other states are so well to do both socially and financially, then why are you claiming to be OBC at the cost of other downtrodden?
  9. Your political ambitions have marred morality. You stole public money through scams. Your workers created a “Rape Industry” in your time when they abducted innocent women, raped them, made a video of it and created their own market of those videos. Why should women trust you?
  10. In your time, you did not provide livelihood, employment, protection, safety to the citizen of your state. Isn’t your poll promise now a blatant lie?

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