mamata gone mad

Is Mamata a Female Goon ?

Mamata Banerjee has been a fiery politician ever since she joined congress. She was supposed to be a selfless leader with mass-backing of the citizen. She has been often erratic in her actions and has walked out several times from live interviews if asked uncomfortable questions. On an average, her initial 5 yrs of rule was average with several aberrations though, that did not show-up in her re-election in 2016. Of late however, Mamata Banerjee’s words and acts are extremely confusing. None match the prestige of the chair she is sitting on. How can a chief minister of a state be so cheap? So childish? So absurd? So ridiculous? So acrimonious? So quarrelsome? Sounding Schizophrenic, insane, lunatic?

मोदी को मैं PM नहीं मानती…

उसको मैं थप्पड़ मारूंगी….

उसको रोसोगुल्ला नहीं पत्थर खिलाऊंगी….

छड्डा नड्डा फड्डा वड्डा खड्डा….

कक्का छीछी कक्का छीछी….

अब्बा अब्बा टब्बा टब्बा….

Mamata's slur

From a woman chief minister one expected a kind hearted leader, a follower of Democratic Values, an empathy-filled woman, a clean politician, of Secular Values and a true face of honest and unbiased administrator. Being a woman, she was also expected to be considerate, religious minded with liberty extended to all sections. However, what is being witnessed in West Bengal, is exactly opposite of the expectations.

There is no doubt that Mamata Banerjee as CM has done many things good for her constituencies otherwise, she could not have been re-elected in 2016. She has invested heavily in her party workers as well as in the administration. Party workers claim the cut-money from the various loots and Bengal police, considered one of the most corrupt, gets its own share. Paid sufficiently, they will do what the master commands... sweeping all rules and regulations under the carpet. It is believed that police is a significant stakeholder in the many of scams…Ponzi, Coal or others. Even tax payer’s money for various schemes have some percentage cut for the party…something how Communists were also working. She has erected a strong Syndicate and prevented any direct benefit from Union Govt to its citizen…like Kisan Samman, Ayushman Bharat and other DBT benefit schemes…possibly because she could not get her cut-money from it.

Can we call her Kind-hearted with >140 political killings of BJP workers by her goons? Not at all. Those all were the Bengali people of her own state. Those people were hacked, murdered in cold blood and some of them hanged after killing, to initate suicide. Her actions tantamount to a goon…a female goon to be precise. She has created vandalizing force among her cadres who are intolerant to other ideologies. These intolerant TMC cadres are the Bigots of highest order, attacking others. There has been a trail of political attacks and killings… of BJP workers…Congress workers… media persons…in fact whosoever have tried to criticize them, Manata’s bigots have attacked them. The worse is that she has instructed the West Bengal Police not to take action against the TMC goons. The anger among the public is huge. No one should be surprised if the persecuted people retaliate some day.

When Mamata’s newly formed TMC overthrew the draconian Communist from the state, it was being perceived that Democratic Values have returned to West Bengal. However, her dirty face was revealed when she muzzled the democratic rights of the people in the Panchayat elections in 2016 when her goons went berserk and prevented the people of other parties from even filing the nominations. Those goons prevented the people of other ideologies from casting their votes under clear threats of violence. Ballot and Ballot-boxes from constituencies that were not favourable to TMC, were strewn on the streets, by riverside. No one was ready to question her for the sordid state of affairs. The same goondaism was played in the 2016 state elections too but carefully as the CEC monitored it. Her goons indulged in violence in the Lok Sabha elections too. So clearly, she had scant regard for the democratic rights of her citizen.

Democratic right undermined

Could she be an empathy-filled women? Very doubtful indeed. Numerous women in the state were raped and killed. Initially she has been trying to brush-off the incidents and later lump it on to her political opponent or give some weird reasons. She has apparently asked the police to avoid registering such cases. There are allegations that police do not record cases of crimes against women and children unless the local TMC leaders give their nod. Every time the West Bengal media reported of rapes and crimes against women, Mamata herself used to refute and the TMC goons threaten the scribes. Several women and children got roasted in the hospital fire but she showed no remorse, leave alone the words of empathy. She instructed her administration to stop sending the data of ‘crime against women’ to the NCRB. As a result, there is no data with the NCRB for Bengal. How insensitive and cruel this woman became, was anyone’s guess. There were several rapes of women ideologically different from TMC. Muslims TMC cadres created a feeling of insecurity against the women belonging to other religion and opening the flood gates to flee. No one could expect empathy from this erratic woman.

Could she be considered a clean politician? Not at all. She is the queen of corruptions and Scams. She has the dubious record of looting the poor and common men through her Sharada, Narada, Rose valley Ponzi Scams; Cut-money Scams, Coal mine Scam; Cyclone relief aid Scam Scams and so on. The chit funds scams duped the common people of West Bengal and adjoining states. Almost everyone in her cabinet and administration were recipient of the booty. When the matter was investigated, she made her police commissioner to scuttle the probe. He colluded in destroying the evidence. Mamata’s govt obtained Cut-money for every illegal activities and scams taking place under her nose. The TMC queen has numerous scams under her belt. So, she is anything but a clean politician.

Mamat's Scams

The women CM was expected to follow Secular value in West Bengal which for decades, has been marred with communal violence. Contrary to the expectations, she has played one of the worst communal politics. It is known that she had inherited the Communist goons en-mass. Later she gathered all illegal migrants Muslims in West Bengal…whether of Bangladesh or Rohingya origins, to use them for petty politics. Her goons and politicians facilitated most if not all such illegal migrants to obtain fake identities and documents issues by Mamata administration in the state that later facilitated them to obtain Aadhar, Driving License, PAN or Passport…so as to be eligible as citizen and voter. It is expected that the numbers of such illegal migrants in the state is equal to or higher than Assam. This is an old game of Congress in Assam that is being played shamelessly by Mamata govt in West Bengal at the cost of local Bengalis. She has vowed to obstruct CAA to please her vote bank. She would humiliate the Hindu on the matters of Durga Puja, Saraswati Puja to facilitate Muharram. The Hindu community had to seek High Court interventions against her unruly orders. The chant of “Jai Shri Ram” became a tease to her and she started threatening of “खाल खींच लूंगी” to any one who chanted it. She even put some men under arrest for the chanting. She is being perceived by the Hindu community as a “Chudail” who gets infuriated with divine chants.

She is being seen as one of the worst ever exploiter of ‘vote-bank’ politics. The favour fo Muslims made her to pay salaries to all Mullahs. Infuriated Hindu had to protest severely when her administration reluctanly agreed to provide some relief to Hindu prists also. In short, she has been the worst Chief Minister of Bengal to favour one section of people and persecute the other. History may label her a woman Aurangzeb...the persecuters of Hindu in India.

As far as honest administration is concerned, Mamata is a true face of biased administration. She has used the police and Bengal administration services to her narrow political gains. She became infamous for obstructing and arresting CBI investigating her scams by her local police. Custom department at Kolkata airport was prevented from confiscating the gold brought by her relative. The law and order machinery in West Bengal has suffered the most. Police has been asked to avoid taking actions against Muslims. In past, police stations have been burnt by the radical Muslims but hardly any action was taken. Several organized Muslim attacks have taken place in West Bengal. Several Telinipara type of communal violence have been indulged by local Muslims of TMC cadre under the biased police (The Counterviews Issue 2:11). Jihadi outfits in West Bengal are believed to have made bomb/IED-making hubs directly under the nose of the state administration. Bengal police is generally being identified as TMC cadre. Several political murders have been labelled as suicides without a credible or transparent investigation. Political parties have been prevented from campaigning before elections by denying permission to hold rallies. Many campaigning leader’s helicopters have been denied permission to land to address various rallies that even Election Commission had to take cognizance of.

All expectations of the electorate of her being considerate and religious minded were blown to the winds when she came to power. She had overtly become intolerant to anyone who had different political ideologies. On the other hand, her religiosity was highly partisan to favour only the Muslims.

Mamata has also indulged heavily in Nepotism. She has made her nephew Abhisek Banerjee the de facto leader of TMC who without any authorities, controls the administration. Abhisek Banerjee and his foreigner wife is also believed to be the recipient of the scam & cut-money, the trails of which lead her accounts abroad. Several party leaders have complained against it but Mamata is undeterred. Humiliated, many senior party leaders of TMC have resigned. TMC has now become a family party just like Sharad Powar’s NCP, Mulayam’s SP, Mayawati’s BSP, Lallu Yadav’s RJD and so on.

With the above, it can reasonably be believed that Mamata Banerjee’s family venture of TMC is highly corrupt and scam-ridden, undemocratic, communal, partisan politician. She has severely undermined the democratic rights, secular values and the administration of West Bengal. At times she has also challenged the constitutional authorities of the Governor. There is a mass feeling in West Bengal that Mamata must be kicked out from CM’s chair…and kicked out now for ever.

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