Mosques used for violences

Mosques: A Symbol of Interfaith Hate & Intolerance

This was an article the author was contemplating publishing in 2021 after many instances of bomb blasts took place within mosque premises, allegedly while trying to assemble it.

However, the article was abandoned as it considered only sporadic incidence in the wide Indian society. Today, when more and more such instances of the arms and ammunition being recovered from mosques and its premises continue, a legitimate question arises whether it should be overlooked and ignored? No, surely not. There are valid reasons to condemn all such efforts in which some radicals among Muslims have been engaged in preparing for and inciting violence. However, another question arises as to inciting violence against whom and why? This answer is readily available in Quran & Hadith being preached in the mosques (read “Is Quran a source of Hate & Intolerances?”

Quran and hadith are the holiest books in Islam. It teaches a lot of compassion, care, concern for others…BUT…there is a catch here. This goodwill is only for fellow Muslims and some extremely weaker sections. These holy books also preach how mighty their Allah is and how he rewards those who follow all his dictats and punishes those who follow other gods. These may be acceptable in Islamic nations but not in pleural and secular nations like India where the majority are non-Muslims. What is condemnable about Quran & Hadith is, that it also preaches punishing those who don’t believe in Allah and believe in other gods. This is highly objectionable and unacceptable too.

There are 60 verses in Quran and Hadith that preach hate and intolerance against believers of other faiths/religions; citing some specific faiths like Christians, Jews and Parsis (read :”60 verses of hate & intolerance in Quran, parts I & II”, It also preaches hate and intolerance against the idol-worshippers (like Hindus). Mohammed who founded Islam and created Quran, possibly didn’t know the name of Sanatan dharm/Aryans or Hindus. This was his Quranic hate that his army could commit the genocide of almost all African tribes during his and other caliphate’s period (read “Islamic hate, intolerance, bigotry and fascism”, These hate of Islam has put the entire world in jeopardy today. At least 1/3rd of the World is burning in in the fires of Islamic Jihadi hate against the believers of other faiths or against other sects of Islam itself like Shia vs Sunni vs Ahmadis and so on. Their Jihad is regarded as one of the 7 tenets of Islam, thus justified. Today, there are >175 Jihadi organisations in the world, some proscribed & banned, most of them are still at large from the reaches of the law.

Earlier the Quranic hate preaching used to be overtly in India but after some groups started opposing, the hate elements are preached covertly now. When the Mullahs and Imams want the Muslims to go on a rampage, as often seen after Friday Khutbas, Quranic verses are quoted for their indulgence against Kafirs. We are witness to the mosques openly and blatantly calling for their violent “Ralive, Tsalive ya Galive” in Jan 1990 against Pandits/Hindus in Kashmir valley (read “Looking back at Ralive, Tsalive ya Galive”, January 1990 genocide of Pandits”, The 60 hateful verses of Quran are preached by the Mullahs as per their wishes…of creating hate (as they are) or trying to justify otherwise. We know how Islamic radicalism has increased in India since the late 1980s starting with SIMI and later several outfits raising their heads many of which were banned in 1990s. After 9/11 attack in US, Islamists around the world have increased their fascist attacks on anyone not towing their line. All Islamist’s Jihadi attack have highlighted increasing homegrown terror modules supporting such attacks. After 2014 call of Al-Baghdadi for a global caliphate, Islamic radicalism, extremism and terrorism have increased many folds.

In light of the above, if the mosques could be used for preaching hate against fellow Indians, it could also be justified in stockpiling arms and ammunition in committing Jihad, a part of Islam. Today most of the mosques have stones stocked that are pelted whenever any Hindu procession comes nearby or passes across. Recent instances of stone pelting from mosques in Rajasthan, Delhi, Bihar, Jharkhand, Bengal among other states confirm it. While most of the news on the arms and ammunition being recovered from mosques and its premises are genuine, there are fake media news doing rounds as well. There are lso some agencies (like Altnews) trying to show genuine Islamic radicalism news as fake. In today’s India, no news of Islamic radicalism can be rubbished. It is a fact that Islamic radicalism in the country is at an all-time high.

By now, with the infiltration of Bangladeshi & Rohingya Muslims, numerous Muslim-dominated areas have come up in Bengal, Bihar, Rajasthan, Jharkhand, Kerala, Karnataka and elsewhere. In Bengal, Mamata Banerjee in an effort to appease the Muslim vote bank, feels that Hindu procession should not pass through Muslim-dominated areas. As such Muslims of Bengal have committed several acts of violence on Hindus in past (read “Hinduphobia in Telinipara, West Bengal”, page-7 of Hinduphobia is rampant among Muslims of India and the world (read “Hate against Hindu, Hinduism and Hindutva”, Islamic radicalism has become a real threat which can be controlled only by declaring India a Hindu Rashtra that Bageshar Baba has given a call for a focused approach Modi govt must heed to (read “हिन्दू-राष्ट्र, संविधानऔरबाबाबागेश्वर”, The alternative to a Hindu Rashtra is by controlling Islamic radicalism by removing the hateful & intolerant contents of Quran (read “Islamic hate & intolerance”, Treat the disease, not the symptoms”, or approach it in a way that China has done in Xinjiang (read “The world must adopt the Chinese model of Islam”,

In June 2022, a news came that a tomb collapsed under a bomb explosion in Mamata’s West Bengal. Later there was a news of STF seizing 28,000 KG of ammonium nitrate from Muslim dominated areas of West Bengal. Various incidents of blasts and seizure of arms from the mosque premises bear testimony of it being stockpiled. None can say for sure how many mosques are in such nefarious activities. It is a fact that radical Muslim groups are frequently using swords and bombs in their attacks in recent months and years. The recent attacks on Hindu processions in Muslim dominated localities are condemnable but a fact. The below-cited newspaper reports are a pointer in this direction.

This incident was claimed to be a fake news by Alt News which is known for trying to prove or at least try to cast doubt of nefarious Islamic activities whenever published or reported on social media.

The Hindu opposition to Hijab in schools, loudspeakers for Azan, caw slaughters, Love Jihad (jihad-al-Nikah), Waqf-Jihad (of looting other’s lands), Jihad-ud-Dawa (of increasing Muslim population thru’ changing religious demography) may only be the pretexts for their increasing attacks. The recent banning of PFI and seizure of incriminating materials have confirmed their nefarious activities. There are several other Jihadi groups like SDPI which are equally dangerous but not banned as yet. The ban on the Islamists have only temporary results as most of them continue with their jihadi activities in a newly formed or other existing organizations world over incl India.

It is equally important that some of the Hindu groups have also been teasing them thru’ various posts against Muhammed (whom they regard as prophet), calling them Katua, comparing Islam with demonic religion (read “इस्लामऔरराक्षसीप्रवृत्ति”, and so on; because Quran teaches them terror. Some such Quranic quotes are shown below:-

There are some statements by an odd Hindu group reacting to the mosques stockpiling weapons. There are increasing decibels of noise from Hindu groups (Bajrang dal, Sri Ramsene & VHP) to prepare for retaliation should Islamists mount a communal attack esp in the Muslim dominant areas. How far such voices will translate into action, time only will tell. It is a known fact though, that Hindus are very tolerant, never attack Muslims (even if radicals) in Hindu-dominated areas. This is being seen as Hindu’s weakness by Muslim radicals, not realising that the day Hindus retaliate, they wouldn’t know what has hit them.

Growing Islamic radicalism, extremism and terrorism is a reality in India since late 1980s. Of late, homegrown support for terrorism has been increasing with active role by the Mullahs/Imams thru’ hate elements of Quran. Bomb blasts in many mosques while assembling, seizure of arms & ammunition by police, storing and pelting stones from mosques bear testimony to the fact that it is being turned into a source of hate & intolerance. It is also a fact that many Hindu groups are talking openly to prepare and retaliate against any future communal flare. Undoubtedly, the tombs of hate too will be in focus.

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