Bengal under sieze

Murder of Democracy in West Bengal

The word ‘Democracy’ comes from the Greek words "demos" the people, and "kratos" the power; meaning the "power of the people": a way of governing by the will of the people. As the wills of different people are often different, the governance is through the opinion of the majority. However, Bengal has modified the meaning of democracy. Right from the days of the Communists, the word ‘demos’ has been modified into ‘demons’ in which, people with ‘anti-human’ ideologies often under patronage of politicians deny the rights of the common people. They are prevented from voting as we see repeatedly in Bengal where the ruling party goons create fear by indulging in violence and murders…and thus ‘kratos’, the power goes into their hands. West Bengal has been an example of murders of democratic values (read “Threatened Democratic Rights in West Bengal:,

In Bengal, the demonic violent ideologies of the communists (of the past) migrated in-bloc to Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress, to which another group of violent ideology, the Islamists have joined hands. Thus Mamata is surviving on the mercy of those two demons, knowing fully well that the moment she leaves any of them, she will be eaten up in no time. Presently it is the compulsions of her political survival that she has to join hands with another gang of Chors, Thugs, Scamsters, Extortionists and Jihadists (read “I-N-D-I-A of Thugs (Part-2)?”,

Mamata Banerjee and her Trinamool Congress (TMC) is shaming democracy again and again with massive political violence and Democratic Improprieties. The nation witnessed the repeat of past events very recently during the Bengal Panchayat elections 2023 leading to numerous people killed allegedly by the TMC goons under her patronage. These goons are given incentives for sabotaging governance by empowering them. They are also encouraged to commit corruption and scams that Mamata govt and her ministers are frequently found tainted with (read “Bengal at the Heap of Corruption”, Barring Bengal, J&K and Kerala where violent ideologies of Communists & Islamists shame democracy, the elections are largely peaceful in all other states of India.

The electoral violence in Bengal has become its hallmark…just like what was happening in Bihar in the days of ‘Jungle Raj’. Although Bengalis hate to be compared with Biharis, the reality is disturbing. In Bengal, modus Operandi are similar to those of Lallu’s ‘jungle raj’ but the passion of creating terror is extremely intense. The capture of the booths by TMC goons is usually in ‘absolute terms’, anyone showing courage to challenge are usually neutralized resulting to serious injuries and even deaths many times. In Mamata Banerjee’s leadership, the law and order situations appear to have worsened further. Under her political patronage, the TMC goons have even attack and burn police stations in some cases.

Bengal electoral frauds had surpassed all decencies of democratic norms during the Communist rule (1977- 2011). They believed in Mao’s principles of “Power grows out through barrel of a guns”. They used to throttle away all voices raised against them… like the many ‘Sai Families of Burdwan’. They freely used gun, machete and other criminal ways to gain and retain powers…just like what we see in Communist Kerala today. The humanities and intelligentsia of West Bengal have been suffering a lot for many decades…earlier under the Communists and now under Mamata’s TMC.

Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress (TMC) is nothing but the reincarnation of Communist goons. Trinamool as such had no locus standii in governance. It is a broken branch of Congress, to which the erstwhile Communist goons and Islamic radicals have joined hands and are now ruling the roost. Mamata Banerjee is being dictated by them and many within her party are mighty unhappy about it. If we see the patterns of migration from TMC in the last 2 yrs or so, many are migrating to BJP that has a clear nationalist ideology unlike Mamata’s Muslim appeasement. BUT for her desperate folded hand request to Muslims and opposition politicians in 2022 Assembly election after 2 phases, her game was almost over.

The electoral atrocities and immorality of the TMC seems to be at peak. In the last panchayat elections, TMC goons did not let the numerous other party members to even file nominations. The fear created by TMC goons in 2018 was of such order that CEC and apex court had condemned the Bengal govt when 20,159 posts remained uncontested. This year, despite strict instructions by the CEC and Kolkata HC overseeing the nomination process, over 7000 seats remained uncontested that saw scores of deaths caused by those goons. It seems the state law & order agencies have given up and violation of democratic rights have become an accepted norm in Bengal.

In West Bengal, it is not only obstructing from filing nomination. Even during the voting, the TMC goons prevent numerous voters of opposite camp from voting. The TMC goons finds it easier to capture booths where paper ballots are caste enmasse in the ballot boxes. Mamata Banerjee has become face of dirty democracy. She doesn’t allow EVMs in the state as it is more convenient for her cadre to commit electoral frauds thru’ paper ballots. If these were to happen in any of the BJP ruled states, there would have been an international hue & cries of Congress/Communist sponsored toolkit gangs. Possibly even UNHRC might have raised its voice. However, the world seems to be at ease with the murder of democracy in West Bengal where the govt has the mindsets of radical Islamists or the Communists like the happenings in several Islamic nations and Communist China.

Police in West Bengal has become a tool in the hands of the ruling party. Law and order machinery seems to have crumbled totally. TMC goons freely attack the political opponents whether BJP, Congress or the Communists. These goons don’t spare even their own party leaders if anyone makes an adverse comment against the top leadership. Anyone changing loyalties from TMC cadres to any other party has to be careful in not being identified by those goons roaming freely in their respective constituencies.

The majority of the electorate are of Indian religion and their collective interests must be safeguarded first, without compromising the safety of the minorities. West Bengal is seemingly heading towards a deep crisis of changing religious demography to which the practitioners of ‘Muslim Vote-Bank’ polities are feigning ignorance. It is a fact that Hindu have become minority in many districts of West Bengal mostly due to the influx of Bangladeshi & Rohingya illegal migrants. Any historian will understand the implications of becoming a religious minority under Muslims. Muslims as majority are highly intolerant. Their bigotry can be seen everywhere they are in majority. They will force other to submission…convert, flee or die…something what we witnessed in Kashmir in January 1990…with their slogan of “Ralive, Tsalive ya Galive”. Now Hindus living in the Muslim majority areas of West Bengal are being threatened to be submissive or flee. Incidents of numerous ‘Telinipara’ of past have found repetition and in the last 5 months, there have been over 100 cases of Communal violence in Bengal mostly initiated by the radical Muslims under patronage of Mamata’s administration.

It is time the Bengalis are made aware of the happenings and say ‘enough is enough’. Mamata’s reign of political terror must end by whatever means. BJP leadership must not let go waste of the political killings of almost 300 workers and outrage of the modesties of their women. They have been at the receiving end, unwilling to retaliate whether in Bengal or recently in Karnataka for whatever reasons (read “Political Intolerance Against BJP Workers: Weakness of JP Nadda?”,

There is a saying in the game of violence, “Only Iron can cut Iron”.The evil designs of Mamata’s TMC in West Bengal, RJD in Bihar, IUML/Communists in Kerala, PDP in J&K must be defeated by whatever means, preferably legitimate. Although retaliatory measures should be discouraged but some political parties and leadership only understand that language. They could be the ones where the above proverb could be very befitting to end the demonic deprivation of democratic norms, if law & order agency fails to protect the interests of the people.

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