Muslims in India

Muslims of India : Part-1; What is the Hindu-Muslim Divide ?

Muslims in India are like any other communities but for a hard fact that most of them have been instruments in the hands of their political masters and radical clerics. It was not their fault that substantial numbers of them chose to stay back in India despite Pakistan being created for them. It is true that as per the terms of partition, they had the option to remain in India or migrate. However, those terms of references were the same on both sides of the division line. Then what made the Hindus to vanish from Pak while they proliferated more than 5 times in India? It is also true that most of the Muslims of India are simple, peace-loving citizens...some 60% of them...BUT...unlike Hindus, they don’t speak out against the radicals & jihadists; they don't refuge to become part of a mob when called for; they don’t refuse to be exploited for the cause of Islam even if irrelevant. There is one more basic difference from Hindus…that they largely follow the weekly Khutbas of brainwashing by their Mullahs most of them being highly radicals…to do everything possible in the name of Islam. If Hindus too had similar weekly/fortnightly/monthly discourses to do everything possible for their fellow Hindus and their religion, there will be bloodshed every now and then...and then, there may not be communal problems of the sorts that we face now. Leaving a small percentage of secular and nationalistic Muslims as exceptions, the majority of Muslims of India will permit themselves to be exploited willingly or otherwise, against Indian interests as well as against the Hindus. This perception is playing a wider role in creating mutual distrust.

One wonders why there is a widening gap between Hindus and Muslims in India. If it is true, it may be scientifically prudent to explain the five basic questions…What, Why, How, Where & When. Being a highly emotive and sensitive issue often shrouded in religious connotations, one may have to adopt a ‘Social Science’ methodologies to explain the larger questions: -

What is Hindu-Muslim Distrust and the widening gap?

Why did this gap start and widen thereafter?

How could the gap be bridged?

Where will the gap lead to?

When will the Muslims consider the nation above religion?

What is Hindu-Muslim Distrust and widening Gap in India?

Citizens of any nation are expected to live by and large in harmony with each other. They may belong to different ethnic groups, religions, races, caste and creeds but uniform laws of the land apply to them and bind them together. The laws of the land permit them to live together even in heterogeneous societies with varying numerical superiority of one group vis some vis the other. However, Islam and its teaching of hatred against the followers of other religions has made Muslim different. Their basic ideology against ‘Kaffirs’ has been dividing the people, the groups, religions/faiths and the inhabitation the world over right from the time of its inception. While all other religions maintain cordiality with Muslims in their numerically dominant areas, Muslims will try to persecute the religious minorities in own numerically dominant areas. This is why non-Muslims have vanished from all Islamic nations through serial genocides and the world bodies have mutely turned blind eyes to it. Non-Muslims traditionally surrendered to forced conversions, fled or were killed…a well established Islamic ideology of ‘convert, flee or die’ right from Mohamed’s time whom they call their prophet. Non-Muslims in those areas if united, could sustain themselves for varying times like the Christians in the Middle-East or the Sikhs in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Kashmir. However, Hindus have been traditionally disunited hence, met with their fate abroad. Properties of migrating Hindu/Sikh from Pakistan were looted/distributed to the local or migrant Muslims whereas the properties of migrating Muslims from India was grabbed by the Wakf board. Migrant Hindus/Sikhs coming to India were denied its share. Hindu as a community has not learnt these lessons over generations. They initially suffered immensely under the cruel Islamic rulers, then in British India and thereafter, after Indian partitions in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and worst, within India itself in Kashmir. This trend of the Muslims continues in many districts of Assam, Bengal, Kerala and some other states too where local govts are resorting to Muslim Appeasement politics. All these have created a wedge, of a gap of Hindu-Muslim divide in which Muslim appeasing policies of Congress govt has also been a reason.

The Hindu-Muslim divide as mentioned above, has existed since medieval times. The quest for independence from the British had brought the two communities temporarily together with false beliefs of unity. Even those brief periods of the so called Hindu-Muslim (pseudo)unity were not incident free. Hindu Genocide of Moplah and many others incidents had taken place, to which even Mahatma Gandhi as Congress president, was a mute spectator. This is the reason why some sections of Hindu have always looked at Gandhi and Nehru, with suspicion whenever or whoever were indulging in Muslim appeasing ‘Vote-Bank’ politics either before or after independence. After partition and the independence, Hindu community had expected freedom from the Muslim threats but that was not to be. Political leaderships under Nehru succumbed to Muslim appeasement right from the 1950s. Nehru-Liyaqat agreement and framing of Constitution under Nehru denied ‘Hindu Rashtra’ esp when Pakistan had been created for the Muslims of India. Constitution of India had recommended Uniform Civil Code for all which was later manoeuvred to nullify by Congress; creating Muslim Personal Law Board. In the 'new India' of today, the debate is on as to why all citizens should not follow the same law.

Hindus of independent India have been unable to restore the destroyed major temples during Islamic period. Muslims disregarded Hindu sentiments of cow slaughter despite ban. They invariably sow disrespect to our temples and the idols worship. It is unimaginable that they vandelise the idols of Gods/Goddesses in independent India in their numerical dominant areas wherever they can. Muslims openly show disregard to Indian nationalism thru’ disrespect to the National anthem, National song, National Flag and so on. They invariably keep the cause of Islam above the nation. The majority of radical Muslim groups are 'law & order risk' for the nation which support or harbour Jihadists/terrorists. Hindu women are often abducted and converted. They also disregard Hindu sensitivity to mass conversions thru’ allurements. They disregard family planning measures and are proliferating at a decadal population growth rate 50% higher than Hindus. This will gradually make Hindus a minority in own nation and vulnerable to Muslim atrocities and Islamic India by 2050. Anti-national activities of Muslims are standard objects of expectations in the areas of their numerical dominance. By now several mosques have become a place of illegal activities where arms and explosives are stocked because the police will hesitate from entering the premises. Hindus have a strong fear that those weapons will be used against them either in mob violence or lone-wolf attacks to instil fear.

Global Islamic caliphate by 2050

All above activities of the Muslims have traditionally created a Hindu-Muslim wedge in our society. Since Hindu are traditionally divided, they don’t stand together or counter the Muslim threats as and when posed. Hence, they feel insecure whenever any Hindu-Muslim conflagration or Muslim agitation takes place when they resort to flee rather than standing firm. Leaving exceptions, Hindu-Muslim assimilation in India has been like a mixture of water and oil, never to become homogenous. One may listen to the speech of any Muslim leader of India. They invariably talk about own community, own welfare, Islamic values even if that is against the nation or fellow citizens of other religions. They will shelter illegal migrant Muslims in own ghettos for the cause of Islam. Their rebellious tone & tenor against India and Hindus are obvious. Earlier Hindus were prohibited from voicing religious concerns but in new India, they are openly discussing of Islamic radical threats that are seldom appreciated by Muslims or their appeasers. There are some-odd Hindu leaders too trying to beat passion of late, but those are more of exceptions. If we glance over the numerous Hindu-Muslim riots in India, it will be evident that in most of those cases, the majority Hindu have only retaliated the Muslim assaults on them. Some major incidents of Hindu-Muslim riots in independent India where Hindu/Muslims retaliated, are enumerated below: -

Hindu-Muslim Riots in independant India

Hindu-Muslim gap has always been there…whether in Islamic, British or Congress India. After 1971 war, following the partition of Pakistan, there are many radical Muslim groups in India who sympathise with Pakistani conspirators of harming Indian interests with their slogan of ‘thousand cuts’. Pakistan created terrorist training camps for nefarious activities in Afghanistan, Palestine, Gaza, and in India right from the 1980s. Student Islamic Movement in India (SIMI) was an active colluder within, that has been since banned. There are more than 175 Islamic radicals and terrorist organisations in the world and many of them have followers/sympathisers in most of the non-Islamic nations, India included. These sympathisers of Islamic radicalism and terrorism get radical funding from abroad. They are here to hurt the interest of Hindu, Hindustan and in furthering the cause of Islam incl those of global Islamic caliphate. A reactionary trend is setting up among Hindu too. Of late, Bajrang dal and Sree Ram Sene is trying to counter any Islamic or Missionary acts of conversion by allurement…much to their disliking. These are the happenings and realities of today that is widening the gap.

Global Islamic radical & Jihadi organisations

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