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The US Eyeballs of Bigotry

United States of America which has traditionally been the champions of democracy in the world, has suffered some of the worst reversals in the last few months. Today, it stands isolated in the world as the “Divided States of America” as elaborated in the previous issue of this magazine (The Counterviews, Issue 3:03, page-19). Gross abuse of the Human Rights and a hate filled polity has become their identities. It is not a matter of concern only for the USA but all democracies in the world. In the recent few years, the political tolerance during elections in the democracies around the world have increasingly been at high premium. Be it the oldest or the largest democracies of the world or the others. There have been post electoral turmoil in many nations. Among all these, India stands as an icon…that despite the bickering during election campaigns, seldom any political party resorts to political hate and bigotry that Democrat Party of USA indulged after 2016. President Donald Trump was a hate figure for Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives led by the Democrats. She indulged in rampant Bigotry right from the day Trump assumed his office…in his first year, second year, third year and the fourth…leaving no stone turned to dent his image and reputation through series of investigations and impeachments.

Nancy Pelosi

There is no doubt that Trump and his supporters had a feel that the electoral theft and fraud had been committed against him through numerous bogus votes. There were postal ballots cast in the names of dead people which is nothing but electoral fraud under a democracy. It was evident that Trump lost due to the postal ballots whether genuine or bogus. No one knows the exact number of such bogus votes but unofficial sources confirmed that it did take place. It’s number could have been one or one million. Hence, no one can say whether it could have altered the electoral outcome in any of the States. Any mature democratic electoral institution would have taken pains to investigate the fraud but USA constitutional bodies just did not consider it appropriate. No sane person on the Earth can have an iota of doubt that it was no other than President Trump behind the 06 Jan incident at the Capitol Hill. Whether his involvement amounted to “incitement of insurrection”, only a detailed investigation can confirm. However, it was for sure that it was the anger of possible electoral fraud that drove Trump and his supporters to disrupt proceedings in the house of representative. Till now no Electoral Authorities of the USA could explain as to how the postal ballots continued pouring-in even after Nov 3 election had drawn to a close. It was in public domain that till late night on 03 Nov, Donald Trump had significant lead over his rival but as the postal (mailed-in) ballots continued coming for many days beyond, Donal Trump continued losing his lead and finally lost. It is possible that Biden supporters preferred to vote through mail but there seems to be more to the story than the eyes see. A matured democracy like USA was expected to do better. Any sense of electoral frauds, whatsoever remote the chances be, necessitate a close look and some sorts of preliminary investigation. This basic principle of democracy was ignored in the 2020 US Election. Donal Trump continued running from pillar to post, up to the highest court; but all agencies wanted him to present the evidence which clearly was the responsibility of the State Judiciary. None of them directed the investigating agencies to undertake even a preliminary fact-finding in to the allegations. Even if there was one case of dead-man’s ballot, it needed a credible investigation but that did not happen. In a bitterly fought US election 2020, when a prospective candidate getting more votes than any of the previously elected Presidents lost under the circumstances mentioned above, the trouble was very much on the cards.

Nancy Pelosi made it amply obvious that she was doing a witch hunt against Trump…and why not? The last two election campaigns in US have witnessed a new low in the tones and tenor of their campaigns. There were character assassinations, personal attacks, polarisation of the race & religions…in 2016 Trump vs Hilary and recently now Trump vs Biden/Kamala Harris. These types of attacks have become some sort of new norms in several of the democracies… large or small, old or new, advanced or developing, in the entire length and breadth of the globe. The last few elections around the world have plunged any of the democracies in to anarchy…whether it was USA, Venezuela, Belarus, Kirgizstan or the others.

Coming back to US election 2020, stakes were very high. Pre-Covid pandemic assessment predicted a land-slide win and re-election of President Donald Trump…by huge margins. However, two events seem to have significantly changed it…firstly the Corona pandemic and secondly the ‘Black Lives matter (BLM) movement. In the Covid19 pandemic, seldom a democracy could stand firm on the expectations of its citizen and USA was no exception. Trump’s rivals exploited the situation fully to sell the anti-establishment sentiments. Undoubtedly US handling of the pandemic was anything but scientific or structured. The most powerful nation in the world was expected to handle it much better. The number of fatalities were exceptionally high, rather the highest in the world. This was bound to call for a just criticism and the opponent Democrat exploited it fully well. This action may be considered perfectly just on the principles of electoral politics. The second issue that spread like wild fire in the USA was the George Floyd killing. What was apparently a purely law & order issue of Federal Police and their uses of excessive force against an alleged criminal of fake currency and drug peddling, acquired a huge racial proportion. It was exploited to the fullest by the anti-Trump forces…be it his political rivals (Democrats), African Americans, the radical Muslims or the other illegal migrants. They all saw an opportunity to avenge Trumps policies against them. The protesters were apparently helped by the Democrats to take law in their own hands. They burnt public properties, targeted ‘White-owned’ business and the commercial installations by ransacking and burning them. They also attacked isolated White men and women creating a ‘Social Rift’ among them. These acts also induced some isolated retaliatory violence by the Whites in self-defence. However, the Democrats labelled them as ‘White Supremacists’ supporting Trump. The Democrat-run States seemed to be fuelling the fire…by keeping it alive for months…by consciously aiding and abetting the protests…somewhere peaceful but at many places the violent ones. Democrat politicians ran a racial and leftist propaganda as if Trump was against the ‘Blacks’ of America and some of the US media houses too played a role in it. Thanks to Biden/Kamala Harris led Democrats that the division in the American Society was complete. The communities were largely devided on the racial lines. It was now ‘a devided State of America’ (The Counterviews, Issue 3:02, pp-19).

What was believed to be a land-sliding victory for Trump re-election in the beginning of the election year, the divisive campaigns turned it 180 deg…at least from the perception point of views. Thanks to the BLM movement, a weak and feeble looking ‘Sleepy Biden’ (as Trump called him), having huge sacks of baggage on his back…of inefficiency, corruptions (both self & son) …was made to look larger than his size. Numerous American voters were aware that the role of Democrats headed by Biden/Kamala Harris during the BLM movement almost amounted to treachery against the nation. Barrrak Obama, the former president having reasonable clout among the Americans had to come to Biden’s rescue, publicly campaigning for him. They pooled the black religious heads of US to appeal for black votes. What was purely an American ‘law & order’ aberration of Floyd mishandling, was exploited to become a global issue of Trump’s America. All adversaries of Trump contributed to it…both within and outside USA.

The ‘Pandemic Force’ of the Democrats made it look as if all Americans were going to die of Covid19. So, the writing was on the wall…that numerous anti-Trump forces were manipulating and exploiting all means…democratic or undemocratic, peaceful or violent, legitimate of illegitimate. US intelligence agencies are one of the best in the world and must have forewarned the President of some sort of conspiracies hatching up against him. This could be one reason why Trump made some statements of whether or not to accept the results of the elections. The electoral fire in US was burning its social fabric somewhere, covertly, concealed from the public views which showed-up on 06 Jan at the Capitol Hill. All these happening in no way intend to exonerate Tump of his role in inciting the public anger. He was directly or indirectly responsible for it whether as an act of omission or commission. But what about Nancy Pelosi and her hate against Trump? It is believed that she was responsible for the suspension of social media accounts of Trump. It was her personal hate that some of the evidence for Trump’s impeachment were fabricated on her initiative. She almost forced her will on the President-elect Biden to impeach Trump once again. In her rage of bigotry, she left no stone unturned. The ‘Eyeballs of Bigotry’ in US is wide open for the world to see. It is so unfortunate. 

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