Martian Selfie

A New Photographic Art of Space Science

USA has sent its surface exploration vehicle perseverance and a tiny helicopter to the Mars. The crafts are believed to be performing its task. However, recently NASA posted an astonishing colour photograph of the Martian surface under wide view in which both its crafts are visible in entirety. The photograph is reportedly taken by its camera fitted at the tip of its Robotic Arm. Ms Vandi Verma, the Chief Engineer for the Robotic Arm Operations explained that the way the rover takes a selfie was complex. It extends the smartphones ‘panoramic view’ option in many of the 360 deg photographs including its own body by its WATSON (Wide Angle Topographic Sensor for Operations and eNgineering) camera attached to the robotic arm. She clarified that a similar exercise was earlier done by Nasa’s Opportunity and Curiosity rovers and helped to create Curiosity’s first selfie, on October 31, 2012. It is still bit intriguing as to how the WATSON camera could click its own and the robotic arm’s image on which it is sitting; as seen here.

It is a first of the panoramic colour photograph of the Martian surface, with horizon being seen all around it as if it is an artist’s view of the recreation.

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