World Food Program

O Foolish World! You Must Feed Me Free, While I Continue Jihad!

The World Food Program (WFP) is a humanitarian assistance to prevent hunger in the poor and developing nations to both prevent hunger and assist their preventive & promotive nutrition programs for the children and expectant mothers. Except for the few rich nations, most others the world over receive this aid/assistance. In addition, there are some nations which are ravaged by unforeseen natural disasters and calamities. It is fully justified to assists these nations too with all possible assistance…BUT…what if some violent and terrorist organisations and groups inflict the humanitarian crisis on a select group or the entire nation owing to their greed to power or extending their Jihadi objectives over the others? Surely the innocent victims ought to be helped…BUT…should the perpetrators be let go escort free? Shouldn’t they be made to pay for the crisis they created?

In the last few years, a trend has been setting up in many Islamic nations of seeking free food for people under their terror. Those terrorist groups claim that they don't have money to buy food while there is no dearth of explosives, guns and bullets for them to spread terror on own people. While the terror groups and warlords in those nations utilizes all their resources in creating propaganda at the world forums, to plead for humanitarian assistance, they have no shame in looting, inflicting hunger and pain on them. Their atrocities and coercion could be extreme, so as to cause severe hunger and malnutrition to the population. They are I'll concerned about the population at risk. This is the teachings of their Allah and prophet Muhammad to the Jihadi organization's be it Taliban, ISIS or Al-Qaeda...or any of their over 150 offshoots. These agents of Islamic God are killing the humanities of even own religion be it Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Nigeria, Sudan, Afghanistan and several others. Quite often the pain and terrorism are inflicted on sectarian and religious lines. We know how Pakistan denied food assistance to their own religious minorities during the Covid19 times…and those were not the isolated instances, it is in their bahaviour.

The latest Islamic curse to the Muslims of Afghanistan has been due to Pakistan assisted Taliban take over. Pakistan has nurtured Taliban over decades with American assistance of millions of dollars. Then the demonic Taliban started biting and bleeding the US forces. Pakistan kept them nurturing them, inciting them against the US led NATO forces in Afghanistan. The opponents of US/NATO assisted them with weapons. They had no hesitation in looting the weapons from Afghan security forces too and use with impunity against the occupation forces and the citizen alike.

The largely well to do citizens of Afghanistan…both civilians and militants, started craving for free food right from the next day of the takeover through terror and killing. The violent take-over that trampled the US and NATO might & prestige, was being justified by none other than those vanquished. Western media and their mouthpieces in Islamic, European and American amnesty internationals…as if the food from the ravaged nation vanished overnight. On the very next day, Taliban, Pakistan and the western media started projecting the need for free food, shelter and donation of dollars to be provided by the world fora while Taliban continued tightening its grip. They asked for their frozen jihadi funds and assets to be released. No world body even tried to find out as to what made Afghanistan to become bankrupt and hungry immediately under Talibani Dictat of their Allah. It was a very confusing message to the world, justifying the Jihadi take over but seeking free food from the world.

While the radical and jihadi parasites earlier feeding on the NATO resources, now they made a beeline to flee to US and Europe because they employed them for the petty jobs for which they paid handsome wages. The mindset of the Islamists is so strange…because you gave us livelihood in your time of occupation, now you grant me citizenship rights in your respective nations…this is something that will keep warning the good Samaritans of the world…never help the jihadists. Afghanistan overrun with ease, these Jihadist groups are already shifting their focus on the others like India, China, Myanmar and southern African nations. Muslims are already proliferating at decadal population growth rate 50% higher than the most others. Islam has already spread wings over 57-odd nations and others will follow. It is time to analyse their larger game…the World Islamic Caliphate…something that the author feels hesitant to point out amidst the pain that those nations and their populace are suffering with.

Afghani or rather world media were showing that the general public were welcoming the Taliban terrorists sporting and waving automatic weapons with a single intent... capture the Afghan cities. Local police and security forces ensured them a free pass including that of national capital Kabul. Today Taliban has around 60-billion-dollar worth of weapons but they claim to have no food to feed. Whatever strange it may sound, it is the truth of Islam. Their God tells them to buy guns to kill the ‘kafirs’ the fellow human beings but tells them to beg to Kaffirs for free food and freebies. There is no doubt that humanity under these jihadists are seemingly succumbing to their Allah’s wishes. They have no shame or sorrows in revealing their dirty side…of monkey-like faces of their children, their future…who too will become jihadists in their youth if they manage to survive under their own Allah’s terrorists. Some humanoid faces of Muslim children emerging from Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan and several other nations and that too in the last 4 months of Talibani occupation are both surprising and worrisome.

Hunger in Jihad-Terror torn Islamic nations

It is believed that the World Food Program (WFP) is spending more on the Islam-persecuted Muslims of the Islamic nations than those suffering from the natural famine related humanitarian crisis. Famines caused by natural extremes and calamities are understandable, beyond the control of the human being…and…All possible financial and humanitarian assistance are fully justified...but why should the world bodies pay for the jihadists' misdeeds? The international donors to the WFP.

There could be no better welfare than offering help and support to the hungry mouths but what if that crisis is created by the 150-odd radical groups & jihadi groups as well as the terror sponsoring nations? Why should they not be made to pay for it esp when they have enough money to buy guns? It is felt that time is come to enact an international law in which the perpetrators of the humanitarian crisis in a country could be compelled to pay for it Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria or any other nation (‘UN must Make the perpetrators of violence pay for the many Famines’;

O World. I am Jihadi. Allah has created me for mounting Jihad on all ‘kafirs’ of the world. I aspire to fulfil our Allah’s wishes to convert the world in to Islamic Caliphate. My Muhammad has armed with Allah’s arsenals of Jihad comprising of Hate, Intolerance, Bigotry and Fascism against the Non-Muslims (Islamic Hate, Intolerance, Bigotry and Fascism’ So it is my right to ravage humanity with my terror for which our Mohammed has bestowed with more than 150 Jihadi organisations to compel the believers of other faiths, to conquer them. O stupid world! While I conquer the world with my jihad, you feed my people for free. You dare not stop me in my endeavour.

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