Why are Opposition Politicians, Islamists and Pseudo-Secularists so averse to RSS?

(Note: -Any article dealing with historical facts of Islamic or British periods of occupation of India, must be doubly careful in making any opinion, as many of the facts are known to have been distorted under their influence, and very little independent narratives that could be construed as historical facts are available. -Dr V N Jha)


In the recent years, rhetoric against RSS has become deafening. All opposition politicians, Islamist groups and Pseudo-secular and pseudo-liberals are shouting at the top of their voice that RSS is communal, divisive and polarising the nation. Inspired by their tones and tenor, many foreign media too paint similar colours quoting voices emanating from India itself. Inspired by these narratives, a group of communist students of JNU had made a song spitting venom against RSS…’Jutey maro salon ko’

The author, tried to go deep in to the narrative and examine the facts. The editor tried to take narratives of Shri Shashi Tharoor, an eminent educationist and Manish Tiwari…who earlier painted RSS in poor lights but they refrained from speaking. For them, the narratives so raised, possibly serves better without extending any explanation whatsoever.

Prelude to Formation of RSS
The Rashtriy Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) was constituted in 1925 to safeguard the safety and interests of Hindu community in British India. All prominent Hindu leaders under cowardice Congress leadership had seen their Hindu brethren and sisters butchered and dishonoured by the Muslims in Malabar and many other areas. They freely indulged in communal violence where they were in dominant majority as well as in the area where Hindu were in majority but lacked courage to defend themselves. As a result, even a handful of but well organised Muslims under renewed Muslim League could butcher them. The idea for uniting Hindu was first conceived in the hearts and mind of Dr Keshav Baliram Hedgewar, a member of Congress during the Khilafat Movement (1922-24) in the wake of Moplah genocide of Hindus that Gandhi and Nehru witnessed happening cowardly, and tried to brushed aside for sake of seeking Muslim support for their ‘non-cooperation movement’. It was the deepest dishonor and barbarism of those times inflicted by the Muslims on to the Hindu of mainly Malabar but extending to Kohat, Panipat, Delhi, Bengal, Sindh and other Muslim dominated areas. No leader having slightest of conscience could have tolerated such betrayal of the fellow Hindu. Yet, consecutive Muslim presidents of Congress as well as Gandhi and Nehru did.

The Muslim barbarism were appalling and extreme, amounting to genocide of Hindu in the Malabar as described above by BR Ambedkar and Sir Sankaran Nair. If Gandhi as Congress President in 1924 had no tears for the innocent lives, it was dis-service to the community, he did not deserve the post, any leader with conscience should have deserted Gandhi and Congress. Although Hindu Mahasabha did not have presence in Malabar region, their reaction to Moplah genocide was anything but vocal. They showed their lack of commitment to Hindu community in southern parts of India. Pt Madan Mohan Malveeya did pass a resolution for a ‘sangathan’, welfare funds for them along with reconversion of many, but the damage to the Hindu community of Malabar was already done. It was massive, inconsolable scar. It also ingrained a simple fact about the Muslims…that they cannot be trusted upon and that their belonging to India is far lesser than to Islam; that they are remotely controlled by the Khalifs from an alien lands of Arabs.

Moplah genocide also brought out the fact that Hindu community lay divided and weak to counter an organized Muslim attack…that Hindu as a community must unite and be physically trained to counter any mass violence by Muslims that they often indulged upon on them. It was shocking by any means that during the Moplah genocide, Hindu were in far greater numbers in most of the Taluks of Malabar than the Muslims. Yet, they got butchered because they were not united, unsuspecting that Muslim brethren were inhuman, organized, out to kill them for no fault of them. The table below shows the religious demography of Hindu-Muslims in contemporary Malabar.

The series of Muslim unprovoked attacks before and after Moplah genocide also made it amply clear that the two communities could hardly live together in peace; and Congress led by Gandhi did little to redress the grievances of Hindu community to instill confidence in it. He described murderous Moplah as “brave, God fearing… patriots who were fighting for what they consider as religion.” He was prepared to make light of Hindu genocide by the Moplah.” It was so shameful of both Gandhi and Congress. Many of the Hindu leaders having dual affiliations of Congress and the Hindu Mahasabha, developed serious doubt if Congress will ever deal with the Hindu community on equal terms as Muslim. Distrust made a cleavage that continued deepening with series of subsequent events. This could have been one of the reasons among many, why Hindu Mahasabha did not support Gandhi’s “Non-Cooperation Movement’ against the British. The first manifestation of this cleavage was the birth of RSS.

Formation of RSS

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) was conceived on 27 Sep 1925, the Vijaya Dashmi following the betrayal of fellow Hindu by Congress under British India. Dr KB Hedgewar with a small group of only 15-20 youth were the founding members who wanted to uplift the living and morale of largely discredited, demoralised common Hindus in British India. The RSS received its formal name only on 17 Apr 26 in the first meeting of the 26 Swayamsevaks (self-servants). In the early years, RSS emphasized on initiating Hindu unity, discipline and culture-consciousness and self-empowerment so as to avoid any repeat of Moplah type of sufferings. Self-defense training was important for them.

Right from the day of its formation, there had been sulking eyes of the Muslim League and Congress against the RSS. Muslim League hated RSS because they did not want to see any Hindu empowerment and Congress did not like them because it was formed by the people who were opposed to their cowardice views and indifference to their Hindu plights. The ex-Congressman Dr Hegdewar firmly believed that Congress had become pro-Muslim and puppet of their British rulers. It was clear to him that Congress will never support Hindu interest. It must be remembered that Congress was founded by the British to serve own interests and hence, nothing better could have been expected of them. Many people with strong Indian ideologies joined Congress at later dates in the hope of serving Indian interest but that was not to be, at least in the initial many decades of its formation. As a result, many of the contemporary Congress leaders having strong Indian sentiments were disillusioned, side-lined or had to leave.

RSS was essentially apolitical, for the Hindu upliftment and empowerment within the limitations of British rule. Hence, the British were not alarmed. It was almost parallel to the Hindu Mahasabha which had acquired a political hue with Muslim league as their immediate adversary. At a later date however, there came a situation when Mahasabha had to form alliance with ideologically opposite Muslims groups in 3 provinces, without Muslim league though. They forgot many of the past lessons…of not trusting radical Muslims. The result was self-inflicted injury. The Muslim alliance in Sind passed Jihadi resolution against Hindu…and Mahasabha realised their folly rather too late. It was a wrong decision on part of Savarkar to have trusted Islam and Islamist. He had experimented a 2-nation theory within India…the Hindu and Muslims in 1939 and that must not be confused with Jinnah declaring a 2-nation theory outside India…as India and Pakistan. Savarkar’s vision was inclusive for all as mentioned below: -

RSS however, peddled its course carefully as an apolitical, Hindu social empowerment group, equidistant from all…Mahasabha, Congress, Muslim League and the British…for the fear of being banned that would have been counterproductive for its basic ethos of Hindu Upliftment. Knowing the violent background of Muslims (witnessed at many occasions incl Moplah) that could have unleashed unprecedented atrocities on peace-loving Hindu during partition, it was extremely important to train the Hindu community for self-defence among other objectives of the RSS then headed by Gowalkar.

RSS had to have some course corrections during its long march of 96 yrs. It is no longer only a Hindu organisation. Many members are from other religions and faiths too. Their welfare programs run for all religions alike. They finance and run many educational, health care and other charitable institutions without any discretion for religion, caste or creed. Most of BJP (erstwhile Jan Sangh, JS) leaders have spent their precious years in RSS doing various types of welfare activities, knowing the pulse of the population and spending significant time among them. There have been several RSS leaders of vary high stature who later joined JS/BJP incl late Balraj Madhok, Bharat Ratna late Atal Bihari Bajpayee, Shri LK Advani, Shri MM Joshi, PM Modi himself and many of his high profile cabinet ministers like Late Mrs Sushma Swaraj, Mr Jetley and so on. The list is massive. In brief, it could be said for sure that RSS produced numerous nationalists of extremely high statures. So why are some people sulking with false propaganda against gradually progressive rise of RSS? It will be worth examining.

The Propaganda against RSS

There is a unified voice of many of the opposition parties against RSS. It includes Congress, Communist, Samajwadi, RJD, JDS, NCP, TMC, Islamic groups and so on. Are there any worthwhile reason for it? None. Most of them say RSS is communal. So, what is the communal agenda RSS is pursuing? Most say they are polarising Hindu-Muslim enmity. But How? Does RSS have any program against Muslims? Has RSS indulged in any Hindu-Muslim riots? None. On the contrary, all the above political parties…all have ben thriving on Muslim vote bank…some openly and some through covert means. In the recent years we have seen the targeted killings of Hindu in the hands of Islamists and political vultures (like Islamists, TMC, Communist) pursuing vote bank politics… whether in Bengal, Kashmir, Kerala, Maharashtra, Assam and so on. All these parties lump RSS as fascist just for one reason that one individual called Nathuram Godse having affiliation, killed Gandhi. As mentioned earlier, Gandhi’s pro-Muslim leaning both in British and especially in independent India, had annoyed and angered many. Many Indians having gone through the pains of partition consider Muslims, Gandhi and Nehru the root cause of Hindu sufferings (‘विभाजनविभीषिकाऔरभारतीयधर्म’, The Counterviews, Issue 3:09; ). It looks bizarre as to why Congress indulge in such cheap politics but fact is that they do as their Muslim appeasement for few votes. One hot-head person taking on to Gandhi, be he a particular religion, particular political affiliation, cannot be held accountable to that group. Court of law too exhonerated RSS of it after a brief ban. Yet Congress keep yelling the falsehood.

Is RSS or Modi Govt Polarising India?

In recent years we are seeing one polarisation…that is some of the ‘dalit communities’ being incited by Muslims and Congress to act against the fellow Hindu. We saw it happening in Gujarat and Rajasthan. The fact is exactly opposite. BJP and RSS have extended their welfare outreach towards dalits, SC/ST and the poor in the last 7 years which is pricking Congress and BSP as they kept them deprived for long. It is Modi which has brought ‘Backward Commission’, SC/ST law by constitutional amendments that have antagonised some of the upper caste Hindu in Rajasthan and elsewhere. So where is RSS polarising? No answer. They say Modi is practicing Communal politics. Question is how; and how does RSS come in it? Modi’s politics seems to be uniform, without corruption, reaching to all poor without discretion and discrimination on religion, caste or creed…be it Toilets to all homes, Mudra Yojna of self-employment, Electricity in all villages, Electricity connection to all poor, ujjwala LPG gas connection, antyoday, PM Kisan Samman, Ayushman Bharat Health-insurance, Jan-dhan accounts with linked free life insurance, PM Housing scheme for poor, women-related schemes and numerous others. So where is RSS in it? There is no clear answer. However, one thing has happened after Modi coming in power whether at state levels or the union govt…that is Hindu fringe groups are emboldened and they have started retaliating against any wrong-doings of others. In Gujarat we saw it in Godhra following burning of Kar Sevaks, in UP it was the hegemony of the caw slaughters and at any other BJP ruled states where Hindu were threatened, they retaliated, we saw it in Orissa following on-going conversions of Hindu.

Frustrations of Political opponents of Modi

There is one fact on ground though, which is visible to all and that is the anger of the opposition parties been decimated in the successive LS elections since 2014… and they apprehend it again in 2024 and that is why all these fuss and noise. This is the grudge all opposition political parties have. This is compelling the ideologically opposite opposition parties to join hands to unseat BJP and Modi and that is not happening. The 3 states BJP lost to Congress in 2018 was due to the lies of Rahul Gandhi against Modi #PappuLies (Declining Congress Party, The Counterviews, issue 3:10, BJP lost Bengal due to Mamata Banerjee and all ‘Muslim Vote Bank’ groups colluding in the last legs of polling when she really felt ‘extremely threatened to her core’ with Modi wave. She indulged in communal politics appealing all Muslims to vote for her else, BJP will come to power to their decimation. The Post Poll violence indulged by TMC bear testimony to it (BJP’s take home lessons in West Bengal Elections, The Counterviews, Issue 3:04; ). Except Karnataka, the southern part of India was never with BJP and that largely remain so with marginal rise in vote share.

Frustrations of Communists

Why Communists (both CPI & CPM) have been sulking with Modi govt or the RSS is intriguing. This party was also formed in the same year by handful of people under influence of Russia. Owing to their militant approach against the British, the party was banned, its leaders were jailed and the party became largely defunct till about 1942 when the party was legalised. There are two ideological problems some of their cadre could have with RSS. Firstly, their affiliations with Jamat-e-Islami and Muslim league who could not repatriate to Pakistan in 1947, hate Hindu. Secondly, the communist disbelief in the religion but this is their hypocrisy as strangely the Jihadi and radical elements continuing pursuing Islam. Communist through their Maoist agenda, provide them a platform to hurt Indian Govt through subversions. They largely thrived in the under-developed parts of India. While Maoists indulged in various subversive acts in the Indian rural areas lacking development and better livelihood, their over ground political masters (CPI & CPM) and urban Naxals provided them a voice. Many of the current generation of educationists and students had developed ‘Left-leaning’ a bit anti-govt attitude and JNU along with some others had been the hub-centre for such activities (‘The Hell centre of Education-JNU’ The Counterviews, Issue 2:02, ). However, the communist ideologies gained ground in Bengal and Kerala where they have been in power with love-hate relationship with Congress thereafter. RSS itself never attacked Communist but converse is happening.

After Modi govt undertook several development works to almost all household and poor of the nation incl the numerous backward area where Naxals and Maoists were earlier thriving, the Communist cause were threatened among the under-privileged. The numbers of Maoist affected area in the country have shrunken drastically. This has closed several shops of the Communist leaders. Many of their cadre surrendered arms voluntarily to join the main-stream life. The Maoist leaders and their Ove ground masters felt threatened. People engaged in the developmental projects were now being attacked. This was something totally opposite for which their struggle has started in 60s and 70s. The demonetisation severely affected Maoist operations. Modi govt also uncovered the Communist links with both Islamises and the Chinese to much of their dislike. Further, BJP has also hurt the vote-base of the Communists in the Hindi belt. This is why the Communists disliked not only Modi govt but also developing India. This could also be the reasons for the repeated Maoist attacks on to our security forces that have evoked strong reactions (‘Eliminating the Naxalites: Both Foot Soldiers & their Masters’ The Counterviews, issue 3:05, ). They also prompted their student wing to indulge in “Jutey maro salon ko” against Modi, BJP, the RSS and strangely against Sanatan Hindu religion too. We praise the tolerance of the majority Hindu students in JNU campus who watched and heard all these mutely and didn’t break the jaws of the perpetrators hurling abuses on the Hindu majority of India. Had it been Pakistan with slogan against the majority Islamists, they would have been killed in all probabilities. Frankly however, RSS had nothing to do with all these.

Among the Communist link with religious extremists, not only the radical Islamists but even radical Christians sympathisers seem to be with them. Christians have grudges with Hindu activists and fringe groups such as Bajrang dal and Sriram Sene who interrupt and oppose the missionaries converting Hindu with allurement. Over the decades before and after independence, many states of North-East region (Meghalay, Nagaland, Mizoram) have already succumb into almost total Christianity and their efforts of conversions are going on elsewhere too…in the tribal areas of Orissa, Chhattisgarh and Andhra/Telangana. Conversion game by either Missionaries or Mullahs have surely angered the Hindu activists in the recent decades. They will have to stop the conversions else there will be retaliation by the aggrieved Hindu activist groups though they have nothing to do with RSS.

In today’s India, all retaliatory activism of Hindu is being lumped on to either RSS or Modi govt, even if isolated law and order cases are taking place in opposition ruled states. Pseudo-secularists and Hindu-bashers esp BJP-hating Congressmen have already started calling Hindu as another Taliban. We have heard it from eminent Congress leaders like Shashi Tharoor, Siddaramaiah, Digvijay Singh, Chidambaram and several others in past. If such trends of Hindu-bashing and anti-Hindu activities continue, a time may come when some fringe Hindu group may actually arm themselves with Taliban ideology. Even if 1% of Hindu (making it 79 lakhs strong) takes on such ideology, it would be good enough to sort-out all anti-Hindu forces in the nation.

Could Islam be trusted upon?

It will be extremely good for India, or for that reason entire world if Islam could adopt a brotherly cordial approach towards other religions and faiths, shunning its Jihad and global expansionism or Caliphate. However, it has not happened in the history of Islam in its near 1500 yrs of history and such happening will remain only a wishful thinking in future too. In the recent years, Islamists agenda of global caliphate has received a massive boost after Al-Baghdadi of ISIS call for it in 2014 and the recent Taliban victory over US-led NATO forces. All non-Muslim nations having >9% Muslim will face the heat…be it India, France, Sri Lanka or many of the African nations. Actually many scholars familiar with radical Islamic ideologies equate them with cancer…once implanted in your land, will make you suffer. RSS is engaged in enthusing nationalism in its cadre and ranks and has no means of combatting Islamic Jihad or anti-nationals fanning Pan-India. If the growth of such anti-nationals and Jihadi continue, govt alone may not be able to defeat them. Every national will have to come forward.


Congress was essentially formed to serve the British interests in the initial decades. They were indifferent to Hindu cause and genocide of Moplah which was the main reason why RSS was formed to unite and uplift the Hindu community as an apolitical group. During the independence movements, Congress trying to have a non-partisan look, were opposed to serving Hindu interests while Muslim League was formed only to serve the Islamic cause. Thankfully, some of the Congressmen having conscience, left them to join a political Hindu Mahasabha or apolitical RSS. Many other reformers came forward by forming Arya Samaj, to serve the cause of the then almost demoralized Hindu. Congress had problems with all such Hindu welfare groups.

In today’s context, there seems to be no reason to blame RSS on any account that the Islamists, pseudo-secularists and opposition politician try to do. It is their abysmal electoral loss to BJP in 2014 and again in 2019 that is compelling them to do so as they have no other reason. Radical Muslim groups are traditionally opposed to RSS as explained above and some fringe Hindu groups attacking the Missionaries converting Hindu have brought them all together. For all of them, the distinction between Hindu, BJP and RSS seems to have blurred. However, it could be said with reasonable degree of confidence that Congress party has lost morality and has no ploy to confront BJP and hence, they have adopted the anti-RSS narrative…because most of the high profile BJP leadership came from RSS.

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