Pakistan as Terrorist State

Pakistan, Islamic Terrorism and India

On 20 Apr 2023, five Indian soldiers were martyred by the Islamic terrorists in the Bhimbar Gali area of Poonch (J&K) while carrying rations, groceries and sweets as a goodwill gesture for the local residents on the eve of their Eid festival. Preliminary inquiry suggests that the local civilians colluded with Pak terrorists to mount the attack. It has become a trend of Pakistani Army to operate 'launch pads' of trained Islamic terrorists, assist them to infiltrate in India, manage sleeper cells through jihadist network to hide them from the eyes of security forces and then mount Jihadi attacks. This trend it serial blasts in Mumbai, the Indian Parliament attack, 26/9 Mumbai attack and the numerous many other Islamic terror attacks in India. Pakistan has acquired massive expertise in grooming, training and managing not only Pakistani but the global Islamic terror network. Today any Islamic terrorist act in the world has some threads connecting with Pakistan. Last Paki PM Imran Khan admitted before President Trump during his visit to Washington that he had 34 odd home-grown terrorist groups with tens of thousands of terrorists. No more explanation is required to justify Pak being a terrorist hub of the world. Pakistan alone harbours >140 internationally proscribed terrorists on its soil.

Major Terrorist Organisations in Pakistan

Major Islamic Terror attacks have been continuing in India since late 1980s although gradually reduced during the tenure of Modi govt. This reduction is believed to be due to Indian retaliations through two surgical strikes after Pak-sponsored terror attacks in Uri (2016) and Pulwama (2019). Most of the terror attacks in J&K have been on Kashmiri Hindus/Pandits as well as on the Security Forces. Right since the beginning of major Islamic terror attacks in India since 1990s, none of the govts had the will to attack the terror hubs within Pakistan. It was only Modi govt that broke the jinx, by authorising surgical strikes on Balakot terrorist camps deep inside Pakistan that actually made them desist from indulging in any major terror activities in India. However, sporadic and isolated targeted killings of individual Kashmiri Hindus/Pandits as a result of their traditional Islamic hate continue often at the direction of their handlers in Pakistan. It has resulted in the migration of the Kashmiri Pandits/Hindus in the past and compels them even today. It is well known among the experts in insurgency & terrorism that Kashmiri Islamists are running Jihad against fellow Kashmiri Pandits and Hindus/Sikhs since late 1980s. January 1990 saw the genocide of Pandits/Hindus perpetrated by one and all…be it JKLF, civilian residents or even those whom those Pandits had given shelter in own land, within own premises. There is a long list of Kashmiri Pandits fallen victim to the Jihadists from late 1980s to 2019 till the abrogation of article 370. However, targeted jihadi killings of Pandits/Hindus continues even today (read "Another Terror Attack in Poonch, J&K",

World Islamists and their numerous Jihadi organisations (>175 by now) have been a curse for India right from medieval times. Although Islam has been known for violence right from the time of its inception when Mohammed (whom the Muslims call their prophet), carried out a series of genocides of the Arabian tribes, Jews, Christians and Zoroastrians all alike. All contemporary temples bore the brunt of his (and the later Caliph’s) hate. His hate against the contemporary Arabian deities made him destroy all temples; many were converted into mosques. In Meccan Temple of Quraysh, he destroyed some 360-odd Pagan idols and later converted to a mosque that is the most revered one for them. Although Muslim claim that offering namaz in converted mosques is ‘haram’ for them, Mecca has been a living testimony to their duplicity of belief (read “Islam and many Ayodhyas in the World”, Islam has been inimical to humanity in Indian neighbourhood and elsewhere. This is vividly apparent of the ongoing genocides of non-Muslims in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sahel & African regions; and sectarian violence between various factions of Islam in several nations like Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Libya etc. The ongoing genocides by Islam is being overlooked by the UN and UNHRC which have conveniently closed their eyes (read “Muted UNHRC Response Encouraging Islamic Genocide", The most perturbing incidents are taking place in India where the Hindu majority is bearing the brunt. By now, several Islamic terrorist groups have either been born or taken root in India. As on date, nearly a dozen and half of such Indian jihadi/radical groups have been banned by govt of India but several other groups having allegiance to terror groups abroad also thrive. However, these actions are more of knee-jerk reactions than a determined approach to root out Islamic radicalism, extremism and terrorism (read "PFI Ban: Govt treating symptoms, not the Disease",

Islamic radicals and terrorists have been committing gruesome and barbaric acts all over the world and some such major jihadi attacks have been enumerated elsewhere (read “Major Jihadi Attacks in the World”, This article enumerates only the major jihadi attacks in India in which >5 people were murdered. If counting all Jihadi attacks in India incl those in which even one person died, there could be hundreds of such incidents. All such attacks are condemnable. It is also equally condemnable as to how the various Indian govts and the Hindu majority have been tolerating such heinous crimes regularly committed against them.

List of Major Terror Attacks in India by Islamists in which >5 people were killed

Attacks under Modi Govt
Attacks in period of UPA govt 2008-14
Attacks in period of UPA govt 2004-07
Terror attacks from 1991-2003

It seems that Hindus are not agitated enough as yet to retaliate to the repeated acts of violence against them by Jihadists. As of now (2023), Hindus constitute ~77% of the population, yet tolerating such barbaric acts of a handful of Jihadists. Although Indian security forces have been trying their best to deal with such terrorist acts since the early 1990s, they are unable to stop it although keeping under control to large extent. Possibly the time is coming when Hindus may have to give an ultimatum to the govt to overcome Islamic radicalism & terror or else take the law in own hands. There are very few options for the govt to effectively handle the Jihadi attacks in J&K and elsewhere. Firstly, the govt has to capture all terrorists and put them in jail. Secondly, all Islamic extremists have to be nabbed and de-radicalised. Thirdly, the govt must keep a strict vigil on all Islamic preachers and ensure they don’t preach / incite radicalism; and fourthly, the govt must deal with the hate contents of Quran and other Islamic literatures as suggested in several articles (read “Is Quran a source of hate & Intolerance?”,; “Islamic Hate & Intolerance: Treat the Disease not Symptoms”,, “Gross violation of Indian Fundamental Rights”, We cannot forget that during 1990 Genocide of Kashmiri Pandits in J&K, chants of Ralive, Tsalive ya Galive were emanating from almost all mosques. So, it is a known fact that the Kashmiri Mullahs and Imams did foster hate and there is no reason why they may not be indulging now in the continued acts of Jihad even if lessened. Both Islamic terrorists and local radicals & extremists have been grossly indulging in the Rights of Kashmiri Pandits/Hindus. It is shameful for the UNHRC not to take cognisance of the suffering caused to the Pandits/Hindus for decades.

If unable to control Islamic radicalism & terrorism, the Indian govt may adopt a fool-proof approach that the Chinese have adopted in their Xinjiang province (read “World must adopt the Chinese model of Islam”, All must understand that most Islamic nations be it Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi and even OIC have no problem with the Chinese way of dealing with Uyghur Muslims. Alternately, India may have to declare itself a ‘Hindu Rashtra’ in which, the lives of every person of Indian Religion (Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist & Jains) will be of utmost importance. Peace-loving Parsis must have all rights. Jews and Christians don’t foster terror plots against their fellow Indians hence, they too may enjoy all rights. Islamists perpetuating terrorism must have their rights curtailed similar to what Hindus are entitled in Islamic nations (read “हिन्दू-राष्ट्र, संविधान और बाबा बागेश्वर”

Pakistan has well established itself as a global hub centre of Islamic terrorism. India and Indians will be foolish to keep tolerating Islamic radicalism, extremism and terrorism esp those perpetrated by Pakistan. Indian Muslims must acknowledge this fact and live cordially with peace-loving fellow Hindus rather than siding with radicals in spreading jihad. World acknowledges today that Islamic hate & intolerance emanates from Quran and other Islamic literature. Some verses of Quran allegedly violate Indian Fundamental Rights. All such hateful & intolerant practices must be curtailed and if required, such books should be amended or banned. The day Hindu majority rises to retaliate against the Islamists, there could be a genocide. It is a critical time for the govt of India to be proactive in dealing with Islamic extremism and terrorism esp those being sponsored by Pakistan.

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