Burning Quran in Sweden and Denmark

Quran Burning in Denmark & Sweden is Wrong Approach

Of late, many European Nations have woken up to the fact of hate elements of Quran harming their nations. There is no doubt that the Quran spits hate & intolerance against non-Muslims. There are >60 verses of Quran that are discriminatory, hateful and intolerant against the non-Muslims (read “60 hateful & Intolerant Verses of Quran”, https://thecounterviews.com/articles/60-hateful-intolerant-verses-quran-part-1/). There are at least 25 verses of Quran that violate the fundamental rights of the non-Muslims of India (read “Gross Violation of Indian Fundamental Rights”, https://thecounterviews.com/articles/gross-violation-of-indian-fundamental-rights-by-quran/). Quran is highly inimical to non-Muslims, especially naming Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians identified as discriminated religious groups and Polytheists and worshippers of Gods through Idols identified as polluted. Mohammed, the founder of Islam in 7th century possibly didn’t have knowledge of other religions and faiths hence, couldn’t name them. He might have been ignorant of the existence of Aryan/Sanatan, Jainism, Buddhism flourishing in India and Taoism in the Indo-Chinese region that is why it didn’t find a mention in Quran. The Chronologies of the births of various faiths and religions are given in the text box below.

Origins of various religions & faiths

Very few people know that idol worshipping by dozens of Arabian Tribes was a common practice before Mohammed committed genocide of most if not all such tribes. These genocides later became methodological. Attack smaller of wandering nomadic tribes to force them to accept Islam. Those who accepted willingly or otherwise, continued getting his favours and safety from any further attacks by the other tribes that were rampant in the region. Adults were made to join his swelling army, often provided the booty of his loots. He and the later Caliphs killed those who didn’t accept Islam, grabbing their women &children for slavery as well as their properties redistributed mostly among his Army (read “Islamic Hate, Intolerance, Bigotry & Fascism and the Global Caliphate”, https://thecounterviews.com/articles/islamic-intolerance-bigotry-fascism-global-caliphate/). His next attacks were on their temples to destroy the idols and transform some of the revered temples into mosques. The most sacred of the mosques is Mecca that had >360 idols representing various ancient Gods that Meccan Tribes worshipped. Mohammed in a single night attacked and destroyed all idols and the rest is history (read “Islam and Many Ayodhyas of the World”, https://thecounterviews.com/articles/islam-and-many-ayodhyas-of-world/).

The above mentions are important for Sweden or Denmark or Europe or the entire non-Islamic world to understand that Islam was founded on hate against the followers of traditional faiths and religions and remains so even today. They must understand that Islamic genocides were not only during Mohamed’s period, it continued later thru’ other Caliphs too…against Christians, Jews, Parsis, Hindus, Buddhist, several African Tribes and continue even today. The complete genocide of all non-Muslims in Afghanistan and Pakistan is telling us of the reality of Islamic barbarism today to which there is relative indifference on international fora as well (read “Muted UNHRC Response Encouraging Islamic Genocide”, https://thecounterviews.com/articles/muted-unhrc-response-encouraging-islamic-genocide/). These genocides are being carried out through well organised method of “Convert, Flee or Die” slogan of Islam that we have witnessed often in recent times…be it against Kashmiri Pandits, Yezidis, Pakistani Hindus/Christians, Sudanese Christian sot several African Tribes in African peninsula. Europe itself is faced with the genocide of Christians in Kosovo; threatening spread into Serbia (read “Kosovo Being Engulfed by Islamic Cancer”, https://thecounterviews.com/articles/christian-kosovo-being-engulfed-by-islamic-cancer/). France with <10% Muslims is repeatedly facing Islamic heat and the entire world is faced with growing Islamic Fascism (read “New Islamic Fascism in the World”, https://thecounterviews.com/articles/islamo-fascism-paris-jihadi-attack-macron-pakistan-turkey-malaysia-mahathir-muslims-islam-radical/).

Burning one-odd copies of Quran either by Muslims or non-Muslims is no answer. It only creates retaliation against the country of occurrence in the Islamic nations. The need of the hour is to stop the radical elements of Islam from being preached and practised in non-Islamic nations. One immediate step that could be initiated in secular and democratic nations, is to form a team of non-Muslim experts/scholars in Quran to review the verses with four main objectives: -

  • Whether any of the verses are religiously discriminatory against the believers of the other religions and faiths followed in their own nations.
  • Whether any of the verses could be interpreted by common people in a way that religions & faiths other than Islam are inimical and hence, some of them may resort to terrorism.
  • Decide whether amending those verses will prevent Islamic radicalism/terrorism in their state or should Quran be banned.
  • Whether to impose any regulatory mechanism on the clerics preaching Quran.

As far as discrimination, hate, intolerance and bigotry of Islam is concerned, there are many literatures which point out the various grades of hate elements in Quran. The experts/scholars should be able to point it out. It is important to avoid Muslim experts who will invariably try to justify all verses of Quran because their psyche has been moulded so since their birth. Further, there are verses with ambiguous/dual expressions that Muslim scholars in Quran try to justify. This is why some cases labelling Quran as hateful have been dismissed by Indian courts in past on the advice of Islamic scholars.

There are many Muslim scholars who feel that many verses of hate & intolerance against the contemporary Arabian Tribes of 7th century, are no longer relevant now. Fearing reprisal from their own radical community, they are reluctant to express it in as many words. It is however, in the interest of the secular and democratic nations to protect the fundamental rights of their citizen and in that effort, if some of the verses of Quran has to be deleted, be it so. The Chinese have done it effectively in curtailing the spread of Islamic radicalism & terrorism in their own authoritative way (read “World Must Adopt the Chinese Model of Islam”, https://thecounterviews.com/articles/world-must-adopt-chinese-model-of-islam/). They have restricted the teaching of ‘Arabic script” to curtail reading of the original form of Quran. Quran in China has been re-written/translated in Mandarin script. Children below 16 yrs are prevented from reading Quran or attending CCP-screened Khutba (weekly Islamic sermons in mosques by the Mullahs/clerics). Despite these measures, significant numbers of adults show signs of radicalism who sooner or later landed up in Chinese ‘Detention Camps’. Today, China is the only nation where Islamic radicalism is gradually regressing. The world may have to draw some lessons out of it.

Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism etc are peace-loving religions working for humanity, devoid of radical wings comparable in any way to Islamic Jihad. Christians in the Middle East are on the brink of genocide (as reported by British Secretary Jeremy Hunt) by the Islamists but their apex religious body in Rome is not concerned. In recent years, limited resistance/retaliation has started against Islamic Jihad in India, Myanmar and Sri Lanka which the world is denouncing. However, they are unable to raise voices against the fanning Jihadi violence around the world (read “Major Jihadi Attacks in the World”, https://thecounterviews.com/articles/major-islamic-jihadi-attacks-in-the-world/). Some of the Islamic countries also support Jihad whether overtly or covertly.

Still of an IUML video

In a video going viral in social media (https://twitter.com/i/status/1684060400088924160), a Radical Islamic group Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) in Kerala of India has given an open threat to Hindus of the state that they will burn or hang them. It is unfortunate that the Indian govt, the otherwise noisy opposition political parties of India as well as the world Human Rights bodies…all are mum (https://www.opindia.com/2023/07/anti-hindu-slogans-raised-at-iumls-youth-wing-rally-in-the-backdrop-of-violence-in-manipur/). For the govt of India, it is a serious issue to deal on priority. Islamists seldom give empty threats. They have demonstrated their capabilities of barbarism of their Jihad wing numerous times all over the world thru’ Al-Qaida, ISIS and >175 other radical/terror organisations all over the world. This must not be compared with one-odd Hindu leader issuing empty threats of Muslim genocide on one or the other platforms mostly out of their frustrations, of their inability to check Islamic cancer in India (read “India diseased with 3 cancers…Communalism, Congress and Communism”, https://thecounterviews.com/articles/india-diseased-by-three-cancers-the-communalism-congress-and-communism/). Islamists have already divided India earlier by carving out Muslim dominated areas in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh and later committing genocides of their helpless Hindu minority.

Sweden and Denmark; or for that matter entire Secular and Democratic nations the world over must take lessons from the above. Islamic ethos emanating from Quran is incompatible for peaceful coexistence with other communities. Any nation where Muslims form >10% population, start displaying fascist intent of their faith. Islamic seeds are firmly planted in France, Germany, Britain, Italy, Netherlands and Spain have to worry sooner or later. Just like India having highly tolerant Hindus is slowly descending into Islamic chaos, those European nations will surely feel the Islamic heat sooner than later…with the yardstick threshold of 9-10% as a gold standard. They may better wake-up now than feel sorry later.

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