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Take Home Lessons from 2021 West Bengal Election : The Final Words

The Final Words. There are plenty of lessons the BJP could learn if wants to win an election the way Mamata Banerjee’s TMC won. This isn’t only the BJP than should learn the lessons. It is the lesson for the entire nation, the entire electorate, all political parties, all States & Union Govt, all electoral agencies and all constitutional bodies. If you want to win an election the Mamata’s TMC way, you will have to have a brutal cadre who could kill your adversaries and opponent with a move of the leader’s eye brow. They should also be capable of instilling fear with impunity in the minds of the electorate that if they voted for the adversaries, they will meet their fate…just as TMC goons did through the post-election violence. Is the law & order machinery of the State and the Union Govt going to keep their eyes closed for the acts of those goons? It may be the overt partisanship of the West Bengal police and the TMC leadership, but is the union govt going to allow that go unpunished? If Modi govts fails to bring the culprits to the book, it will be known as the most incompetent govt in the history of independent India.

Nehru had given the concept of ‘vote-bank’ in India by keeping a large section of Muslims, by unilaterally obliging The Liaquat–Nehru Pact (or the Delhi Pact) of 1950. Numerous sops for the minority over the years has brought many players in the field of the ‘vote-bank’ politics and the best ground for its practice is the illegal migrant led rapidly proliferating Muslim of West Bengal…the best fertile ground…where CAA, NRC, anti-Hindu sentiments find enough expressions. It is unfortunate that the State Police of West Bengal has become subservient of the TMC cadre and their wrong deeds. They no longer protect the common people. The ‘Corrupt to the Core’ Mamata Banerjee govt has become prestitude of wounded or dead conscience. They no longer care for their people.

Mamata Banerjee has repeatedly shown two fingers to the union govt and their machinery with overt disregard to any kind of dignity. The worst of all were the Fascist nature of TMC govt and rampantly committing the communal electoral politics, seeking vote in the name of community.

Well, Mamata and her TMC has done what they had to do to win the election. Modi-Shah-Nadda led BJP is still trying to come to the terms of the reality…licking their wounds that were inflicted on their party workers before the poll and also through organized post-poll violence…to demoralize them. Earlier BJP lacked organizational structure on the Bengal ground but now they are 75 odd MLA strength…with some of the sons of the soils who can send a loud roar.

The new BJP leadership of the state could either follow the Gandhian principle of offering themselves to the TMC goons to continue getting humiliated and in the process, get demoralized to extent that they lose their entire cadre by the next election…or rise against the TMC atrocities…in the land of Subhash Chandra Bose…like the actual Bengal tigers and teach the lessons to the handful of TMC goons who has made the entire state a hostage to fear psychosis…just like iron cuts the iron…a Quid Pro Quo actions in the legal terms. In this act, Union Govt too has to teach the arrogant bandit queen a lesson or two who till now, has been showing two fingers to the might of the union govt.

What has happened in West Bengal elections is not a matter between TMC and BJP alone. It is the long protracted sequele of electoral malpractices that generations of Bengalis have been witnessing…earlier by Congress in the post-independence period that took an ugly turn in the Communist government who trained their cadre to be brutal against the political adversaries and opponents. It is the same formula that Mamata Banerjee’s TMC is pursuing. Their atrocities have almost come to the brim of the cup. The day it spills over, there will be nothing short of a mass uprising that will surely engulf Mamata and her TMC. However, that is not the main concern for the government specially at the Centre. The Union Govt too will be held accountable to have closed their eyes to the (mis)happenings…that they looked the other way when there was need to act against the bandits even if they were elected. Nation will not excuse them for it.

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