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The Divided States of America

After the 06 Jan 2021 show of strength by the Trump supporters at the Capitol Hill, it is anyone’s guess if America is still united, the United States of America. It is a big question mark indeed. As the intelligence inputs continue coming, the trouble is far from over. A vast majority of the White American feel cheated in their 2020 elections. The Democrats supported by the blacks and religious minorities have tricked the elections even though the Supreme Court has found no merits in Trumps’ allegations. There is some truth in dead electorate voting through postal ballots. There is unusually very high percentage of voting by the blacks and Muslims but that could be a trend as Democrats had built-up their narrative of Trump being anti-black, anti-Muslim following the raging ‘BLM’ movement that were fully fuelled by the Democrats. Joe Biden himself has been siding with the blacks and wasted no opportunity to garner his support to the infamous ‘BLM’. The furious ‘BLM’ burnt several govt and ‘White owned’ properties. There were several instances during those movements in which many ‘Whites’ were assaulted physically. The division in the American Society was clearly visible. Those few whites who resisted the black fury, were conveniently termed as the “White Supremacist”.

“After a long, there is likely to be a total polarisation of the poll campaigns in USA. Biden-Kamala pair had already indicated that they will exploit the death of George Floyd and the subsequent extended protests of “Black Lives Matter” which many feel, is supported by the democrats. They are trying to unite all those who were feeling threatened by Trump. This include esp the Muslims, some of the coloured immigrants and the Mexicans in particular. Political hate of Nancy Pelosi, Hilary Clinton and many others are also emerging as prominent Democrat voice” : The Counterviews, Issue 2:16, Sep 2020; pp-12."

African Americans protests against racism is not new, it dates back as far as the post-Civil War days in the 1870s. In the 20th century too there have been many uprisings in Chicago (1919), New York City’s Harlem neighbourhood (1935), Detroit (1943), Los Angeles (1943, 65, 92) and many other places too. The US Civil Rights Act of 1964 had ended segregation of the races but could not bring equality in their racially divided society. Racial injustice in US continues even today. However, the widespread protests that started on 25 May 20 following Floyd’s death, was unprecedented in the history of USA. The Democrats fuelled the fire to an extent that the division in American Society was almost complete.

The leftist Democrats have conveniently been calling the Trump supporters as ‘White Supremacists’. A hate-filled Nancy Pelosi has used all opportunities to name and shame the Trump supporters. But is that so? Not really. Let us examine.

It is a fact that the black race in general, are seen as lesser abiders with law & order. The number of the criminals among black are expected to be more than double of the whites. George Floyd as per police files, was a history sheeter criminal, involved in fake currency.Today a commemorative name of Floyd has been given in addressing a street at the intersection of 38th St E and Chicago Ave of Minneapolis. So, that is how the politics of USA has become in the election year 2020 and Democrats have a big role in it. Today, anyone even linking Floyd to a crime may find marginalised. But what about those ‘Whites’ who were at the receiving end of the BLM? Well they cannot be kept in dark for long. They are bound to bounce back.

The American societies have never been peace-loving of Buddha. There are races and religions who feel marginalised due to some reason or the other. Blacks were always neglected in the entire history of America. BLM movement only strengthened their hate against the whites. The Muslims got alienated in the aftermath of 09/11 attack on the Twin Towers. And now this ‘White Supremacists’ hoax of the Democrats. This is going to be dangerous. The American societies are seldom homogenous. The ‘Gun Culture’ makes them vulnerable to sporadic violence as demonstrated numerous times in the shooting incidents at schools, Cafes, Night Clubs and so on. Now the ‘wronged and hurt white pride’ are likely to put further unrest. There are intelligence inputs by the CIA / FBI of possible retaliation in future.

Numerous whites feel that Trump was cheated by the Democrats in the worst electoral fraud of USA. The anger in the crowd was palpable, perceptible.The anger must be continuing now and that may be the basis of the intelligence input. This anger can be exploited by any political or radical group.

It is true that on 06 Jan 21 Trump had addressed the crowd “We are going to march to the Capitol and I will be with you…and zero on our brave Congressmen and women” possibly as a show of strength. He never asked for any violence but that did happen. So if Ms Pelosi feels a sitting US President could be dismissed or impeached for it in his last few days in the office before handing out the powers to Biden, she must be a hate-filled bigot. Now look back to Joe Biden and the Democrats during the election campaign…of openly fuelling BM and black induced violence against the State assets and White owned properties…is it not enough to impeach Biden and his numerous Democrat friends? Trumps Twitter account was blocked to humiliate him…possibly on the instructions of Ms Pelosi but the tweets that were blamed, had hardly any negative material.

Wrongs do happen in the power corridors of the military that take the form of a coup. However, when the wrongs are committed or perceived to be committed in democratic set-up, the consequences could be devastating in a powerful nation like USA. The general apprehensions in US is of this division is…of the ‘White’ Trump supporter verses the black & left leaning Biden supporters. The consequences could be far reaching.

There is no doubt that Trump was bit erratic, unpredictable…that many people died of Covid19 (mostly black) during his final year…that a history sheeter called Floyd died in the hands of the police in his time…that Nancy Pelosi led Democrats ‘play hell’ with him during his entire tenure. However, those are no reason why a fraud should be committed in election, if there was one. Even if there is a perception of electoral fraud, Joe Biden must do justice by investigating it…to the satisfaction of both Donald Trump and his supporters who number huge…and all must remember that the democracy is a game of the numbers. If the whites in America are wronged, no one will remain safe. Joe Biden will do himself a favour in not offending them by the name of ‘white supremacist, radicals, extremists or terrorists. Unless that happens, the nation remains a “Divided States of America”.

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