We voted Modi Govt to cleanse India of dirt; BUT dirt seems getting better of them

We voted Narendra Modi and the BJP in 2014 essentially to cleanse the Indian soil of the dirt, the muck…of the Corrupts, Scamsters, looters and the anti-nationals as well as to make India a frontline State of ‘Development & Progress’ in the world. In the initial 5 yrs Modi Govt has done what was expected of them. They cleansed the Indian black money through demonetisation and achieved all milestones that the best of the bests could be expected to do. Modi 1.0 had a setback as it was under them that ‘money’ thieves and scamsters of UPA govt times like Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksy were able to flee the country with huge sums of public funds siphoned out. Despite these few set-backs, Modi govt performed reasonably well. That was the reason why BJP-led NDA was re-elected in 2019.

Modi 2.0 started very promisingly when they brought the CAA and abrogated article 370 that no previous govt could have even dreamt of. We were all so proud of the new govt to have done so. Nation felt that another ‘Iron Man’ as the new Home Minister has arrived after 7 decades. All were wishing that soon the ‘Common Civil Code’ may also be a reality…something that even Supreme Court of India had expressed sometimes back.

BUT>>>>>>The euphoria seemed short-lived. Home Minister has let India to slide in to anarchy through various sponsored protests and vandalism…something that his political opponents have been long aspiring for.

The weakness seemed to be cropping essentially from the law and order point of views. Amit Shah, started becoming weak. He permitted anti-nationals and Pro-Jihadist forces to reign supreme. Our ignorant elderly-youth Rahul Gandhi gave ammo to the anti-Indian forces incl Pakistan in Aug 2021 saying “civilians are being killed by Security Forces in Kashmir”, whereas the fact was that not a single bullet was fired by the security forces all those weeks and months.

Anti-CAA Protests

Opposition Congress party & Muslim leaders protested at Jantar Mantar against the CAA. Sonia Gandhi at Ramleela maidan on 14 Dec 2019 incited the people through her address to the crowds “Time has come to save the country” this is ‘aar-paar kee ladaai”. At the same venue Priyanka Gandhi misled the Muslims saying “CAA will put you in detention camps”. Rahul Gandhi asked them “come on roads, Congress would be with you” and this is what started the violent protests by the Muslim groups in Delhi the next day in which several police stations and vehicles were burnt by the Muslim protesters. The same day the TMC cadre led mostly by Muslims burnt 5 trains in Murshidabad of Bengal. Congress leaders of Assam led the protests by the radicals. In Kerala the hell broke loose when the Jihadists duly supported by Commies ruled the streets. In fact, all Muslim dominated districts and areas of India became a flash point of the anti-CAA protests.

Amit Shah clearly failed to notice a nexus between the indulging anti-CAA protesters and Khalistani elements supporting the farmers’ protests. Sikh and Hindu were the worst persecuted minorities of Afghanistan and Pakistan who were permitted home in India but without citizenship rights during the previous multiple governments. They were the ones who needed the CAA the most. CAA to those Afgh-Pak migrants in India were promised by none other than Gandhiji and all subsequent Congress govts. Then why should any Hindu or Sikh protest against CAA? There was surely a ploy behind…of the opposition’s Muslim Vote Bank policy. Many Khalistani activist saw an opportune moment to strike unrest in India. Several foreign funds in-flow were found linked to the protesters and their movements, their many Shaheenbaghs.

Muslim dominated areas of India saw the worst kind of violent protests and arsons…of burning govt properties, police stations, attacking police personnel, intimidating innocent Hindu passerby and even lynching some…Kerala and Bengal being totally in the grip of the Jihadi-Maoist nexus. Several student leaders in Kerala who tried to apprise the people of the real intent behind the CAA, were beaten mercilessly by the Commi goons. The protest continued for months. Every radical Muslim leader and some so-called liberals and Communist leaders found a platform to voice anti-India, anti-Modi, anti-Hindu sentiments and slogans like “Tukde-tukde, Pakistan zindabad, Free-Kashmir, ‘Sanatani (Hindu) ko Jute maro’ were heard incl those by the Communist students leaders of JNU and some others too. The cowards put their women in the front and then carried out the anti-national chants at all the Shaheenbaghs, all protest sites. The Hindu majority nation tolerated all these insults in silence during the anti-CAA protest days. Imagine if a similar chant of “Islamiyon ko Jute maro” was chanted in Pakistan after the several abductions, rapes and murders of the minorities by the Muslims. Possibly the Muslims would have burnt alive all minorities…but the cold-blooded Hindu and Modi govt of India remained mute to such chants in India.

All these emboldened the courage of the anti-nationals who forwarded a new claim…”paper nahi dikhayenge…” in order to protect their illegal Muslim brethren from Bangladesh…some 4-5 Cr of them feeding illegally on Indian resources. They were being especially inhabited in Bengal, Jharkhand, Jammu & Kashmir, Delhi, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Kerala. This shows the readiness of the opposition political parties of India to indulge on anti-nationalism for the sake of Muslim votes; and the Union Govt of Modi is unable to act firmly against them. In fact, the Union Govt is unable to restrict issuance of important Identity cards like “Aadhar, Driving License, Voter IDs, Passport” based on fake/forged IDs to them. These fake/forged IDs such as ‘Ration Card, residential IDs, State Govt Photo IDs/ Service IDs, certificate by MLAs / village Panchayats, electricity & water bills, LPG connection, NREGS job cards etc are being facilitated by the party workers of the ruling political parties in those State. It is our misfortune that we have no dearth of tainted Govt Servants who for peanuts, are ready to sell our nation. They issue fake document. Local police are complicit and complacent. Once the fake IDs and residential proofs are furnished, they readily claim all rights of citizen of India.

Muslim factor in Creating Anarchy

Muslims of India also demonstrated their resolve to defeat Indian Govt’s attempt in curtailing the spread of Covid19 pandemic through various measures of “Test, Trace and Treat” the vulnerable groups. We witnessed Corona Jihad when the Muslims contacts of Covid cases refuged being being tested and isolated. We witnessed attacks on Covid health Warriors, we saw Muslim contacts isolated in quarantine centres misbehaving with nurses, doctors. We witnessed mutely the “Spit Jihad” wherein the Muslim food shops or delivery boys contaminated their deliverable articles to Hindus with their spit…and the agony of the public was that if someone rejected delivery from Muslims in opposition ruled state, they would be jailed. Shiv Sena govt did it in Maharashtra. The Muslims also openly refused registering their mobile to ‘Arogya Sethu’ for fear of being detected. Radical Muslims of India have amply demonstrated through their anti-CAA and their acts against Covid19 pandemic measures, that they will hurt the interest of India and Indians. Of course, the opposition ruled state govts remained indifferent to it…and law & order being state subject, Amit Shah could not do anything.

The author regrets quoting the word “Muslim” knowing fully that near 60% Muslims of India are peace-loving, not indulging in the activities of the radicals, Jihadists and the anti-nationals. But they neither speak nor take stand against the radicals. As a result, in any of the radical organised protests, they often find compelled to join for the fears of being singled out. Hence, they are there in those groups, act as a homogenous group in the name of Islam, even if unwillingly.

Farmer’s Protests causing Anarchy

The next action paralysis of the union home minister Amit Shah was seen during farmers’ protests when they wanted to invade Delhi. They marched on tractors, trollies, lorries with enough supplies and supplements to endure for months. It was soon apparent that it was a criminal-infested Protest partly funded by the Khalistanis from abroad. They illegally occupied and obstructed the national highways that caused severe distress to the citizen. The union home minister was unable to act decisively either to diffuse the situation or to keep the highway open.

The 3 Farm laws that should have brought smiles on the faces of the farmers, was let to become a thorn in the flesh of Modi Govt. The middlemen and rich farmers of Punjab and Haryana misled the nation that the farm laws will take away their land. Their agenda seemed to be misplaced from day-1. At the protest site, they had put-up flexies/banners of tainted persons of CAA and Jihadi attacks to be released from the jails as one of the reasons of the protests. Islamists and Communists tried to reciprocate for the Sikh favours during their anti-CAA protests by extending support. Luckily, the farmers did some rethinking and avoided mixing the Islamist issues with own protest. However, anti-national elements were surely within it that reflected when they invaded Delhi roads on Republic Day causing mayhem, injured several policemen and desecrated the National flag at the ramparts of the Red Fort. Anger of the nation against the anti-nationals was palpable. On that account all those miscreants leading the protests should have been put behind the bars and the uncalled for, illegal protest could have ended but the home ministry did not act firmly.

It was highly condemnable the way the 3 Farm laws were brought. Union Agriculture minister totally lacked sensitivity, tact and maturity in taking the farmers in confidence. The result is the ongoing lawlessness created by the middlemen-cum-rich farmers of Punjab and Haryana duly supported by political vultures of Congress and Communist. In UP, Samajwadi party has also started sailing in the troubled waters. Of late, Congress has openly been acknowledging that they are supporting the farmers’ protests. Now it seems to be a fight of opposition party against the NDF govt led by the BJP and the farmers are only being used as medium.

The protest has also got the Sikh and Gurudwara sympathy because of the middlemen & rich farmers being involved (refer Nation witnessed damages being caused to the Telecom/Mobile phone towers by Sikhs in Punjab. The so-called farmers’ protests have gradually turned in to anti-BJP protest. Their intolerance was evident when they attacked BJP leaders, corporators and BJP meeting in Haryana. They physically attacked BJP candidates in Punjab Panchayat elections and prevented their canvassing. We also witnessed it in Bengal elections where Tikait & Co were seen doing anti-BJP campaigning. BJP MLAs and MPs have been attacked by them. Of late, they have been expressing their sentiments openly that the fight is against BJP. Recently the farmers resorted to lynching of BJP workers in Lakhimpur, UP after 2 protesters were killed in accident of a BJP motorcade.

Anti-BJP violence in Bengal

The next lawlessness was being demonstrated in Bengal elections as a fore-runner when TMC cadre attacked BJP national presidents convoy in Kolkata. The worst was after the completion of the polls when the security forces returned from the polling areas and TMC cadre attacked the BJP workers and voters who voted for them. They brazenly intimated them, their houses were burnt some who protested, were killed and many of their women molested and raped. It was a hell in Bengal. State govt was sen crying hearing their plights. It seemed to be a purely jungle raj. BJP workers and Hindu from many areas of Bengal fled to the adjoining Assam. BJP president Nadda, Union Home Minister Amit Shah, PM Modi and the President of India remained mute spectators…as if the Genocide of Kashmiri Pandits were being re-enacted on the Hindu of Bengal. Ange among many sections of Hindu were simmering. Everyone wondered why BJP has become coward; why they can’t protect their own cadre. They also felt if BJP workers could be intimated in TMC dominated areas, why TMC goons could not be intimated in BJP dominated localities. If BJP worker’s women could be molested why not TMC workers or their leader Mamata? Clearly BJP didn’t learn lessons from TMC goons ( Why the President of India and the Chief Election Commission could not protect the voters who chose to vote for a particular political party. Every official who had the responsibility to protect the common Bangali Hindu citizen as well as every constitutional heads of the nation must be hanging their heads in shame as to why they could not protect the lives and honour of the Bengali citizen.

Increasing Trend of Vandalism

Peaceful protest by any national or group is one thing and vandalism is totally other. Of late, the protesting groups are increasingly resorting to vandalism because of non-action against them. It was evident in a recent govt decision to postpone the paddy procurement by 10 days when the middlemen-cum-rich farmers’ group attacked Haryana BJP ministers house. Most of these protesters are politically affiliated groups of mostly Sikhs and some others having political allegiance to Congress, Communist and Samajwadi party. Amit Shah knows that the protests seem to be largely politically motivated to show down the Modi govt. Tikait has been misusing the farmers for quite some time. He has been issuing dictats and threats as if he is running a parallel govt. He keeps calling the protesters congregations at different places at will…without govt permission…without showing any respect to law and order whatsoever. Farmers groups are showing arrogance to even the Supreme Court of India which is hearing the farmers’ issues.

It is true that BJP is mostly of the nationalists, of all religions, of all castes but the majority of their cadres are Hindu. There was a time when Jan Sangh and the initial BJP was represented mostly by the upper caste Hindu but the Modi Govt has most of it cadres from all castes proportionately represented. Modi govt’s outreach to the poors through various welfare schemes are undoubtedly without any discrimination. Yet, the opposition keeps yelling lies. Development of India is not going well for our neighbors. Our Congress & Communist parties are also getting increasingly uncomfortable with it…Congress because they could not do it; Communist because they will have no more reason for opposing the new kind of socialism. Congress is also fighting for survival because most of their leaders at top have been caught for corruption, frauds, scams for which they are surviving on bails. Further, the major powers of the world are not pleased with Modi’s “Atm-Nirbhar Bharat’. They will try to derail it for their own good. Our above political outfits will be ready to bite their baits.

The desperation among the opposition parties esp Congress and Communist remaining out of power at Centre for long, are getting extreme. Although many of the regional opposition parties have their govts in own states, they all would like to have a say at the Centre too. Lack of tact and political inclusivity of BJP is unable to harness their confidence and cooperation. As a result, most of the regional parties in governance at the State levels are directly or indirectly supporting the national level opposition parties. It has been alleged for long that Congress, Communist and Radical Muslim and Christians are getting funds from abroad for disruptive activities in India. It is possible that these in-flow of foreign funds will continue or even increase in future. Our own people will be lured to indulge in disruptive activities as many are believed to be on the payee roll of the Chinese, Islamic nations and some Missionaries. They will try to indulge in any activities that may show the popular Modi Govt in poor light both within and internationally and cause its downfall.

Here comes the role of the Home Minister of India. Knowing that the opposition political groups are hell bent on paralysing the nation through the various protests, blockades, vandalism and disruptions, the union govt should have dealt with all of them firmly right since he knew of it. It is believed that many of the present lot of cabinet ministers lack tact and inclusivity. Hence, being in governance, Modi must take initiatives to utilise its resources of more tactful leaders waiting in its flanks. He has to take the maximum people and political parties along with him otherwise, disruptions will become a rule in India.

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