Pseudo-secularism in India

We, the People and Pseudo-Seculars of India

(The author acknowledges that most of the Muslims of the world are peace-loving. However, their views & voices are kept hostage by the radicals/extremists/terrorist Jihadists. Further, it is clarified that Quran is one of the best literature that inculcates brotherhood among Muslims BUT it also sows the seeds of hatred & intolerance against non-Muslims).

We, the People…

The present generation of Indians has nothing much to worry about politico-religious upheavals as they largely remain aloof of the challenges before India. In 2015 Modi govt suggested chanting/reading preamble of our Constitution as mandatory but its implementation remained either shaky or became a parrots’ chants. Govt made singing the National anthem compulsory but a group of fanatics claimed it violated their religious sanctity. A particular section of religion has made up its mind to object one and all moves of the govt for nationalism. However, the generation older who used to be taught the preambles of the Indian constitution in the school assemblies and practiced it in letter and spirit, does have problems. We were made to believe that the constitution is equal for all and that there is no discrimination on any of the basis of religion, caste, creed, region, languages and so on. The biggest problems of unwavering faiths among the strong nationalists like many of the Armed Forces personnel are after their retirement when are faced with the realities, of the duplicity in preaching and practices. Contrary to the preamble of the constitution, there is a stark reality of social divisions among religions, castes and linguistics. Exceptions apart, the Hindu majority of India are taught to follow secularism while AIMPLB preaches their community to follow Quran which as per many, is grossly violating the fundamental rights (read “Gross violations of Fundamental Rights”,

A blind belief in the constitution creates another folly that gives validity to the AIMPLB, preaching blatant discrimination on the basis of religion. They behave like a particular type of bird that closes its eyes when face to face with perceived dangers. There are further groups of communities whose religious affairs, some in sharp contrast to the ethos of Indian constitutions, are administered by institutions and organisations abroad, not bound by Indian constitution. Yet another discrimination is caste-based rights gone to the extent that is creating divisions. Similarly, battle-lines have been drawn in some of the southern States on the basis of languages. Further, there are self-acclaimed liberals, or more appropriately, Pseudo-Liberals misusing the concept of ‘freedom of expression’ contained in articles 19-22 of the Constitution. Thus there are several contrasting principles and practices of the Indians under “Pseudo-Secular” principles and practices of the Constitution.

What is Secularism?

Let us briefly touch upon secularism which is often misunderstood by numerous many, especially the ‘Vote-bank’ politicians. There was a time when Muslims talking about their own community’s welfare and Islamic activities were considered secular and any Hindu talking of Hindus was chided as communal. Secularism has varying definitions, is a process in which “Religion should be separate from the State and not play a role in the governance”. However, Congress party of India gave a different meaning to Secularism. The Nehruvian secularism was meant to appeasement of Muslims in the name of the minority. He directly interfered in the drafting of the Constitution by bringing in special provisions for religious minorities in articles 29-30. Mrs Indira Gandhi added a new dimension to provide many provisions in the State functioning exclusively for Muslim minorities through AIMPLB in the governance/public administration, Hinduism has been excluded. In practice however, Christianity and Sikhism too have been permitted to have a say in public administration at different levels. The constitution of India is also vague on defining religious minorities esp pertaining to their percentage population, community living, role of preachers in day-to-day activities and involvement of the community/leaders in its affairs. It may be realized that Muslims form a high percentage, live mostly in community ghettos and come to the assistance of most members of the community when in problems. Hindus are the most disorganized in these parameters and despite being in minorities in numerous sub-divisional and district levels, are considered as majority community.

All must realise that Hindus are peace-loving community, secular in true meaning and that is why other religions are not only surviving but thriving too, some even proliferating. If Hindus start behaving like Islamists, all alien faiths and religions of India will disappear in the same way religious minorities have disappeared from the 47 Islamic nations. It is a known fact Pan-India that no member of a minority is ever threatened by the Hindu majority in a society whereas the Muslim majority in any society starts posing threats to the properties and honour of any other communities in their vicinities, often compelling them to convert or flee. This must cease else retaliation will take place.

Genesis of the Pseudos…

Who are these Seculars…or rather Pseudo-Seculars to be more precise? Some are the known ‘Gentlemen’ of the Armed Forces and some other govt services apparently having high moral grounds. They believe in what have been preached and have strong inhibitions of looking anywhere beyond. While in-service or after having earned the reputation of ‘veterans’, they assume/presume that the world is where it was. They have apparently isolated themselves from the ongoing changes among communities, societies and the nation. They have self-imposed ‘horse tacks’ on their eyes from seeing the current facts of the changing surroundings. As gentlemen, they were told to be good citizen adopting Gandhi’s three principles of his famous monkeys…” of don’t see bad, don’t hear bad and don’t speak bad…..” despite the bad elements being present and ever increasing in one’s surroundings, communities, societies and the nation. In a democracy, everyone has freedom to form own opinion and express it within the limits given in the fundamental rights.

These Pseudo-Seculars knowingly disbelieve the ongoing changes in the religious demography like proliferating cancer by virtue of discriminatory formation of Muslim Personal Law Board. Very few know that this proliferation is a form of Jihad (Jihad-ud-Dawa) towards Pan-Islamism. This cannot be accepted in India where majority Hindu is bearing the brunt. Hindus have no nation to flee. These pseudo-secularists believe that by behaving like Gandhi’s three monkeys, the Cancer will not grow. They knowingly disbelieve the hard facts that the communal cancer has caused many recent genocides…of Kashmiri Pandits in 1990, of Americans in 9/11, of we Indians in 26/11, of Yezidis in 2014, of Christian Phillipinos of Marawi in 2017 and the list goes on. If you close your eyes from the growing radicalism in your nation, you are a good citizen in the eyes of pseudo-seculars and if you observe all those ills, you are bad. These were the notions in British periods and many in our Armed Forces bear strong bond with such beliefs, the reason why the Colonial customs and practices are often practiced in the Armed Forces even now.

The Donkey in the Room

Whether we acknowledge or not, Islam has a clear agenda of converting others since its foundation in 7th century…through “Convert, Flee or Die”, committing complete genocides of the Arabian Tribes (read “Hate, intolerance, Bigotry and Fascism of Islam and the Global Caliphate”, They extended their genocidal game towards Parsis, Jews and Christians too when a slap on their face came in the form of Crusades which had some other reasons too. Our ‘gentlemen’ may not speak against Islamic fascism of the past and present, that enabled them to create 47 Islamic nations that they feel proud of (read ‘New Islamo-fascism in the World’, Today if one Indian speaks of a single “Hindu Rashtra”, the pseudo-secularists get agitated, start barking and don’t hesitate in labelling them communal. Have no doubt that the Monotheists are hell-bent to convert the ‘broad-minded, non-suspecting Hindus’. One such monotheistic religion has >175 demonic Jihadi organisations all over the world, killing mostly the believers of other religions & faiths (read ‘Major Jihadi Attacks in the World’, The net effect of the hate inculcated through Quran can be seen the numerous Jihadi attacks. It is so unfortunate that with so much of blood spilled by the Jihadists, the pseudo-secularists of the world still opt to remain silent like the 3 monkeys.

It will be inhuman to overlook the increasingly unfolding realities in which the world is fast turning to hell, of becoming a lawless, barbaric killing field…be it Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Sahel region, many African nations esp Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan, Congo, Ethiopia, Eritrea and so on. In recent decades, this ‘cancer’ has engulfed Kosovo part of Serbia, and gradually engulfing Jammu-Kashmir/Kerala/West Bengal and Assam parts of India too. The pseudo-secularists are not only among us but also at the UN/UNHRC, wearing religiously-tinted glasses, unable to see the ongoing genocides of Hindu/Sikh/Christians in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and the Middle East (read ‘Muted UNHRC Response Encouraging Genocides’, This is why the author doesn’t hesitate to single out Islam as an intolerant and fascist faith; and ‘Quran’ as hate-preaching literature based on reasons and facts (read ‘Factual Islamophobia in the World”,; “Is Quran a Source of hate & Intolerance?”,

Most non-Muslims the world over can see the very clear and unambiguous communal agenda of Islamic Jihadists intended towards their objectives of a global caliphate. It makes no difference whether we want to see or not. It interrupts their activities when voices are raised against them initiating actions by the law & order machinery. There comes the role of pseudo-secularists of behaving like the 3 monkeys. This follows Newton’s 1st law of motion, setting inertia. So the pseudo-secularism of nation has nearly brought us back to the stage when the so-called ‘peace-loving community’ before partition declared “Muslims are the nation in themselves and cannot live under other” resulting in the partition of India on the basis of religion.

The Ethos of Pseudo-Secularism

They believe that conspiracies are being fostered only against the minorities, they are hard-headed to deny acceptance of communal angles causing past divisions of India; and hard-headed enough to accept that the seeds of the separatism are quietly germinating in the soils that we call mother India. They are hard-headed to deny accepting and understand that India is…and may remain…secular only if Hindus are in majority. They are hard-headed to deny accepting that post-partition, the religious demography of India has been changing reasonably faster at the cost of majority Hindu community. Is he/she a religious liberal having equal faith in other religions? Does he/she have an ideology against the majoritarian? Is he/she an individual rising above a narrow view-points on castes, creeds, race or religion? Who are they?

The pseudo-seculars and religious pseudo-liberals are in plenty in India. Most of them have their own vote-bank/political/religious interests. There are some gentlemen too who must not be blamed for having limited views. It is unworthy to name them but many of them do have significant influence on others’ opinions through various means incl print and digital media. They may also include media persons with clear biases, political leaning or of 'paid opinions'. Many NGOs of taint, politically funded rights groups and Amnesty groups funded from abroad are the culprits. Most of their narratives are against the political decisions of the government. Let us examine some of their recent narratives: -

  • Hindu ideology-oriented groups are targeting minorities of India. After Modi Govt came to the power in 2014, some fringe Hindu groups became active in many states where cow-slaughter was banned. The Cows form a motherly sentiment in Hinduism right from Vedic period and that sentiment is strong. Some of the past govts banned cow slaughter but its implementations were slackened owing to Muslim 'vote-bank' politics of some political parties. It is true that many of the groups adopted vigilantism against cow traders and slaughters. There were several attacks on the suspects and some were lynched too. All indulgent were brought before law and none were spared. Another Hindu emotional issue was the illegal religious conversions to Islam and Christianity; and some attacks were mounted on the perpetrators indulging in conversions. It did become a do or die debate topic for the media but seldom any pseudo-liberal talked of the causes behind such attacks. there was many lynching of Hindus by the Muslims too but hardly any media talked of it. Anger among Hindus in the present times is growing against the destruction of many of their revered ancient temples and mass conversions esp in Andhra and Tamilnadu mooted through the respective Christian groups under the Christian CMs. Respective govts will be wiser to redress the issues. There are several barbaric attacks by Muslims on Hindus in West Bengal, Kerala for which respective govts are indulging 'Muslim vote-bank' politics (read ‘Hinduphobia in Telinipara’ The Counterviews; Issue 2:11; pp-7;; and “Hate against Hindus, Hinduism and Hindutva”,
  • Modi Govt is anti-Minorities. This narrative is a common rant these days by the numerous so-called pseudo-seculars and pseudo-liberals with clear anti-Hindu stands. Leaving out exceptions, majority of Muslims in India are either averse or indifferent to Hindus for whatever reasons. For them Islam comes first and then the nation they live. A handful of them are radicals & jihadists dictating terms. Others are sympathisers or ordinary Muslims who don’t raise voice against the radicals. Their clerics and hardliners are believed to incite them towards post-namaz stone-pelting, mob-violence etc. The many killings by the jihadist are believed to have been masterminded by someone else. Why it is that Muslims go against laid-down laws on Azan, Hijab, Namaz at public places? Where is Modi govt targeting them? Major parts of Modi govt sops be it Ujjwala, housing, ‘Gareeb kalyan’ have gone to the Muslims by population comparison. Modi govt is critical of the illegal Bangladeshis and Rohingyas and wants them identified and deported but the opposition parties are sheltering them, providing with fake documents for claiming citizenship. There is hardly anything to suggest that Modi govt is harassing Muslims. However, Modi govt takes pride in conveying that they are not doing “Muslim appeasement” that many political parties are indulging for the vote.

The Burning Fire

It is an inconvenient fact that Islam is intolerant towards other religions. Today it is virtually at war with most others, incl some sects of own religion. It can be seen that religious minorities have virtually become extinct in almost all Islamic nations. Even in recent years their hate against others is reflected through naked violence of Human Rights to which even United Nations has largely turned blind eyes. As late as 1990s Muslims committed Genocide of Hindu Pandits and made them flee out of Kashmir to save their honour and dignity (Looking Back at Ralive, Tsalive ya Galive : January 1990 Genocide of Kashmiri Pandits; We are seeing this happening in many parts of the world where Muslims are either in majority or in substantial numbers, be it Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Syria, Egypt, Sudan, CAR, Somalia, Nigeria and so on. The radical Islamic groups committing such crimes number >175 with different names such as Al-Qaida, JuD, LeT, Taliban, ISIS, Boko-Haram, Al-Shabab, Ansar-al-Sharia, Abu Sayyaf, M23 and so on…... They are all based on “Jihad” as one of the seven tenets of Islam permitting such atrocities. Our pseudo-secularists don’t want to see them. There are radicals among other religions too but they hardly have violent intent of killings. Long back some Christian radical groups did indulge in violence in North-East India but they are inactive now. Of late, one-odd isolated radical Hindu groups have emerged for retaliating the Islamic violence and various indulgence in illegal conversions of Hindus but they far and few.

>175 Islamic terrorist organisations

In India itself, several sub-divisions and districts have gradually become Muslim dominated and the Hindus are either persecuted or made to flee. This is the reason why the Indian Religions having suffered immensely in the hands of medieval Muslim rulers....are ever critical of Muslim numerical dominance in their neighbourhood. Seldom any Muslim flees from a Hindu-dominated area but it is a fact that Hindu feel unsafe in Muslim-dominated localities for their honour and safety and do consider fleeing. There is a wide feeling among Hindus & Sikhs that Islam (or Muslims) is incompatible for peaceful & harmonious coexistence. Under such Hindu-Muslim suspicious co-living, the % of increasing Muslims in any society becomes a matter of concern. Muslims in India have grown 5-folds since partition against 3-fold increase of Hindus and others. Muslims are rapidly proliferating with decadal population growth rate 150% of the Hindus as per 2011 census of India. Hindus have already become a minority in 12 districts of India besides J&K. Muslims are changing the religious demography of India at the cost of Hindus. These are the reasons why any religious conversion to Islam is frowned upon.

The Real Pseudo-Secularists of India

All surreptitious activities of Nehru-Indira for garnering Muslim support and indulging in the ‘vote-bank’ appeasement politics could be linked to the origin of Pseudo-secularism. The real pseudo-secularists are the true Congress ideologues, accepting to ignore Hindu Interests from pre-independence periods when Jamat-e-Islamia was actively reshaping the contemporary societies to favour Muslims. They also remained indifferent to Jamat efforts colluding with British to suit Muslims. This mindset of Nehruvian Congress continued as ‘Muslim vote-bank’ protagonists after independence too. Congress party positioned itself as the champions of ‘Muslim causes’ in Hindu majority India essentially to garner their votes. Traditionally Muslim blindly follow the dictum of their clerics and during elections too, their Fatwas carried enmasse instructions to votes for a particular political party. Earlier only Congress party was the beneficiary but later other political outfits too started Muslim appeasement politics and tested various grades of success. Lalu and Mulayam Yadav's RJD & SP with an unholy 'M-Y' alliance, Mayawati’s Dalit-Muslim Bhai-Bhai, Mamata Banerji’s ‘Bangla Manush’ for the illegal Bangladeshi & Rohingya Muslims are some of the examples. Since the leaders of most of these ‘family parties’ are Hindus, the competition for the appeasements ran ethically low, often against national interest when their party workers colluded with administration to provide the illegal migrants with fake documents, providing citizenship in return for vote. It is unfortunate that Muslim & Christian clerics are paid handsome salaries by these political parties ignoring Hindus. Hindu temples are often kept hostage by these administrations but not the Islamic or Christian places of worships. Earnings from Hindu temples are re-distributed among Muslims & Christians but not vice-versa. Like these, these are several discriminatory favouritism shown to them. Larger the % of Muslims in any state, the larger the ‘vote-bank’ clouts…..Bengal, Kerala, Assam, Bihar, UP, Andhra, Maharashtra and MP being in the fore-front.

Most narratives made on TV-media by the so-called pseudo-secularists, are nothing but Hindu/Modi bashing tactics of some individuals having clear leaning or affiliations towards ‘vote-bank’ political parties. Plenty of pseudo-political liberalism have been written and said against Modi Govt during and before the Lok Sabha elections of 2019. Many of these pseudo-seculars had made forecasts of Modi Govt dividing India in his first 5 years. However, we see the reverse, that India has far strengthened in all spheres be it economy, foreign policy, defence, industries, development and so on. It only seems that fear-mongering is their business for which they make headlines in the leading newspapers and media houses either for the sake of self-portraying or mud-slinging on the adversaries and opponents and in turn, getting paid with Muslim votes for it. They all know how to sell the hotcakes of “anti-Modi, anti-Hindu or anti-India rants” that there is a huge market of buyers, both within and abroad. Even the High Courts of India had acknowledged the presence of pseudo-secuarists in India. They are present at all levels of our society and thriving in their business.

Gijarat HC points to presence of pseudo-secularists

Concluding Thoughts

India that opted for secularism after independence, has many contradictions in its constitution itself defeating the very basis of secularism. Islam has been given a foothold in the Constitution through AIMPLB that influences and reshapes State policies and administration. Churches are administered from Rome. Sikh being a new faith, does have some influence on the local administration. Only Hinduism is prevented from having influence. In true sense, Indian constitution is not secular.

The pseudo-seculars are a distinct group who are ready to fall to any low to garner some Muslim electoral votes. ‘Muslim Vote-bank’ groups of politicians are revered pseudo-secularists in India. They are ready to enact any pro-Muslim policies often offending the interests of the native Hindus. This group of individuals are particularly averse to seeing or hearing the anti-Hindu activities indulged by radical Islamists or Christians. These groups are also supported by some biased NGOs and international organizations funded from abroad. The pseudo-secularists also try to form false narratives to influence others. These acts were earlier kept under carpets but in the vibrant democracy of Modi’s India, people do talk of these evils to which the pseudo-secularists get upset.

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