World’s Oldest Democracy Has Flawed Voting Process

Who could have imagined that the world’s oldest Democracy, the USA has flawed voting process? All those days the then President Donald Trump kept complaining of fraud but hardly any one among the Democrats gave a damn to it. Now it can be understood why. After the Federal Election Commission’s approach was frawned upon, many have started seeing the logic. Trump alleged that illegal voters’ ballots were permitted knowingly and counted too. He kept calling but those in the positions ignored his call. Their Federal Election Commission should have taken the alleged complaints seriously whatever trivial it might have appeared, and investigated transparently. But that did not happen. The Complainant himself was asked to present credible evidence of irregularity…something which was questionable. Trump supporters however, have no doubt that fraud was committed in the voting. Even if one dead man’s vote was cast, it should have called for serious investigation. However, it is understood that there were numerous dubious votes casted by fraud and the reason for this allegation by Trump is not difficult to be seen.

Now the Republican Party in Georgia and some other States have brought a law with 3 essential amendments. Firstly, getting rid of the ‘Automatic Voter Registration’ at the time of making driving license. Driving license may not be absolute proof of citizenship. Secondly, they are making the voter Photo ID mandatory for voting so that no one else can vote for others and thirdly, getting rid of the much debated ‘no excuse’ voting in absentia. One can see the reason behind annoyance among the Democrats. President Biden himself came to media to allege that it has been done with the purpose to keep the black voters away from the voting right. So in a way, it confirms that illegal voters are voting in America.

On a lighter note, it compares with the illegal Bangladeshi and Rohingya Muslims in some of the Indian states whom some of the political parties use as ‘Vote Bank’. But…there is a difference. Some of the anti-national and Communal politicians provide the illegal migrants with fake documents on the condition that they will vote for them. Then these political groups approach the corrupt govt officials for fake photo identities…Aadhar Card, Driving License, Passports etc just for few bucks. With these IDs they approach the election commission for registering them as voters and to issue Voter IDs. The officials of the Election Commission seldom has any clue to know if the Photo IDs were fake. Hence, in the Indian Electoral System, all voters are genuinely registered based on the IDs and these IDs are required to be produced at the time of voting. It is a must otherwise; he/she may be denied voting.

Taking the above argument in to the USA context, why should Biden frown on any State to make the ID or Voter ID mandatory? There seems to be a case for Trump to believe that numerous illegal voters might have voted in the December 2020 US elections. Biden’s’ discomfort and rant against Georgia Law almost confirms it. Just like India, there seems to be large numbers of mainly black and coloured migrants having bogus voting rights.

World’s oldest democracy seems to be lagging behind in freeing the voters from any allurement…be that transporting them to the election booth, providing any refreshments or any other type of favors. Indian Election Commission too has imposed these restrictions. So, why not US? Why should Biden led Democrats cry foul? There apparently seems to be many twists & turns in the story of the US Electoral Laws that meets the eyes.

Another issue in the US Electoral Laws that caught the eyes of world democracies, was the relaxation of time period for the casting, receiving and counting of the postal ballots. These were the ballots that changed the fate of Trump. All democracies have a cut-off time when the postal ballots could be received. US Federal Election Commission possibly has blundered on it. Either there has to be a law to mandate 100% polling…over whatever stretch of time it may take in whatever form, or there has to be a cut-off period that almost all democracies including the largest democracy of the world follows. Surely, there seems to be many grey areas in US electoral system.

It is time for the USA Election Commission to rectify the errors prevalent in their system that induces electoral malpractices. Illegal voters cannot be permitted to vote in any democracy.

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