Civilians killed in Bucca Ukraine

Zelensky Sacrificing Ukraine for Own Ego

The news coming out of Ukrainian controlled media has been disturbing for days and weeks. Town after towns, city after cities are being put to ruins. After Zelenksy asked its citizens of age 18-60 yrs to pick-up guns, rockets and missiles to fight the Russians from own apartments and places, retaliatory firing on them by the Russians have been devastating. Russian artillery and Tanks are targeting those residential apartments. As Russian Tanks were increasingly becoming vulnerable to the shoulder-fired javelin missiles, those cities received missile attacks. As a result, apartment after apartments have been flattened with collateral human deaths and injuries. While Russians invading Ukraine can never be justified, Russian retaliatory fires on the residential areas were believed to have been uncontrolled knowing that elderly, women and children had been evacuated to Europe.

There are also reports that many of the Ukrainian cities had military Air Defence elements of Radars and missiles hidden within the residential areas where anti-Radiation missiles from Russian fighter jets are known to have targeted. Ballistic or Cruise missiles falling on the Radar and missile targets in the city centres must have been devastating, flattening many other buildings in the neighbourhood too. The visuals, both videos and stills, unsubstantiated by any neutral agencies though, are appalling. Russia seems to be punishing Ukrainian civilians to the same extent as that of their military…and all these only because those innocent people have picked up arms incited by his President. It is unimaginable why Zelensky wants to remain in his chair, garnering wide publicity in western nations and their media, addressing the parliaments and meetings in several countries and so on, at the cost of his nationals and nation. For Zelensky, the comedian, it is a dream come true. He could never have dreamt that he will be such famous and sought after person in Europe and USA, by standing against the super power of yester years, the Russian Military forces.

While most are questioning Russian alacrity to attack a sovereign nation Ukraine, numerous many have also started questioning Zelensky’s decision to put his innocent civilians to perils by asking them to pick-up arms against the strong Russian Army. Didn’t the naïve President of Ukraine know that no one will be able to come to his rescue in the event of war. His military advisors would have known of the plights of numerous many other weaker nations going to wars including Armania (Nagorno-Karabakh), Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Tigray and several others. They should have known that any of the P5 members of the UN Security Council members will not permit ceasefire. They should have known that NATO and Russia have another inverse equation… of any confrontation whatever brief, to conflagrate to become Nuclear. None of the European nations will risk this. This may not harm USA immediately, but the smaller European/NATO countries in the backyard of Russia could be annihilated and perish. It is questionable why Zelensky should not do the course correction after NATO nations have made it crystal clear that they will not engage directly with Russian forces in Ukraine. It suits NATO…to find a battleground in Ukraine… to inflict damages and wounds to Russia without their single soldier being killed. It is Ukrainian soldiers being killed as well as the poor civilians who have picked up arms. US-led NATO will be glad and too eager to supply their weapons to Ukraine in order to destroy Russian military hardware. UNSC is proving to be a white elephant and the UN Secretary-General a useless person (Open letter to UN Secretary General;

There is another blunder Zelensky has done…so as to have invited foreign fighters and mercenaries to its land even before the war. This provided Russians with an excuse to call/permit the brutal, inhuman Chechen fighters and Middle-East-Syrian Jihadists to fight against the Ukrainians. The result is before us…of the genocide being committed by them in the streets of Bucca, Hostamal and other cities from where Russian troops have withdrawn.

It is also known that the Chechens are fighting from both sides… Russians as well as the Ukrainians. Zelensky has put his foot in own mouth… in that he will never be able to prove that Russians have killed unarmed people. For all practical purposes, Russians will claim that they have retaliated against the civilians firing on them from their residential apartments and that brutal murders/genocides could have been committed by own Chechen Jihadists. World knows that the Jihadists don’t like other non-Islamic religions…and Ukrainians are staunch supporters of Christianity, whichever sects it might be. We know how inhuman the Pakistani, Afghan Jihadists and Terrorists are in their own land as well as elsewhere like Kashmir where they don’t hesitate in raping and killing the local Muslims. Chechen Jihadists are known to be even more Brutal. In all probability, it is the deeds of those Chechens (of Russian or Ukrainian sides) that we see among the Bucca civilians. There are also reports of rapes of women and children before the murders.

In spite of all these happening, Zelensky seems to be defiant. He wants more of his civilians incl the untrained militia, volunteer gunmen, the women and the children be sacrificed before he gives up his ego, hollow rhetoric to join NATO. Isn’t Zelensky behaving like a vulture, making his civilians to perish in the fire of his ego? Whom is he trying to protect? His citizen, who are being massacred because they have picked-up guns on his incitation; or his territories, that are being turned into ruins city after cities?

Many of the human rights voices are venting anger equally at Putin and Zelensky equally for the massacre of civilians of Ukraine. Oh God! May wisdom come on the two, to save humanity in Ukraine.

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