Territorial losses of Ukraine

Zelenskyy Sacrificing Ukraine in NATO’s Game Plan

Today, on 22 Jun 22, while looking back at 120 days of the Russian war on Ukraine, it is a shame on the world bodies on various accounts for Ukraine’s suffering. There are several unanswered questions before various warring parties and the international bodies incl UN and the UNSC. The smaller and weaker nations all over the world have been facing P5 wrath and hegemony esp in Asia and Africa. The numerous questions arise today as follows: -

  • Why should Russia invade a sovereign neighbor Ukraine for whatever reasons?
  • How could UN or the UNSC allow a continued breach of international peace by Russia?
  • Why is NATO trying to disturb regional peace and stability by inciting anti-Russia acts?
  • Why is Russia causing continued destruction of Ukraine?
  • Why Zelenskyy pushed civilians into war from their homes?
  • Why is Zelenskyy become a pone of NATO’s chessboard?
  • Why is Zelenskyy not feeling the pain of own citizen dying for NATO’s war?
  • Why should UNSC not be held accountable for the destruction of Ukraine, Nagorno-Karabakh, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and so on? Why should P5 be permitted to block cease-fires during breakout of wars? Why should their Veto rights not be annulled?
  • Why shouldn’t the people of Ukraine dethrone its President Zelenskyy who has led their nation to ruins?
  • Why should the attacking head of states of Russia (for Ukraine), USA (for Afghanistan? Iraq and Syria), Azerbaijan (for Nagorno-Karabakh), Saudi king (for Yemen) and so on…not be tried for War Crimes? Why is the UN, UNSC, UNHRC mum on investigating their crimes that took toll of millions?

In the case of Ukraine, President Putin is the single most accountable person in the first place to have started the offensive for whatever reasons. It is true that he had to respond to NATO’s ugly game plan in Ukraine, in own neighborhood. In today’s world order where P5 have become immune to any punitive measure by the UNSC for any crime, Zelenskyy should have understood by now that he has been sacrificing his own civilians, his military, in the game that NATO has been playing since the outbreak of the war. It is true that his men and the foreign mercenaries hired by him or sent by the EU might have imposed substantial military cost on Russia but that should be no reason for him to sacrifice civilians, cities after cities turned into ruins and along with that displace huge human resources, interrupting their agriculture and other livelihoods. The estimated financial losses on Ukraine is expected to be several trillions of dollars. These costs are far more than what Russia had sought at the beginning of the hostility.

Before announcing the special military campaign or invasion, Russia had put forth 4 main conditions on Ukraine. The first was to recognize Donbas as an autonomous state within the Ukrainians Constitutional framework. The second was to recognize Crimea as part of Russia. Thirdly, give-up the ambition for joining NATO and fourthly, demilitarize Ukraine.

If Zelenskyy and Putin were more sensible, tactful, a mutually acceptable path could have been found or brokered without the devastations and the losses inflicted on each other. Today, Russia is close to attaining their major objectives of the invasion although at significant costs. However, it is deplorable for Ukrainian President Zelenskyy as to why should he have lost much more than what Russia had sought initially???

It was very clear at the outbreak of the invasion that Russian wanted to free Donbas from Ukraine and 120 days after the outbreak, Russia is close to taking it away. In addition, Ukraine has lost additional territories as well as access to the Sea of Azov. With Kherson, Mykolaiv, Zaporizhzhia gone and the Snake Island in Russian control, Odesa is lying open for a grab. With this, Ukraine will be fully cut-off from the Black Sea. This will also fulfil the Russian aspirations of coming to the aid of their fellow Russian-speaking people of East Moldova struggling in the same way as Donbas in Ukraine. It is believed that some referendums in the occupied territories are being contemplated in near future. All these are huge loss to Ukraine.

Odesa port is lying idle since the outbreak of Russian hostility. The Ukrainian navy having mined the Black Sea is now creating problems for them only, as very few Cargo ships are willing to venture towards their ports. As a result, their grain export has stopped, causing huge revenue losses. Its trades with the world which had been mostly through Sea, have almost come to nought. Of late, Turkey is trying to broker some movement of the non-military ships in the Black Sea (possibly at the behest of NATO) which is not breaking much ice. A Turkish Cargo Ship somehow managed to dock at Mariupol port under Russian controls and could leave with Ukrainian wheat after persuasion to Russia. Thus Ukraine is in huge loss. World diplomatic circles wonder how Zelenskyy could be such stupid not to realise all these.

It will be prudent to analyse what Ukraine lost in the ensuing war that could have been avoided only if President Zelenskyy had been sensible and caring for his own populace, without dancing to the NATO & EU tunes:-

  1. Russia had asked to make Donbass an autonomous province under Ukraine through their constitutional amendment but after the war, Zelenskyy has lost it forever. It is no longer part of Ukraine.
  2. Russia had asked Ukraine to give-up any claim for Crimea. Now with the ground access stablished, the Crimea is forever with Russia. In addition, Ukraine has lost the Azov Sea and all its ports. With Kherson and Mykolaiv in Russian fold, Ukrainian access to the Black Sea is threatened. Even saving Odesa from Russian occupation is suspect. Thus Ukraine will lose access to even Black Sea.
  3. Russia had put the third demand to demilitarize Ukraine. In the initial phase of the war when >180 military based were knocked off by missile attacks, it was felt that Russia will achieve the objective. But after reinforcement and resupplies from US/NATO, Ukraine’s demilitarization is unthinkable. Russia has to reconcile.
  4. Russia’s next condition on Ukraine was to abstain from joining NATO. In the initial days of Russian invasion, there were hints of Ukraine refraining from their bid but after EU and NATO supplies and aid started coming freely to Ukraine, that possibility still exists. In addition, Russia’s difficulties seem to be increasing as its two other neighbors Finland and Sweden have already applied for NATO membership despite threat from Russia.
  5. Russia had asked Ukraine to disband their Neo-Nazi Azov Regiment. In the war for Mariupol, they were made to surrender to the Russian Army.
  6. Numerous untrained Ukrainian civilians (apparently in lakhs) joining fight against the Russians are believed to have lost lives.
  7. Those civilians fighting from homes/apartments also lost homes as Russian troops retaliated firing back. Dozens of cities have been done to dust including those of Kharkiv, Sumi, Chernihiv, Irpin, Bucha and dozens others. If the guerilla war was not resorted to, these homes, hamlets, towns and cities could have escaped being destroyed. Costs of these destructions are prohibitive, may be in trillions of dollars.
  8. All women and children evacuated to the adjoining nations are paying with their sufferings, exploitations, separation and the lack of character building blocks for the children incl education. It is believed that significant numbers of the displaced women/children are being exploited in the flesh trades. This is irreparable loss.
  9. Economy of Ukraine that was essentially agro, chemicals and Defence manufacture based, have suffered the most.
  10. It seems Zelenskyy will continue dancing to the NATO tunes in their war-game against Russia in the future too, sacrificing the Ukrainians, its cities and their honour.

Ukraine may be able to inflict heavy damages on Russia; Europe/NATO might apply crippling sanctions on Russia; Ukraine may/may not become member of EU and/or NATO; Ukraine might get plenty of NATO weapons to fight the Russians; Zelenskyy may become a blue eye baby of the world…BUT…despite all these, one fact surpasses all gains…and that is the sufferings of Ukraine and Ukrainians…for which Zelenskyy alone as their State head is responsible. The world should not get surprised if a rebellion against Zelenskyy gets rid of him…for the type of human sufferings happening is immense…and that too…just for one fact…that their elected President is politically naïve, stupid and logically insensitive to the continued sufferings of own nation and nationals. This is the perfect outcome of NATO’s game plan in Ukraine that without losing a single soldier of their own, they will be able to inflict heavy losses to their only military adversary, the Russians at the immense cost of Ukrainians.

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