Radical face of Congress & Communists

1-30 April 2021; Issue 3:04

-Congress loses conscience, allies with Radical Muslims

-God’s own Country : A Troubled State of Kerala

-Growing Sikh Apathy in India (?)

-Implications of a Sudden Peace-offer by traditional Foe…Pakistan

-Biden Foreign Policy take-off on wrong footing?

-Indo-US Relations : Strategic Partnership or Something Else?

-The Troubled South China Sea and the Indo-Pacific

-What could be expected of the QUAD Summit?

-Chinese Alliances with Rogue Nations

-World’s Oldest Democracy May Have Flawed Voting Process

-And the Veils go off in Switzerland

-Science and Technology:-

New AAMs : DRDO Converting New Technology in to Product

An Eye in the Sky : GISAT-1

Road ahead to achieve clean environment by creating technological self-sufficiency

-Design Concepts in Human Space Flights (Part 3 of 3) Space Suit and Health monitoring

-सम्पादकीय : "शान्त जल की लहरों के तले”

-शिकायत है, सुनेगा कौन ?

-भागते भूत की लंगोटी : “पप्पू की फिरौती सरकार”